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  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  for starting this thread. My first appointment & ultrasound is Wednesday, 2/6 & I am FREAKING OUT!!!! I have been counting down to this moment. And I really need to see my LO heartbeat & feel good about this pregnancy. I have been so anxious about everything. I had my levels checked 4 weeks ago & everything was great. I haven't had any terrible symptoms associated with loss or anything like that. I just couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to see me sooner. She had no concerns & said we would wait until week 8 ( I will be 8 weeks tomorrow). 
  • How far along are you: 7 weeks today
    When is your next appointment: THURSDAY!
    Feelings about the appointment: Anxious. Hoping to see things progressing. This will be my first real U/S since *TW discovering that I was miscarrying during my last pregnancy END TW* so I'm hoping this appointment goes much better.

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  • How far along are you: 6 weeks

    When is your next appointment: Feb 14th

    Feelings about the appointment: I'm excited and super nervous. This is my first baby and my first appointment so I don't really know what to expect. 
  • How far along are you:  6w3d

    When is your next appointment: My first appt is 2/14 (awwww!).  

    Feelings about the appointment:  I'm excited and hoping to see a healthy little Valentine.  
  • How far along are you: 8w6d

    When is your next appointment: Next thurs

    Feelings about the appointment: Nervous as can be. I wish I could get a scan this week. I haven't been able to find baby with my Doppler yet and it's starting to freak me out. I know I am still early but I am still scared.
  • How far along are you: 8w5d

    Next appt: 2/28

    Feelings about appointment: I feel fine. I had a dating ultrasound at 6w1d and saw a heartbeat, and I’ve actually had more normal 1st tri symptoms than with my last pregnancy. I’m hoping they’ll do another u/s at my next appt, but it depends on whether MFM gets me in for my blood draw before then (planning on getting the Harmony test this time). My midwife seemed to think they might do an u/s at my MFM appt, so we’ll see!

    @supermom34482 Try not to worry! Most docs won’t even attempt to find a hb on Doppler until 12 weeks since it’s so tricky to find before then. I hope the next week goes by quickly for you!
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  • How far along are you: 6w

    When is your next appointment: I made an appt for tomorrow, but my first "real" appt with dating u/s is feb 22.

    Feelings about the appointment: I keep spotting everyday and having pieces of tissue with it. Every now and then I get a cramp. I really just need to know things are right. 
  • How far along are you: 10w0d (hard to believe!)

    When is your next appointment: I have a genetic counseling appointment this Thursday (I'm AMA) with NIPT testing. Then my next appointment with my OB is 2/19. 

    Feelings about the appointment: Super anxious to find out the results from NIPT, will be a tough wait. My appointment on 2/19 is whatever, I don't think there's anything exciting going on but I would love if it includes normal U/S and listening to a heart beat (have only seen the heart beating, no sound or rate). 
  • How far along are you: 7 weeks today!

    When is your next appointment: In two days on Wednesday.

    Feelings about the appointment: Excited, but also being realistic. I know it's going to be a pretty boring intake appointment. I don't have anything that makes me high risk, so I don't even get my first ultrasound until mid-March.

    I do have a question though. We are probably wanting to do genetic testing. Anyone have any idea what I can expect from that? Are they going to do anything different at the appointment on Wednesday, or will I have to set up another appointment? Or maybe it will all be handled at my ultrasound appointment in March? I'm going to do some research tonight but was wondering if anyone had any insight. 

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  • Ok, so maybe this is being a little b-chy....but I don't like that the nurses at my doctor's office don't seem to know what is going on. I am able to message my doctor through my chart online; well, during my previous pregnancy each visit she referred me to another location for ultrasounds after the appointment because their equipment is so outdated. So, I asked her if I should call ahead for an appointment at one of the offices with the newer equipment since I took the whole day off. A nurse must have skimmed my message & quickly replied with an answer that just put me off. She acted like I was a new patient & had no idea of my history. That REALLY bothers me. I know that they see a lot of people, but I feel their job is to make me feel like I matter. Also, she should have looked at my chart before giving me a canned response. 
  • I’m 8w1d today. My appointment is Thursday. I’m pretty nervous about it. I’ve had some spotting and had a MC end my last pregnancy. I’m AMA as well. I’m still feeling pregnant, so that’s good. My doc says my spotting isn’t anything to worry about, but to let her know if something changes. That’s good, too. Just ready to get more information and see my little butter bean. 
  • I’m 7w3d
    First appointment is not until 2/28!
    I’m mostly annoyed that the first appointment is so late. I’ll be 10w6d that day. First tri is almost over at that point! They give you a “goodie” bag with information and whatnot that seems like it would be of better use earlier. 
  • 9 w1d
    First Appt 2/25
    It is taking forever to get to the appointment time. At least being 12 weeks I should be able to hear the heartbeat on a doppler. I have been messaging my midwife and she knows my doctor so I'm getting some testing done as I wait. 
  • @nachomama27 @dolewhipper
     All the good vibes to you and anyone else experiencing scary symptoms right now. ❤️
  • How far along are you: 9w2d

    When is your next appointment: Feb. 19th for my 11-12 week scan

    Feelings about the appointment: Nervous of course, but with no proper reason to be. I already had my dating scan at 7w1d and everything was fine, no signs of spotting/cramping (other than very light spotting when wiping around when my period would have been), but also no in-your-face symptoms. So I know I'm being paranoid, but I can't help it! This next appointment should hopefully calm my nerves some.
  • How far along are you: 8w4d

    When is your next appointment: 2/19 (my first prenatal appt--I had an "education" appt with a nurse, but that's it!)

    Feelings about the appointment: Nervous about finding the heartbeat--I'll only be about 10 weeks at my appointment, and I don't know if they will do an u/s if the doppler doesn't pick it up that early. I'm also a little anxious about getting the results of the NIPT (MaterniT21). I'm old AF, so all the usual concerns with chromosomal abnormalities.
  • How far along are you:  10 weeks tomorrow!

    When is your next appointment: Monday the 11th! 

    Feelings about the appointment:  I'm excited to go back and check in, but wish there was going to be another ultrasound.  I have never been excited for the doctors before getting pregnant! I know the 10 week appointment with my OB is important information and check in wise, but I just want to see how big our little peanut has gotten and hopefully hear the heartbeat versus just seeing it flutter like before!
  • @themadcamel hoping everything goes well for you today!

    How far along are you: 7w+2d

    When is your next appointment: Tomorrow (2/6) is my first T/V ultrasound for the viability and dating scan. Assuming all goes well my next midwife appointment is 2/26.

    Feelings about the appointment:  Freaked out for absolutely no reason. I have been symptom-y and definitely feel pregnant but I am just terrified there won't be a heartbeat. I haven't had an loss but man...that anxiety is real. I am trying to stay focused and positive but I am a very pessimistic person. Working on it...
  • How far along are you: 7w2D

    When is your next appointment: Feb 20th

    Feelings about the appointment: Anxious to see the U/S and confirm HB. Had a prior loss in August, but feeling good about this being a sticky  baby #4
  • How far along are you: 9w4d
    When is your next appointment: 2/28, second appointment with NT u/s following (also planning to get the NIPT blood draw then)
    Feelings about the appointment: Nervous, and it feels like a long way off. Also I let them schedule everything for the same day when they offered because DH is taking that morning off work and I'd like him(/he'd like) to be there, but that is right up against the end of the window for the u/s and I'm second guessing if I should leave it that late.
  • How far along are you: 10w 2 d

    When is your next appointment: Feb 12th

    Feelings about the appointment: A little nervous since I've had a previous loss, but also very hopeful since I didn't have any symptoms my last pregnancy. With this pregnancy I'm feeling everything! I'm trying to stay positive for this next appointment because I'm planning to fly out to see my family to tell them the good news in person.
  • I just left my first appointment at 7weeks 2days, and they surprised me with a glucose test. 😖 So heads up, if your BMI is high they might have you do an early one. I did the orange one and it didn’t taste terrible... kind of like a not very yummy otter pop. 
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  • I just left my first appointment at 7weeks 2days, and they surprised me with a glucose test. 😖 So heads up, if your BMI is high they might have you do an early one. I did the orange one and it didn’t taste terrible... kind of like a not very yummy otter pop. 
    Gross! My appointment is tomorrow and I'll be 7w2d too. Boooooo.
  • Happy to report they did NOT make me do the glucose test yesterday thank the lawd! Little bebe did perfect and I cried when I saw the heartbeat flicker <3 
  • This is kind of a random, yet February appointment-related question, so here goes...
    I typically see an OB physician, who is amazing...however, they are short staffed on physicians right now, so I had to make my first OB appt (at 10.5 weeks) with his PA. She's really nice, and I know her professionally (I work at the hospital), but have never seen her for care. I have a terrifying fear that she won't be able to find the HB with the handheld doppler at that appointment. One, it's just over 10 weeks, and two, I'm more on the "fluffy" side. If she can't find it, wwyd? I feel like I need to insist on an ultrasound to calm my nerves (I've had 3 losses before)...but I literally stay up at night worrying that she'll tell me to get over it and everything is fine, come back in four weeks. :-/ Thoughts? Plan of action?
  • @jaykay2004 I would definitely make an appointment for an ultrasound. I think it’s important to see the size of the baby and to make sure you get accurate results on the heartbeat. I can tell you that I have a similar history, and because of it, they made sure to soothe me and get me in even for an early ultrasound. It sounds like your options are limited, but don’t feel crazy for wanting what you want! Maybe just call the office and find out what your options are for scheduling an ultrasound, and say you’d like to go that route? 
  • septoctkidsseptoctkids member
    edited February 2019
    @jaykay2004 I’m sorry your regular OB isn’t able to do the appointment. I think I would go into the appointment knowing that you will requesting an ultrasound if she can’t find the heartbeat. I would ensure she schedules one for you if that’s the case. With my last pregnancy they couldn’t find the heartbeat with the doppler but they have a small ultrasound machine in the office so they turned that on to help locate the baby. Good luck mama. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and baby. You need to do what is best for you. 
  • How far along are you: 8 weeks 

    Next Appointment: Feb 26th

    Feelings About the Appt: I’m feeling fine. This appt is for 1st trimester blood work. I was taking some nausea medicine but just stopped today because it made me nervous to take stuff but my nausea was the worst this time. I would like to think everything is just fine. 
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  • @blitzybee @septoctkids Thanks for the support. 😊 I already had one ultrasound at 6 weeks to date the pregnancy, and everything was fine then, nice strong heartbeat, measured right on track. I just have these fears (based on my history) that we’ll have another loss. You reminded me that this office also has a small ultrasound machine. I’ll beg her, even pull the “I know you from work”
    card, lol. My anxiety won’t be able to handle another 4 weeks without knowing!
  • @jaykay2004 good luck! Let us know how it goes :) 
  • @jaykay2004 My Dr has done quick ultrasounds at the first tri appts if he has a hard time finding a heartbeat with the doppler.  So hopefully that is routine at your practice.  
  • 2nd Appointment Question!
    I have my 2nd OB appointment today (10 weeks) and they do not do ultrasounds there.  Will they still use a doppler to hear the heartbeat? Or will it be all about my physical check up?
  • @cee_mariee they will most likely use the doppler. :) With my first they used it at every appointment. 
  • I had my first appt on Thursday with the midwife and was bummed that we didn't do an ultrasound and she couldn't find baby using the Doppler (she said not to worry and I'm not). I scheduled an elective u/s for this coming Friday and my NIPT blood draw for mid March, which is way later than I hoped to do that test, based on my experience last time (doing it at ten weeks). I just really wanted confirmation that the little one is doing well in there. More waiting!
  • @lillywonderland glad all is well with your LO! Totally get why you'd be worried about the info on the soft tissue though. That would freak me out! Glad they are being cautious and keeping an eye on it though. Thinking of you!
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @lillywonderland glad everything went well at that appointment. It seems like they are just being extra cautious. Thinking of you! 
  • @lillywonderland I'm sorry you have something to worry about. I'm sure it will be fine but not knowing is the worst.
  • @lillywonderland eek that is nerve wreaking! But thankfully the soft tissue is smaller! Hopefully the next one goes good too.
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