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Short Cervix

I'm a first time mom age 37. I am 29 weeks today. I have been on strict bedrest for a month now. My cervix is measuring at 4mm with extensive funneling. Doctor just gave me steroid shots for baby. Has anyone been thru this? I guess I want to hear success stories. I'm nervous. 

Re: Short Cervix

  • I am at 3.5 with no funneling but I also had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks. I'm currently 27 weeks yesterday. I am on hrdopergesterone injections every week too. I havent had the steroid shots for baby but I did for my last 3 pregnancies but not until 32-35 weeks. I have not been on any bed rest at all. I had the same issue with baby 1 and baby 2 with no cerclage and dilated to 4cm at 30 weeks with my first and was hospitalized from 30-35 weeks before I delivered. 2nd baby dilated to 2.5 at 30 weeks but managed to keep her in until 33 weeks when I went to 5 and delivered her then. She had to stay in the NICU for 7 weeks before she could come home. 
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