Supernumerary nipple TMIIII . . .

Sooooo I have an accessory/supernumerary nipple underneath/on my left breast. 

When my baby was born it became engorged but I was able to express the milk until it pretty much dried up and was no longer painful. 

HOWEVER. Five months in, I now have a clogged duct. Obviously it's impossible to let my baby nurse from that nipple; it's tiny, inverted, and looks like a mole . . . And I can't pump from it either. 

I've been taking hot showers and expressing by hand. Cold compresses. Don't know what else to do, I've heard of the vibrator thing but don't have one. 

It's super painful, pink/inflamed.  . . So my question is, can I put cabbage leaves on it to dry it up? Or would that otherwise cause problems for my supply? I don't want to completely dry up. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem..... my midwife told me I shouldn't have any problems after it dried up the first time.... ugh. I'm so having it removed before another pregnancy. OW.

Re: Supernumerary nipple TMIIII . . .

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    I have no personal experience with this, but it might be worth trying to find a La Leche League group that can answer your question.
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