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First world problems....

What first world problems have you been dealing with lately?

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Re: First world problems....

  • My life is inundated with them today....I lost the headphone adapter to my new iphone so I can't use my earbuds at the gym.  They've been sold out of generic kids' ibuprofen the last week at the grocery store, so I had to buy Motrin for $3 more.  The rapid order app for Panera isn't working, so I had to go to the restaurant and wait for our order.  The shelf I want from Target is only available for pickup at the store down the street, but I really don't want to get dressed. 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • Forgot my phone on my desk when I left for the gym to work out. Drove to the gym and got out of my car before I realized my gym clothes are still at home. 

    Can't find my lunch bag, so it was a Walmart sack today and probably the rest of the week.

    Can't seem to spell a damn word right anymore and autocorrect isn't helping me like it should.
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  • I messed around all morning and now I have to pick up my boys from school, go to the grocery store and the feed store tonight instead of coming straight home and relaxing. Boo!
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  • The battery in my computer mouse died this morning and I had to work the whole day using the pad on the laptop. Got home and we’re out of double A batteries. Obviously I can’t work anymore. 

    Tropical smoothie doesn’t have a drive thru so i had to park and get out of the car to get lunch. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 I think there was just a huge recall on kids generic ibuprofen.. could be why??
  • I thought I bought organic brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts but they turned out to be brown sugar and maple, which obviously don't taste nearly as good. This was supposed to be my one pop tart splurge for pregnancy so I'm crushed. And I guess I'll just have to go buy another box of the real deal ~*~ 
  • I ordered a new end table for the living room and it got delivered to my house when I wasn’t home even though it said signature required... thankfully it didn’t get stolen before I got home from work. I live in Baltimore where package thievery is common. 
  • The Only Italian restaurant that Grubhub delivers is macaroni grill 😖 
  • @nolemomma14 - I hate using my laptop without a mouse, it's the worst. 
  • We were in an accident in December that totaled our minivan. We replaced it with almost the exact same vehicle...BUT it doesn't have proximity entry (where you touch the handle and the doors unlock). I rarely lock my car, but it makes me ragey when I have a toddler in my arms and am holding one's hand and I realize I have to dig out my keys. 
  • It’s so funny this comes up tonight. I had to get up and eat (or else I’ll pass out if I wait too long) and I was complaining about having to eat because I just wasn’t hungry. My husband said “wow, the most first world problem I’ve ever heard” lol 
  • DH's work rescheduled his trip abroad to when we were going to take our babymoon. So we're moving it up to the week after next. It's a lot of rushing around to buy tickets, get a hotel, etc., and I'm annoyed because I still don't feel pregnant, just "fat" and I won't have a cute bump in our photos. :/ 
  • @mamanbebe, I haven't had a poptart in years, but your post made me crave them and of course they had no cherry, which is my favorite. I had to settle for very inferior strawberry. 

    @nerdtoyourmother, girllllll, that proximity key is clutch. We just bought an Enclave and it doesn't have it either. They only started offering that feature on the 2018 models I think, and there was no way I was paying $20K more for a brand new car just to have it. I had no idea how much I'd miss it. 

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  • @ameliabedelia-2 I LOVE cherry pop tarts. I was explaining my hierarchy of flavors to DH a couple days ago and his fave is strawberry, which seems puzzling but at least he didn’t say blueberry. 
  • @mamanbebe, ugh blueberry.  That comes in second to last for me, only higher than s'mores....which DH said was his fave. Womp.
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • @ameliabedelia-2 What?! I love blueberry! That's the only flavor I'll ask for if DH is buying Pop Tarts.

    First world problem: arguing on the Internet over the best flavor of sugary, mass-produced breakfast pastries :sweat_smile:
  • @ameliabedelia-2 OH I completely forgot about s'mores, that's definitely the bottom of the barrel of flavors next to some gross promotional blue raspberry ones that my mom once bought when I was a kid. 
  • Our mail box is across the street from our house (all mailboxes are on the same side in this neighborhood). It's literally only 15 more feet from the end of driveway. I only get the mail twice a week. 
  • I want a chocolate milkshake but my place if employment only has 2 Starbucks and no ice cream.
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  • My headphones broke so now I can't watch Amazon Prime while I work with my dual screens. 
  • The mom car/SUV I am dying for is out of our budget and none of the (very nice) alternatives get me excited AT ALL.
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  • @nerdtoyourmother I would DIE without my proximity key. Like if I get a rental car, I will change the car I take if the one they give me doesn't have a proximity key. 

    @greeneyedgirl12 I want the car with ALL the features, so I bought a KIA so that I could afford them all. I got everything I wanted, heated and ventilated leather seats, panoramic moon roof (so worth it in CO), upgraded sound system. It even has built-in sunshades for the back seat. My favorite feature is the memory driver seat. Makes sharing the car with my DH so much easier. 

    @mamanbebe - What kind of monster doesn't have cherry at the top of their list? 
    Also, they had this special edition pop tart once that was chocolate strawberry. It was a chocolate pastry filled with strawberry filling and frosted and it was HEAVEN. It went REALLY well with Cabernet Sauvignon from Black Box. They only made them the one time. I was devastated when they were no more. #FWP. 

  • I don't like my (free) company car. I can't wait to change it out next month.
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  • Had to fly back and forth to Zürich today for some meetings. All afternoon meetings were canceled so went to the airport early to get on an earlier flight and found out my ticket was the cheapest type of ticket (thank you work) and couldn’t be changed despite place open on the two earlier flights back to Paris....so just arrived now and will be home after 11pm. So over travel lately. And clients. And work in general.
  • @hakele omg that pop tart sounds good! I really like the direction this thread has taken :smiley:
  • 😂😂I came to read 1st world problems and was not disappointed to find the thread mainly about pop tarts! 😂 My favorite actually IS strawberry and I am that mister who HATES cherry flavored. I’m a sucker for almost anything strawberry flavored though 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Also, to chime in on the car situation, I currently don’t have one and am taking the bus. I sometimes have to walk 3 miles to work because buses don’t run at 2:30AM and my sister won’t always take me. Plus i’m afraid of getting murdered by my Lyft or Uber driver now.

    I think my main FWP is that people are always bringing sugary snacks to work and the free food at work is also either unhealthy or a sandwich box so I can’t have it. I’m trying to be good this pregnancy but there’s food everywhere! And why are Burger King’s $1 chicken nuggets both disgusting and great at the same time? Like just $1 for 10 nuggets. Can you make it more expensive so I don’t want them?
  • Our house has original hardwood flooring in the master bedroom and office. It wasn't taken care of well with the old resident--there were gaps in between boards when we moved in--and we just now found out that a few boards are cracking. Like, I'm glad I was wearing socks or I could have gotten a major splinter. The floors are also really loud when you walk on them, so DH and I have decided that we will replace the original hardwood with--shudder--carpet. :anguished:
  • Last night, I wanted to soak in the bathtub and watch a movie on my iPad, but neither amazon nor Hulu would work and I wasn’t in the mood for anything in my Netflix queue. 

    Also, I love s’mores pop tarts! (Maybe that should go in the confessions thread 😬)
  • @hestia14, I am not a fan of hardwoods in bedrooms. It's not as cozy:)
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  • This is the best thread ever!

    Today is the first day i've had to use a snow scrapper on my car in 4 years in Minnesota.  My prior job had a parking ramp, and we have a garage i park in, plus remote start.  I'm at a client's and I'm just lucky i remember to throw a scrapper in my car this morning. (MH has a proximity key for his car and i'm super jealous and definitely NEED a new car so i can have one too. #notgonnahappen)

    Also, i don't have a favorite flavor of pop tart but the least is pumpkin spice latte. 
  • I'm just saying who wants any flavor of poptarts when you can have toaster strudel instead?
  • @shawnacrest They have always been two mutually exclusive cravings! 
  • I don't think I've ever had toaster strudel...
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  • @hestia14 - You poor love. We love our house because it is all hardwood, but there are now TONS of gaps in it that were not there 2 years ago when we moved in. I have no idea WHY this is happening. It is making me crazy. You couldn't have it refinished and the broken boards replaced? We had to do that when I was little at the house I grew up in which had original floors from 1901. I have MAJOR allergies, so I can't imagine getting carpet. But I do want some nice rugs for the bedrooms. @ameliabedelia-2 there are rugs for that! I've been cruising Wayfair for AGES trying to find the right rug for our bedroom. It is the only part of my house that has a "real" design. I figure the baby room will be the next to get decorated, then I'll worry about the rest. Haha. 
  • @hakele, there is something about most area rugs that aren't super comfy, and then I had one custom made from regular carpet. What a crazy difference in quality!  I picked out a super high end carpet that I'd never be able to afford to have a whole room carpeted in, and then bound it into an area rug. We bought a real rug pad, and now we have hardwoods with soft, plush carpet in our family room. Huge win. I took a crappy pic so you can see. 

    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • Teachers in the pickup line keep commenting on all the hay in our van when I pick up the boys. I really need to clean it out but every time I think to do it I have to pick up hay again soo... 
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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @ameliabedelia-2 I have an amazing one in my living room from Costco of all places. 
    Ive actually been in a battle royale with hubs over this rug in the bedroom thing for about a year. He doesn’t want one and I think it is necessary. 
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