Heard of the Zymot sperm sorter? I think it’s why I sent 8 embryos off for PGS. — The Bump

Heard of the Zymot sperm sorter? I think it’s why I sent 8 embryos off for PGS.

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Edit… I also turned 37 last week, was diagnoses as unknown with no male factor.

 I feel like this is potentially important enough to start its own thread 😁

I haven’t been on here in a while, I’m on Reddit a lot.  My first round of IVF was in Aug.  They retrieved 12, 8 fertilized & I had a fresh transfer with one embryo.  Only one other made it to freeze. I was obviously upset and for numerous reasons I switched clinics..  

During stims in Dec, we got a copy of my DHs SA.  The nurse said a few numbers were low. So, I posted it to Reddit asking for advice.  A lady over there called me, we went to lunch.  Her DHs SA numbers were identical to ours and suggested we send mY DH  to a Reproductive Urologist to have a dna fragmentation test performed.  We didn’t have time to, so we request our embryologist use the Zymot microfluid sorting device.  (I don’t completely understand the science) but it is a new device that finds the sperm containing zero dna fragmentation.  Other devices cannot detect dna frag.  

I took a leap of faith trusting my new friend and asked our clinic to use the Zymot device. We were blessed that my clinic was already utilizing the technology.   They said yes and it cost $199. 

Here’s why I am posting this…
on my second round,  we made some changes to my regimen but the main difference was the Zymot.

In December, we retrieved 15 eggs. 14 were mature, 11 fertilized.  We were able to biopsy EIGHT embryos on day 6 for PGS testing.  We have 3 normals.  (On day in during our first round....we had 4+ arresting”

I  have no idea if this is going to work I just know that this is an extremely different outcome than I had the first time and I feel compelled to make sure I tell as many people as possible about DNA fragmentation and design light so that they can look into it for themselves and see if it may be something that could help them.   I’ll edit and add some links. 

Re: Heard of the Zymot sperm sorter? I think it’s why I sent 8 embryos off for PGS.

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    It would be interesting to compare the numbers of PGS normals from a cycle with this new device vs a cycle without! We had a very low fertilization rate for our cycle-- only 5 out of 9 mature eggs fertilized -- which I've been told can be a sign of sperm quality issues. Out of those 5, we ended up with the average amount of 2 embryos (untested) which suggests that although my AMH is low (and even lower now) and we don't produce tons of eggs, the ones that are produced are normal quality and bring normal results (about 50 percent lost between fertilization and day 5/6 freezing). I wonder how different the cycle results would have been (as in having some embryos frozen right now rather than zero) if we had been able to get a better fertilization rate. It sounds like that device would have probably helped!

    8 embryos from 11 eggs is pretty awesome! What day were they arresting on before? Towards the end or early on? 
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  • Towards the end...which points to sperm issues. Check out Reddit.com/dnafragmentation 
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