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  • @cdnrunning Saskatoon, SK.... where we have been in the -30 to -40 range allllll week. Most of January actually. (X_X) where do you live now? Somewhere warmer I hope? :wink:
  • I was in Dallas, now Memphis. While I miss home a whole lot, I really don't miss the -30s lol. 

  • @cmbt2 Completely agree... major kudos to all SAHMs! No sarcasm at all. I seriously wish I had the patience to do it. I was very ready to go back to work after maternity leave (both times!)

    I'm an Art Director for a magazine/publishing company. 
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    @aprosch my epi with DS1 was placed by a nurse anesthesiologist, and I absolutely LOVED her. She made the process so smooth and distracted me the whole time. I even told her she was my new best friend ☺️ Huge kudos to you!
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  • @manillabar oof, this. Fingers crossed this will be our first baby, but I witness the mom guilt every day, working with families, seeing my friends raising children... I’m so glad prolly are talking so openly about it now because I look back at my own mother’s decisions, many of them led blindly by unacknowledged mom guilt and martyrdom and think of how much pain that has caused everyone involved. 

    I run a women’s discussion circle for my city, and expectations placed on women is a pretty common topic that comes up, regardless of what the ostensible topic for the night is. 
  • cmbt2 said:
    @aprosch my epi with DS1 was placed by a nurse anesthesiologist, and I absolutely LOVED her. She made the process so smooth and distracted me the whole time. I even told her she was my new best friend ☺️ Huge kudos to you!
    That's so awesome! This is why I love my future career so much! Btw, I love that you call us nurse anesthesiologist. It's a big debate in our world right now. People just understand it better. Hope your next one is just as smooth.
  • @zaraanity it is pretty insane the kind of pressure we put ourselves and each other under. Meanwhile, the dad spends a single day with the child and they're super dad lol

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    @jenferlee82 @zaraanity Me also! My hubby works Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30a-12p for the cultural arts division of our local
    city and he’s home Monday and Wednesday so he’s basically a SAHD. He loves it. I’m insanely jealous but it’s what has worked out for us. 

    My husband is also a SAHD, and loves it! I’m a Family Medicine doctor and I work at a medical school. I love my job but I think I could also have loved being a SAHM if our paths led us there. Mom guilt always has me feeling like I’m not doing enough in any arena.
    @manillabar My husband is finishing up his last year of family med residency! 
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  • @ceclarlinetlo nice! family medicine is the best! 

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  • @Slou24 that was a field I was always really interested in - but the schedule seemed non sustainable for the exact reasons you mentioned. Human anatomy and biology is seriously the coolest thing ever.

  • @zaraanity I still have my mom bring double stuff oreos every time she comes to visit. The ingredients are different and I can't stand the "US version" LOL. When I first moved to the US and bought a box, I actually tossed them because I thought they had "gone bad" :)

  • @cdnrunning hahah oh that's cool, I didn't know!! I bet there are a decent amount of food differences between Canada and the States!

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    @cdnrunning I dream of sour cream and sweet chili potato chips. I buy them in every country I see them. Must say Australia has the best so far but Canada is a close second. 

    @aprosch I keep thinking I might wanna go to go CRNA route but the schools near me are crazy expensive or we will have to move. You are in Florida right? We have a beach house in Palm Beach so I always think about going to UofM or Florida international and moving to FL for a few years 

  • @cdnrunning I really loved it!! I just wish that someone would have told 18 year old me that I would never be able to sustain that lifestyle as a mom later in life! Although I never would have listened at that time. It was really, really hard to walk away, but necessary for me. And yes I agree -- human anatomy and physiology are just so fascinating! 
  • @jane101757 woo Boston! I'm Boston born and bred so couldn't help it
  • @wanderlost Yes, it's crazy expensive! I'll probably end up 70k in student loans when I'm done, and that's not taking any extra out. And there's no working since it's more than a full time job. But think of the money you'll be making when you're done. Let me know if you have any questions about CRNA school. I'd be happy to chat.
  • @marbellie yay!  Do you still live in the Boston area?  I was born and raised here and aside from a short stint in Australia for school have always lived here!  
  • @jane101757 yes I do! I went to undergrad and law school in the South (knowing I would come back to work in Boston though) and spent time studying abroad in China too. Australia must have been amazing, what were you studying there?
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  • @cooaladolly I have a degree in VisCom, too! When I tell people, sometimes they think I am fluent in sign language. Haha.
  • I work as a conduct officer for a University will online programs.  Keeps me on my toes.  As of late, I have very little tolerance for BS.  LOL.

  • I’m an environmental scientist. I worked in academic research for several years but like @ceclarlinetlo I felt like the work I was doing wasn’t actually having an impact. Now I work in environmental policy, which is a much better fit for me. Though I’ll admit there are definitely days I wish I were a SAHM. 
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  • Finance/Accounting for a development and construction company. Nothing flashy, but I don't hate it lol
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  • Im an architect. 
  • I worked as an administrator for many years for a tax firm before my first born. Stopped working the week before she was born and then became a SAHM for four years. I loved being a SAHM! My daughter started pre-K this past September so I decided it was time to get out into the world again. I now am a server at a local restaurant three nights a week. I’m really enjoying making money for my family and the social aspects of the job. My husband owns his own home improvement business. Nights that I work we are like passing ships. He comes in the door and I’m walking out. I’m going to continue to work as long as I can. It’s a very busy restaurant and I’m on my feet, walking and holding large trays for 5 hours a shift which has been tiring these past two weeks. I do not want to tell my job yet till I go to doctor next month. Anyone else serve now or has done so through a prior pregnancy? 
  • SAHM mom here 🙋🏼‍♀️ I have a degree in Public Health, but wish I would have done nursing and may go back for that. Prior to staying home with my almost 2 year old I worked in a counseling office doing admin and billing and it gave me a huge heart for those that are struggling and how amazing therapy is for literally everyone! But for now I’m enjoying staying home in these younger years :) 

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  • @Schumerator My first degree was in public health. Graduated right when the market crashed in 2008. No jobs at all so I went straight to nursing school.  There's so many opportunities with nursing, I'd do it if you're able to. 
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