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Week 2 check in - Week of 1/28

This thread is for those due March 10 to March 16

Due date: 

Any appointments? Questions?:


How are you feeling?: 

GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do?

Re: Week 2 check in - Week of 1/28

  • 1. 3-16

    2. 2x weekly NST starting tomorrow. 

    3. R/R: not really. Just taking this pregnancy one appt/ week at a time.

    4. Overall, just blah but thankful. Crazy to think that if all goes well, lo will be here in 6 weeks. If things don't go as smoothly,  lo could be here even sooner.

    5. Purchase a few items left off the registry, buy a couple more diaper covers, make cloth wipes, wash all diaper stuff....I'm not sure what else.

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  • @kenneylynn3 it’s wild to think about how soon these little loves will be here!

    Due date: 3/12

    Appts? Questions?: no appointments until mid-Feb, at which point I move to weekly.

    Rants/Raves: Pretty sure lo has changed positions slightly, still heads down, but towards my left hip, and her feet are out from under my ribs. So kind of a rant&rave? 

    How are you feeling?: blah - tired and grumpy. Not sure how much is pregnancy hormones and how much is interrupted sleep due to DS waking up in the middle of the night/Monday. 

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do? Still have tons to do, and have my sprinkle on 2/23... Definitely not feeling ready.

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  • Due date: 3/16

    Any appointments? Questions?: Not until 2/20, ugh. But we are meeting with my doula on Saturday :smile: Question: Did anyone discuss induction options if the baby decides to stay put for long after the due date? My MIL is flying back when I'll be 41w3d, so I have a pragmatic reason to "evict" the baby by then... 

    Rants/Raves?: Rant: our house is a mess, but only I seem to care. DH is fine dumping things in random places and doesn't mind if he has to zig-zag in between them to get somewhere.

    How are you feeling?: A bit tired and lightheaded, but in general feeling ok. 

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do? So.many.things! The nursery is not ready, DH still has his "workshop" stuff in there. We need to put the swing, the bouncer and baby gym together, and find the box with baby toys in the garage. The monitor is not set up yet. We are also DYI-ing the kitchen tile installation and that's not done. The hospital bag is half-packed. Etc. I have a TODO list on the fridge and feel really good when I can cross-out any item from there. 

  • @Kenneylynn3 How are you feeling?  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

    Due date:  3/12.  RCS scheduled for 3/7 (bright and early - 5:30 AM call time!)

    Any appointments? Questions?:  Next appointment is on the 7th, with weekly US and appointments after that.

    Rants/Raves?:  Today has been a day of people saying weird and annoying things to me (I posted them in the Say What thread).  Otherwise just busy running between BS meetings and I am TIRED.

    How are you feeling?:  Put me in the tired and crabby club, too.  Once again, we spent the entire weekend working on our old house.  I have to say, cleaning off crown moulding is not something I thought I'd be doing at 34 weeks pregnant.

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do?  The only thing we're not going to be able to do right now is buy an SUV (hopefully that will be done ASAP after the old house sells), which means we'll be driving 2 cars everywhere we go because we can't fit three car seats in either of our cars.  Otherwise I still need to buy diapers, formula, all that kind of thing, but the nursery is ready and big sisters seem prepped for the change!

  • Due Date: March 11

    Appointments: next appt is Feb 4, repeat c-section is scheduled with hospital too.

    Rant/Raves: My doc has told me to take it easy since baby dropped. It’s been tough making myself sit and rest throughout the day. I stopped walking as much too. Mainly due to pelvic pressure and Braxton-Hicks. But still trying to get up with my 5 yr old activities including ski on the weekends. My brain is 100% and my body is 50-75%.

    Whats left on your “to do list”?
    I think because it’s our second, I don’t feel as rushed/anxious as the first time around..just need to order breast pump via insurance. I’ve been buying 1-3 baby things each time I’m at Target (clothes, diapers, pacifiers, wipes, diaper cream etc.) for the past 3 months. I’ve had friends giftback items I had given away too (baby jumper, high chair, babymat, bassinet). So feeling pretty prepared.
  • Due date: 3/12

    Any appointments? Questions?: Next OB appointment is Wednesday!

    Rants/Raves?: Baby shower was this weekend so that was fun! However we didnt get as much as I was expecting as far as things we absolutely need (that sounds really bad! I promise I dont mean it in a bad way!). Work is throwing me a baby shower next week too though!

    How are you feeling?: Short of breath, lots of pelvic pressure/round ligament pain and Braxton Hicks! But otherwise I think I've been pretty lucky.

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do? Hubby and I are going to attempt to do DIY wainscotting soon for the nursery but otherwise it is all done! Need to finish buying things from the registry next week and pack our hospital bags too :)

  • @dtspmama I'm doing alright. Taking it one day at a time. Thank you!

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  • @Kenneylynn3 Keeping you, your DW, and LO in my thoughts. One day at a time  <3

    @mihaelams1 I haven't talked with my doctors about induction yet, but it's on my list of questions to bring up after childbirth class. I told them I wanted to have a birth plan discussion after we attend the class, and I feel like that's an appropriate time to address that.

    Due date: 3/12

    Any appointments? Questions?:

    Appointment tomorrow, if it doesn't get cancelled, anyway. It is supposed to be a HIGH of -13 here in the windy city tomorrow, with windchills down to -50, and I'm told sometimes they close the clinics because they don't want people out in severe weather...  :s Think warm thoughts for all of us!


    Rant/Rave: Things are coming together at home. Contractor FINALLY started work on our repairs yesterday and made some pretty good progress, by my estimation. Also, we got rid of our busted car (going to pick up the check from the insurance today!) and made arrangements to buy my grandmother's car out of her estate (and my dear family cut us a heck of a deal on it, god bless them), so we have a car again! It is a little step back towards normal, and I'm super grateful, especially given the terrible weather we've been having here. Things are looking up, but I'm still just so stressed about how much we have to do to get the house livable and ready for baby.

    How are you feeling?: 

    Huge & a few more aches and pains, but overall, still feeling pretty good. I think baby must be dropping, because I'm having a lot more pelvic pressure.

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do?

    OMG. What isn't left on our to-do list???? Our home is a disaster, and all these "10 Things you must do before baby comes" articles and stuff are giving me serious anxiety. I started making my list for packing my hospital bag, but I'm living out of said bag at our friend's condo right now. We have childbirth class this weekend, and then our baby shower the next; hopefully we will be back in the house after the shower and can get to work on making things ready for baby.

    One thing we might work on now that we've got a car again is installing the car seat and having it checked. In my limited internet searching, I found out I can make an appointment with our police department to have our car seat inspected, so I'll probably look into setting that up soon.

  • Kenneylynn3Kenneylynn3
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    @lucysmom2016 so glad they started working on your house!

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  • Due date: 3/12

    Any appointments? Questions?: growth scan yesterday and reg OB on Friday. Wondering if there is anything I can do for this ridiculous rib pain (besides give birth....)


    How are you feeling?: pretty good. LO is measuring where he should be even though I get very anxious around appointments. Sciatica pain is, well, a pain the ass but part of life for now. Heartburn/reflux is getting a bit much - woke up with vomit in my mouth for the 4th time in the last 2 weeks, ew. 

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do? Babywise - Our nursery is pretty well set so that’s good. Have some laundry to do, need to pack my hospital bag, get the car seat ready, pick up the halo bassinest from SIL and get it set up, and decide what we’re going to do about a swing (take ours back from person borrowing it or buy a new one with smaller footprint). Housewise - we are having sediment issues with our well water and I told DH he needs to get it the F fixed before baby comes. Things off the must do list include finishing crown molding and the basement bathroom renovation. Just not enough time to make it happen. 

    @smf2018 I know exactly what you mean. That’s how my family shower left me feeling and I felt like such a shithead for feeling that way, even though I was so grateful for what they did gift us. My work shower was insane and they bought everything else we needed except the stroller. It was a good thing I didn’t pass a lawyer on my way out! Fx they come thru for you!

    @lucysmom2016 um, Brr? Not sure if you can even make noise when it’s that cold! I hope everything resolves quickly for you and you can get back to normal. 

    @rmcseattle I am impressed that you are still skiing, I am not gifted in that sport anyway but I can barely roll myself out of bed! 

    @lelkcot I’m not supposed to know my sprinkle exists but I think it is the same day as you. Having it so close to the due date is making me anxious even though I don’t really need anything. 

    Me: 30 DH: 31
    Married: 2012
    BFP #1 Sept 2014, MMC Dec 2014 | BFP #2 May 2015, DD Jan 2016 <3 | BFP #3 May 2017, MC July 2017 | BFP #4 Jan 2018, MC Feb 2018 | BFP #5 July 2018, fingers crossed
  • Due date: 3/11 <3

    Any appointments: Next appt 2/6

    How are you feeling: The exhaustion has thankfully tapered off a bit, but my back pain has started spreading and now wraps around the right side of my ribs :(

    GTKY: We are renovating our new home and are moving in at some point during the last 2 weeks of February which is giving me a ridiculous amount of anxiety!  :s We currently have no floors! But the installation starts tomorrow, so by next Wednesday I will hopefully feel a lot of relief *fingers crossed* after that it should be a *quick* bathroom renovation (DH is a Plumber) and a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen before we move in. 

  • Due date: Apparently we're going with 3/15 now.  Scheduled induction for 3/1, twins

    Any appointments? NST on monday.  All was normal.  Regular OB appt weds where she scheduled my induction/section depending on the babies positions.  Re-drew a CBC to check to see if my H/H went up since the december blood draw.  I go back in 2 weeks but have 2 NSTs and a growth U/S with MFM before then.

    Rants/Raves?: Amazon still hasn't shipped the darn car seats.  We ordered them in Dec for a phenomenal deal, but it won't feel so phenomenal if I have babies before seats!

    How are you feeling?: Aside from feeling like I have a bowling ball for a middle... My SI joint pain has been gone for a few weeks, and I really think I felt worse earlier.  I'll take it!

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Buy a minivan (yep, still), finalize everything.  Newborn - 3 month clothing is all waysed and ready to go at least!

    Anything you've decided NOT to do?  Buy cribs until later.  They won't be sleeping in them anyway.  

  • govanalyst86govanalyst86
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    Due date: 3/10

    Any appointments? Questions?: DH is traveling to Australia for work mid-April. He'll be there about 2 weeks. I'm nervous about being home alone and I love Australia. Would it be crazy to go to Australia with a one month old? EDIT : did some research and yes it would be crazy. Why would I put myself through that? Lol no need to respond. I'm staying home.

    Rants/Raves?: we washed all of baby's clothes with regular detergent and now I'm reading that we should wash them with infant detergent. Trying to decide if I should acquire infant detergent and rewash or just leave it alone.

    How are you feeling?: very tired but excited to meet our sweet baby girl! 

    GTKY: What's left on your "to do" list before LO arrives?  Anything you've decided NOT to do? Breast pump purchase, finish setting up and decorating the nursery. Sterilizing new baby bottles.

    @mihaelams1 our midwife practice will induce at 41+3. They've offered to start doing membrane sweeps at 39 weeks to get things going. We're planning on/ hoping for an unmedicated birth and membrane sweeps can make contractions stronger so not too keen on that. Our plan is to begin eating 6 dried prunes a day at 38 weeks (evidence suggests this is oddly effective), having sex daily starting at 36 weeks (ha we'll see how that goes!!), walking regularly, and listening to relaxation tracks before bed to try to keep things stress free and let baby know she can come out!

  • @govanalyst86 thank you, I actually sent mine a message, and their policy is to wait until 41 weeks for non-medially necessary inductions.

    Regarding the detergent: we use All Free and Clear(Costco carries it) and didn't have any issues so far with DS1. We washed now the newborn and 0-3 clothes together with ours. 

    Regarding Australia: for what it's worth, we went to visit our families in Europe when DS1 was 2.5 months old. In total the trip consisted of 7 flights, two of them ~10h long. Newborns are really easy to travel with, especially if breastfeeding. But one thing to consider is that you might not have the baby's passport ready by then. And for passport pictures they need to keep their eyes open. It took us more than 1h in the photo studio at 2 weeks old to get an acceptable picture. It doesn't even look like DS1, but at least we didn't have to retake it...
  • @govanalyst86 another fan of All Free and Clear here. So far no issues with our kids.

    And I agree with @mihaelams1 about traveling. We took DD1 to Europe when she was a couple months old and it was a breeze. MH and I went to Australia before we had kids and there was a newborn (maybe 6 weeks old?) On our flight and he didn't make a peep. That family actually gave me the confidence to travel internationally with our kids!
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