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Buying a house!

My husband and I are looking to buy a house before the baby comes... we are looking in an area that we love but inventory is low and the houses that are on the market aren't what we are looking for. We have been looking for a year but obviously there's more of an urgency now. We want to buy the house before the baby comes and I'm starting to feel down and frustrated over this whole process. Is anyone else in the process of buying a home? 

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  • My husband and I are! We are Closing  in 3 weeks. It took awhile to find one with everything we wanted and good schools. Don't give up!
  • Hang in there. Even if you don't find it before baby comes, the right house is worth the wait!  DH and I owned two homes before we discovered what it was like to actually be proud of our home.
  • We just bought our first house too. We feel like the universe made sure we were on this path for our house  :)
  • We want to before baby comes also. The good houses generally don’t pop up until closer to the end of the school year, in my experience. March/April. At least, that’s what I hope. 
  • @hope8119 don't give up! You'll find something even if it doesn't happen before your LO arrives. We looked for 1.5yrs before we finally found our place. Absolutely worth the wait!! 

  • We are hoping to move after the  baby, sometime in the fall but I've been stalking real-estate apps. 

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    I was in this situation with my first. We looked for about 8 months before we found something. We closed on it 2 1/2 months before my due date.

    Just keep looking and you will find the one. I really wanted to move again before #3 because space is limited, but we might need to settle for after. 
  • We are actually tearing our house down in the spring and we won't have a home probably for another 2 years. DD and I are living with my parents and SO is living with his mom as she can't live alone. It's fine not to have your forever home when baby comes. We sold our condo when I was 7 months pregnant with DD and the sold our old house when DD was 11 months old. I think we're professional open house goers now.
  • We are! Prepping to list by the 14th. We’ve looked at lots of houses that were fine but not true love. Honestly at our price point I’m going to need to make some big compromises, so for us getting us listed should light a fire to make a choice. We are also watching inventory start to increase steadily, so I’m into the leap of faith. We need into a better school district for DD #1, we could make this house work for the first yearish of #2, but I’d rather move with just the one 4yr old than next summer with a 5 and a 1yr old. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @erynpdx Do you all need a realtor? I have a really amazing recommendation if you do :) 
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  • Yes!! We have been looking for about a year too. We love where we live but our house is too small to make it work. We have a 3bd and are having our third kid and I'm really weird about kids having their own rooms. Plus my mom spends every weekend with us and I hate making her sleep in with a kid. 

    We are talking about setting a date to either find a house/tear down property/lot or we will knock our house down and build on our lot because we love it so much. The idea of building a house right now is pretty intimidating though! We definitely wouldn't be in before the baby, but I can live with that. 
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    We're looking, too, but inventory in the parts of town we want to move is depressing, at least in our budget. We have a decent budget, but the two houses I like are over $1M...
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  • Good luck everyone who is house hunting!  And be aware that even when you do find something, the whole offer/escrow/inspection period can be a huge pain in the ass. Try not to get too stressed by it all, the right place is worth waiting for :smile:
  • @mamanbebe we’ve got someone we’re working with, but thanks!!
  • Good luck everyone!
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