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Adderall/Ritalin to help with implantation?

I recently had a consult with Dr. Jerome Check at Cooper in NJ. After 4 failed transfers (1 being an ectopic), we've been diagnosed by 2 REs with implantation failure. Dr. Check said I may have something called "increased cellular permeability syndrome," allowing more toxins into the uterus than most people, increasing inflammation. He said it's more common with people with autoimmune disorders, of which I have one. He prescribes Adderall to correct this. Since I'm skeptical, I've been looking into it, and saw that Dr. Braverman prescribes Ritalin for something he calls "reduced sympathetic tone" to correct "excessive cell permeability" reducing inflammation and improving receptivity/implantation. Basically the same thing. Has anyone heard of this before, tried it, and what was your outcome? Thanks!
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