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Confused and Upset... TW - Lengthy and Emotional

I put a TW on this post because it is quite long, I'm extremely emotional right now, but there are certain things I need to work through by writing them down. If this is in violation of any rules, I apologize in advance, PM me and I will edit anything out. (I read the rules, but understandably my mind is not all here right now.) I wish to express my condolences to any who have experienced a loss.

Here I am writing this post because it is impossible for me to sleep right now because the big question that keeps going through my mind is: "Why?!"

This was my second pregnancy and second loss. My first was so early it happened within days of getting a positive test and was so quick that the idea of being pregnant had barely stuck. However, those few short days is what had DH and I thinking... We were ready for this adventure. It was a frustrating two years, but right before Christmas is when we got the best of news. We were expecting!

Bloodwork was done, it was discovered I had a thyroid issue and high blood sugar. Immediately I was put on medication for my thyroid and met with specialists and nutritionists. I changed my diet, was managing my blood sugar levels.

However, shortly afterwards I started spotting. It was very light and I had to fight with my doctor to get an ultrasound. At what should have been 9w5d (01/21), the u/s revealed that I was only 7w5d, but there was a heartbeat and was told that everything was fine. The spotting stopped shortly after and we left more confident.

The spotting started again a week later. By this point I had met with my OB and everyone kept telling me it was normal. I refused to believe that. I was sent for blood work, my hCG levels were rising as they should and my thyroid and blood sugar were not well within the normal range. I first noticed a small clots (the size of a pin head) the morning of 01/31 and knew something was wrong. This was not normal. After 16 hours in the hospital, I was given an appointment to return the following day for an u/s and more blood tests. The u/s showed my little nugget moving around and measuring spot on at 9w2d, I even got to hear the heartbeat. They couldn't find the source of my spotting and was told everything looked as it should. I was sent home feeling much more confident and sharing the great news with the close friends and family (our parents) that knew. Everyone was so relieved.

Two days of rest, relaxation and happiness is all I was given. All day on 02/03 I was experiencing symptoms. I was nauseous, I was tired and hormonal. At midnight I felt it start, I was rushed to the hospital and by 2:30AM it was over. By 8:30AM my hCG levels were at 35.

So now I have to question everything... What happened in those two days? I understand that if it was going to happen there was nothing that could be done. I had done everything as I should have... I was taking care of myself, I was making sure that I took my vitamins day and night. What went wrong? I know I'm not supposed to blame myself, but then what can I blame? Where do I direct my anger? How do I cope with this loss when I don't have a reason why? It's been difficult to simply accept the answer, "Sometimes it just happens." I can't find closure with that response.

The pain has been the worst part. Not the physical, though I feel as though my Boddy has been dragged through hell and back, but the emotional. I hated having to call my father, who is not a very emotional person, and hearing his voice crack with sadness. Having my mother cry and hearing her wish she was there just to hug me. My FiL, who like my dad hides his emotions, give us possibly the only hug I have ever received in the 5 years DH and I have been together. I hate having to break everyone's hearts when my own is currently shattered. 

I'm not okay... But I will be. 

I know this because I have an amazing support system. My DH has been a rock through all of this. He's thought of everything, stayed by my side and helped me through the worst of it. He did not run when things got difficult. He was my superhero and I need to be strong now because he won't grieve until he knows I've had my time to do so.

We're both not okay, but together I know we will be.

Re: Confused and Upset... TW - Lengthy and Emotional

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    I’m sorry for your losses.  I have had 3 losses and have felt everything that you have described.  I have no answers for you but just wanted you to know that your feelings are valid and most of us if not all of us on here have felt that same way.  It does get easy with time.  It is great that you have support. I found the more I talked about it the better I felt.  It was very difficult at first.  I couldn’t do it without crying but found that one day I was able to talk about it without crying.  The other thing I did was I bought memorial garden stones and put them in my garden so when I need to I have a place to go to talk or just think about my angels.  Take care of yourself 
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    @yoshi882 I am so sorry for your loss, I agree the emotional aspect of it is indescribable.
    I just had a MMC last week and know how hard it is.
    i also know the anger you are feeling, I was supposed to be 11.5 weeks but the baby measures 9.5 weeks and I just kept dwelling on what happened during those 2 weeks to end the pregnancy.
    the Dr said it was most likely a genetic issue that wasn’t compatible with life, but yea no real closure I feel can ever really come.
    thinking of you and glad you have your DH’s support through all of this.  If you need or want to talk I am here and know the exact way your feeling ❤️
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    @Mack2342 I like the idea of a memorial. I've been tossing around the idea of getting a tattoo done and DH has said that he would like to get one too. I've spoken with my OB and done my own research, it's helped me put some things into perspective. While closure seems far off, I know that there are lifestyle changes I can make to hopefully improve my chances for when we are ready again. 

    @stardust51 I'm so sorry for your loss as well. It most definitely is not easy. I appreciate the offer for having someone to talk to. Even though it's still fresh, I'm finding that discussing it with close family has helped begin the healing process.

    Thank you two for your support. Your messages have been a great help.
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    Hello. First of all I'm so sorry for your losses. I had two too, one in September 2018 and one in December 2018. We have a healthy 2.5 year old boy and I had the most easy perfect pregnancy with him even though I was working long hours under stressful circumstances so it was a total shock these two miscarriages. Both of them were MMC, for both of them we had heard strong heartbeat at 6 weeks and I had zero bleeding or any other symptoms indicating miscarriage. The first baby we figured it out at our 9w4d appointment but baby stopped growing 3-4 days before that and the second baby at our 9w appointment, baby stopped growing at 7w. The first baby because it was 9w, my OB could tell me that there were physical abnormalities with the embryo (much smaller head than expected, fluid in the chest). The second baby we sent it for biopsy because at 7w it was too tiny for my OB to notice anything and it came back that it had 2 cell lines, one with two copies of chromosome 21 (normal) and one with trisomy 21 (down syndrome). I am 30yo and my husband is 31yo so it is a total shock that we had two babies in a row with genetic abnormalities.  I made an appointment with another OB, maybe he can suggest some genetics tests we can do to see if there is something wrong with our chromosomes which increases our chances to conceive a baby that cannot survive.

    I have also done thyroid and blood sugar tests and they came back ok. I am planning to do some tests for thrombophilia too to see if that affects my miscarriages. Also, my husband and I are both carriers of b thallassemia so our children has 25% of having thallasemia (our son is only a carrier too). 

    Needless to say that the pain we both experienced was excruciating and I don't think we could have done it without each other. We've been living together for 10 years and we truly love and care for each other but these two miscarriages brought us even closer together. It is SO important that you have this bond too! 

    Sorry for a long post, I just wanted to make sure you know you are not alone in this and we all have our struggles. I am actually embarrassed of how naive I was with my first pregnancy and thought that everything is easy and carefree. It actually isn't. And when I started sharing my own experiences with people around me, they were telling me about their own struggles that they had never discussed with anyone and I was shocked with how common miscarriage is.
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