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what position are you all sleeping in?

I was still sleeping on my stomach until about a week ago. Now Basil-True balls up and or kicks the bed letting me know that position isn't going to work. But then when I sleep on my side, he kicks the side of the bed. I just don't know what to do, because sleeping on my back is so uncomfortable. What are you women doing to get a good night sleep, with a stubborn baby.

Re: what position are you all sleeping in?

  • I have a pregnancy pillow that has been a life saver. I sleep on my side with it in between my legs. His kicking doesn't really keep me awake, but I'm super uncomfortable on my stomach and get woozy on my back. 
  • I will get a pregnancy pillow and see if that helps me out. Cus i need a good night sleep for the next few months. Lord knows once he comes, i know my sleep will be broken. 
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    I also have a pregnancy pillow. I’m able to prop it under my belly so I can mostly lie on my tummy. It’s been a lifesaver cause my hips are on fire! 
  • I generally sleep on either side. I have one of those u-shaped pillows, but I haven't used it yet. As of yet, I am not uncomfortable on my back (26 weeks), so sometimes I lay on my back while I'm still mellowing out in bed before actually going to sleep.
  • I sleep almost exclusively on my left side, cuddling a standard body pillow, with my right leg up on it. I vary my angle through the night, so sometimes I am closer to being on my stomach and sometimes I am more like 90* from being on my stomach or back. Pillows are key. 
  • Just had my husband order me one off amazon because I tossed and turned all night. My hips were killing me, no matter what side I slept on. Then if I was curled up, the baby would kick my legs. I had a terrible night.
  •  I started sleeping on my side this week with a pillow between my knees one under my bump and one under my head. I’m definitely not sleeping through the night as I keep getting up to Pee like 5 to 6 times a night
  • I sleep with 2 body pillows, one on either side of me. I fall asleep on my left, and often take on my back. Having no issues thus far. 
    I had a pregnancy pillow early in, but hated it because I couldn't move during the night. Itd wake me up when I wanted to roll over...so I'd have to pull my bottom leg out and twist and turn and then slide my leg under again. So annoying. Body pillows are the way to go if you move a lot in your sleep. 
  • I sleep a little reclined with 2 pillows behind me AND a body pillow to support me while I lie on my left side (with right leg on top) AND another pillow behind me so that I don't roll over flat on my back. My bed is like a fort of pillows lol But I will say that one night I slept in my recliner all night and woke up pain free.
  • My bump is so tiny and non-existent at this point that I’m still sleeping on my stomach. I’m about to get a Zofran pump placed  for my HG though so I’ll probably have to find a different position to sleep in. 
  • Olive been on my side since about 8 weeks. I’ve had to switch to my back, elevated recently because LO kicks me anytime I lay on my side. She clearly doesn’t like it, so I don’t bother.
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  • Trying my hardest to sleep on my left. I am a back sleeper, but that's not an option for me anymore! I've spent a lot of time on my right side, but I want to get as much flow to my little girl in hopes that she will grow some more... she measured pretty far behind at my scan this past week :(
  • I start off sleeping on my left, then the pressure starts to kill my hips. So then I start laying on my right side, that starts hurting. My stomach is now uncomfortable and the baby kicks the bed. Im literally dying. I just cant get this sleep shit right for nothing. Im happy im not alone. I just don't know what to do. Nothing is helping me. My pregnancy has been great but damn it, can I please sleep through the night before he gets here. My husband said all I do is toss and turn. The other night, I got out the bed with him, put our 4 year old daughter in there with him. And stretched out in our daughter full size bed. But I cant do that every night lol.
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