HDBD 1/23 — The Bump
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Re: HDBD 1/23

  • @Cbeanz if you can keep it down I'd get one ASAP! 

  • Okay, I love you all, but I also hate you and your cute faces and adorable bumps. Just saying.  <3 <3
  • @indulgentgypsy but you are a beautiful swamp hag! 
  • @hakele ; hahahahaa Thank you :) yes I am!
  • edited January 23
    @Cbeanz I had a death stomach bug a week after Christmas and felt like everything shrunk too.  My kids actually commented that I barely looked pregnant.  Once I was able to eat and drink again everything plumped right back up. 

    I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.  After two snow days in a row and taking care of seven puppies that poop on me hourly, I look like death.  
  • @canuckmomma Loving your cardigan/blazer! Is that maternity or nah?
  • Everyone looks so dang cute!!
  • Everyones so cute... I just feel like I still look between chubby and pregnant 
  • @motherofdogs I feel like that is a pic your LO is going to treasure in the future❤
  • @cbeanz It is from a maternity store! But I've worn it through pregnancy and in between. Works for anything!
  • Why can’t I post a pic?! I popped literally overnight and now the bump doesn’t have an option for a picture.
  • @bartonolivia Do you have the app on your mobile? There is a pic option there:)
  • @bartonolivia that happened to me yesterday too. I had to exit out of the app completely and refresh a few times for the tool bar to show back up. 

  • @jenniferjoy37 do you have a brand of maternity scrubs you love? Ive looked for some in the past but ended up getting yoga waistband instead
  • @rachelfriemel I have only gotten the Cherokee scrub bottoms. I’m tall, so I need to get the tall size and they feel like they fit the best. I only got 2 pairs for my last pregnancy and they held up well! Pretty true to size too. 
  • @bartonolivia I'm glad you figured it out. I love seeing all the pics:)

    When I was in first year university there was a girl in one of my classes who was really thin, not even the hint of a stomach. She walked in one day looking 6 months pregnant. We were all shocked. None of us had any idea she was pregnant. She said the same thing as you, that it literally happened overnight. She went to sleep with a flat stomach and woke up the next morning with a very obvious and unmistakable bump.
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