Pregnant after a Loss

Possible miscarriage?

I've had 3 miscarriages in less than 2 years so needless to say when I took a HPT on the 19th (this month) I was shocked but still scared. I found out with the last miscarriage that I have low progesterone. I miscarried around 5-6 weeks each time. My doctor told me that my progesterone level should be around 20 by about 5-6 weeks and mine was 8.5. So when I got this BFP and I mean positive..every single test I've taken since then the line is just as dark! I went to my doctor last Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My levels consecutively went from 285 to 612 to 1538. My progesterone is at 70, which is great. I've been feeling a little nauseous, and my boobs have been sore, also it's felt like there's a small rock sitting in the bottom of my uterus. What's worrying me is that yesterday, I just didn't feel pregnant. I'm not sure if it's because it's still early..and I know every pregnancy is different. I was around 7-8 weeks pregnant with my daughter before I found out and it was like as soon as I saw the test, the next morning I was sick throwing up. I noticed if I just sit still, I can feel a little pain in my boobs but they definitely aren't as sore as they were a few days ago. My nipples still hurt a little..and it just seemed like there wasn't anything "there". Am I over reacting? Can symptoms come and go like this, this early? I also use the Ava bracelet and normally in pregnancy your breathing rate, pulse, and temp go up..and mine has been going down. I haven't had any cramping. The first sign for me each time, was brown spotting and it would literally happen within a week of finding out I was pregnant. My levels were NEVER this high the last 3 times, HCG or progesterone. They told me last Friday that my levels were rising great and I have my ultrasound next Tuesday, February 5th. Am I crazy to still be taking those cheap dollar tests every morning, just to see if the lines are staying dark?  I know we can't post pictures of tests, but every test since the 19th the lines have been as dark as they can get!

Re: Possible miscarriage?

  • Your anxiety is normal! We’ve all been there. Symptoms can always come and go... and every pregnancy is unique. Try and relax (ya, I know) and get through until Tuesday. But not “feeling” pregnant doesn’t mean you are headed down the road again. 
  • I know this discussion was a while ago, but I have to try to ask how it all went for you? I hope everything was great!
    I'm in a similar situation. I was only pregnant once before, a year ago. I didn't feel pregnant and I miscarried at late 6/early 7 weeks. It took us a long time to get pregnant again. Again, I don't feel very pregnant and I'm almost full 8 weeks. What worries me now is that a few days ago I was starting to get nauseous and then it stopped. I was also very hungry very often, but that subsided, too. I'm still bloated, my nipples are a bit sore, but that's it. I had light brown discharge twice in the span of two weeks, but no pain or anything. But I'm starting to be convinced I had a missed miscarriage. My appointment is in a week. How to survive till then? 😪 
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