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GTKY 2/6: Let's play a game...

of Never Have I Ever...!

I saw a couple other boards recently do this GTKY, and it looked like fun. Hopefully we can get some fun conversations going and learn some interesting things about each other!

Here's how it works:
1. Add a comment with your "Never have I ever..." sentence.
2. Give a love tit to the comments that say things that you HAVE done.

Ready? Go!

PS: I know it's too early for a HDBD, but I definitely have a blump going on. The bloating is outrageous!!!

Re: GTKY 2/6: Let's play a game...

  • (@lillywonderland I'm torn because I want to like your post because getting married in Vegas sounds like an absolute blast, but I've never been skinny dipping and I can't break the rules of the game.)

  • @RedBreast35 I haven't been to Vegas either. My ILs keep saying they're going to take DH and me there one day, but I think that ship has sailed.
    @lillywonderland no ticket because you don't speed or because you haven't been caught? I've gotten 2 speeding tickets in my 13 years of driving, which isn't too bad considering my lead foot.
    @ternsetc you're not missing much, IMO. I've only been to a couple and they were pretty boring!
  • @RedBreast35 We had the best time!! We planned a “real” wedding and didn’t elope though, so it wasn’t as exciting as you’re prolly thinking! We *did* have Elvis come and sing a couple songs at our dinner reception though. 

    @themadcamel Been pulled over twice (both times when I was 16, LOL), but I never got a ticket 🤣😎 Now I’m old and don’t ever. 5mph over the speed limit is about all I do!

    @ternsetc Baby showers are B-O-R-I-N-G! Lol. Definitely not missing anything.

    Oh, but fun fact: when I was younger (uhhh, like 22) and didn’t know anything about babies I went shopping with my sister to pick out stuff for her SIL’s baby shower (I was invited also) and I asked her why the clothes store had so many pants for the tiny babies. I legitimately thought that newborns just wore gowns or just diapers all the time. I thought they wriggled out of pants and didn’t wear them. 🤣😂🤣

    DS: 05.2017

    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • Never have I ever fended off dangerous wildlife (inspired by the crazy mountain lion story from this week!).
  • @mamaber2204 I want to like your post for my tangles with geese over the years but it's not on the same scale, lol!
  • Omg, @40momma!!! Canada sounds intense! We camp a lot, but have never encountered bears or mountain lions! I think either one might end my camping career!
  • Good idea! Never been to Canada or broken a bone but I think I've done all the rest. 

    Never ever have I been skydiving.
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