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  • I go here. 2DPO today. Started progesterone last night. HPT on the 14th, so either a great Vday or a shitty one. I'm expecting the later as our timing was less then hoped (-4, -2).
  • @prpl11butterfly FX... -2 seems like the magic day for me, so hopefully you still have a good chance!!
  • @prpl11butterfly FX!! I’m also on progesterone and it makes me feel crappy, but if it works it’s worth it!
  • And as quick as I got here, i'm out. Huge temp drop this AM and by mid morning AF. Oh well,  I'll be back in a few weeks lol

    Good luck to the rest of you! Hoping Valentine's day is good to you!! ♡♡♡
  • @char245 I'm waiting for it to make me feel aweful. 1st day hasn't been to bad. Last hour or so I've noticed my nips are a bit pinched feeling though 😯
  • @prpl11butterfly hopefully it doesn’t make you feel too bad! Are you doing shots, inserts or pills? 
  • @char245 its Crinone gel suppositories
  • FX @char245! Glad it went well 
  • FX so hard for you @char245!!
  • Oh so excited!!! FX for you @char245
  • @char245 yay! That's so exciting! 
  • So happy to hear that the transfer went well @char245 !!  Fx so hard for you right now :)

  • Yay @char245 ;  Huge FX!! 
  • That’s great @kerco925
  • I'm confident I'm out this cycle. I'm just waiting for AF now. 
  • @char245 glad the transfer went well!  FX for you.
    @emeraldcity603 I'm so sorry. Hugs to you. 💚
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  • I get that it could still be early but I’ve been testing the last couple days and all BFN. I just really thought this was gonna be it so I’m pretty disappointed. I haven’t given up entirely but it’s not looking good... 
  • How many days post transfer are you? @char245
  • @char245 I don't know how it works with transfers. But I hope its simply too early. Are you getting a blood draw?
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    @prpl11butterfly yes, but not for another week! Again, I know I’m being crazy and testing early but I just cannot help myself when I know other people are getting positives on day 5 & 6. Ugh the TWW is just always so hard!! 
    ETA words 
  • @char245 no one is getting positives on 5 and 6 DPO. If they are, their shift was delayed by several days. So they are actually getting positives on 8/9DPO. 

    I really hope that its just too early for you. 
  • I really hope that’s too early @char245.  I’ve never gone through that process but that seems early to me.  FX it is 
  • @emeraldcity603 Sorry that what I said was confusing. I did a frozen egg transfer and my embryo was a day six, today I am five days past transfer. So I guess that somewhat lines up with 11 DPO but is a bit different. 
  • @obsessedwithoranges FX your blood work comes out with a BFP!! Keep us updated, I’ll be sending you all the positive thoughts  <3
  • FX @obsessedwithoranges that bloodwork confirms a BFP.  
  • FX that it's still too early, @char245
  • @char245 i'm sorry for your frustration. 

    @obsessedwithoranges, fx for you!!
  • @char245 Hoping so hard that it's just too early!  With my first transfer, I didn't get a + until 10dp3dt, so hoping this is the case for you!!

    @obsessedwithoranges Fx that blood test confirms it!

  • @char245 thanks for explaining it for me. I really hope that it is just too early. I would think that even if the embryo was 6 days old it still needs to implant and the implantation is what triggers the HCG to build up in our bodies. <--- just tell me to shut up if you need to. I'm just trying to think about it in a way that might explain why you wouldn't have a positive yet. I will be praying you get a BFP this cycle! 

    @obsessedwithoranges I have heard the tests they use aren't always as sensitive. FX that's the case and your blood work confirms your BFP. 
  • @emeraldcity603 you’re completely right! I hope that’s whats happening for me and that there could still be a chance!
    @bakerstreetboys that gives me some hope! Thank you! 
    @obsessedwithoranges any news on your blood work? 
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