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Stuck on girl names! Opinions/ideas are welcome.

I'm not very far along and don't know the sex, but I like to be prepared lol.

MH and I already have two boy names picked. The MN is the anglicized version of my grandpa's name.
James Sebastian (not a fan of Jim or Jamie)
Jonathon Sebastian (this is the one I'm leaning toward because Jonathan is more versatile as far as NNs)

Girls names are where we're struggling. DH's grandma's name is Genevieve, and we're *thinking* of using it as a MN.
Maeve (I suggested it and DH really liked it, but now I'm thinking it's a lot to live up to)

What are your thoughts? I like powerful but beautiful sounding names (nothing too cutesy or ending in a long e sound). Our last name is the same as the first name of the boy in E.T. :wink: .

Re: Stuck on girl names! Opinions/ideas are welcome.

  • I prefer James as the boy name but like both. Jonathan Sebastian doesn’t flow as well and I don’t really think Jonathan is more versatile than James for nicknames.

    I also like all your girl names although the politely of Evelyn and Amelia woukd bother me.  Also I don’t like the flow of Evelyn with your last name if you say it without the middle name.

    Genevieve is great as a middle (or a first name). Maeve Genevieve is a lot of V’s but it’s fine. I don’t know what you mean by Maeve being a lot to live up to. It is pretty common in my area in recent years.  I have met several Maeve’s under age 5 but maybe it’s just the Irish northeast. 

    Adding suggestions


  • I think my favorite for girls of your list are Amelia Genevieve and Meredith Genevieve. Probably because they don't have a V in them like the other two names do. Although both of those are a mouthful if you say first-middle-last; lots of syllables. But all three names probably won't be said very often.
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  • James Sebastian and Amelia Genevieve get my vote!
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  • Jonathan Sebastian and Maeve Genevieve are my favorites.
  • Thanks for the input, everyone. 

    @mb0112 I’m not crazy about Jim, Jimmy, or Jamie as NNs for James. Do you know of others? As for Maeve, I’m just imagining her looking up the meaning behind her name for a school thing or out of curiosity. Queen Maeve was definitely a badass but so sexual. Maybe I’m overthinking it haha. I like your suggestion of Alice. 
    @MJDsquared definitely a bit of a mouthful, but I don’t mind too much (I have a long name). I really like Amelia Claire, but we don’t have any Claires in the family. 
  • Jay can be a nn for James
  • I like Evelyn Genevieve best from your list of girl names. Along those lines I think of:

    I prefer James Sebastian of the boy names you listed. That said, I’ve always really liked that name, so I’m biased. 
    Suggestions to consider:
  • i LOVE LOVE LOVE maeve

  • @sparkleanne thanks for the suggestions :)
  • All of your choices are solid. My favorites are James (it doesn’t need a nickname, it’s only one syllable) and Meredith.

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