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Weekly Randoms 1/28


Re: Weekly Randoms 1/28

  • @cindler I don't think anyone would mind if you started that one! 
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  • @nopegoat.  Lurking to say you have a PM from your May friends.
  • Dollar bill for reference. See, man hands. And when they swell they are worse.   

  • @cindler is that the view from your house?! Sooo beautiful!!!!
  • So... the hot water heater in the house we have been renting had a hose freeze and burst and flood our bedroom 2 days in the room. The 5ank was in an uninsulated aluminum closet attached to the house with literally NO insulation anywhere around it. In Alaska. They redirected a heat vent to the water heater - this would be why my bedroom had no heat - and then sealed it off. The closet shed thing has rotted wood underneath it, above cold ground, cold air flow all around it, and mold throughout. 

    I literally cannot sleep in the room. It's a damn good thing we had already bought the house and were in the beginning stages of moving. I will not be sleeping in the rental anymore, my boys likely will not either. Hubby might. I refuse to pay rent this month for a house that is uninsulated and frankly unhealthy and that I can't stay at. We were planning to pay rent and slowly move to the new house. Not now.
  • @indulgentgypsy oh no! That's horrible and super scary! Have you been able to talk to the landlord? 

  • @nopegoat not, talked to the maintenance guy (who is her brother I think) and the park supervisor/tenant relations person. DH deals with the landlord. He will be talking to her soon.
  • @indulgentgypsy ugh that sucks. I will refuse to pay as well. The new place was perfect timing. 

  • key33key33
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    @indulgentgypsy That's horrible! I would definitely be refusing to pay rent for something that us unliveable too!
  • It’s 430 and I’m awake because my sinus infection has now given me conjunctivitis and I’m so miserable.  I made an appt for 915 at urgent care. I’m so tired but I don’t want to go back asleep and get crusty eyes again. 
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  • @ccmama3, that is the view from our deck! We happened upon a gem in these parts and have one of the most unique views in Nebraska (IMO, at least). To the north you get sandhills as far as your eyes can see, to the south you get the lake and the west gives you a gorgeous cedar filled ridge! My profile pic is also a view from our deck, looking west. (The view from yesterday was looking southeast.)

    @indulgentgypsy this certainly seems like a sign that buying your house was the right move! Not that you seem to have doubts as it seems like and win all around. Sorry you have to deal with the headache, though, during the moving process, which always sucks. Hang in there! 
  • @cindler wow, that's awesome! 
  • @cindler what a view! 

    @indulgentgypsy Oh girl, I’m so glad you got the new place. Prefect timing! I hope it didn’t ruin too much of your stuff. 
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