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Baby shower & the can't make it guests

My baby shower is less than a week away and due to both my mom and sister having their lives full of a million other things, we all 3 have collaborated on making this happen, but because I hate feeling like any type of burden, I made it a point to do and plan as much of this as possible even though that's not traditionally how it works. So I've spent money renting a hall, creating prizes for games, making my own decorations. And between all 3 of us we've all spent money on food to be eaten at this shower. I don't have much experience in baby showers, but the few that I have been to, there was a decent amount of people there and so I took the time to make and send out invitations to approximately 45ish people made up of friends, family, and people who had at one time made serious positive impacts on my life. Slowly we started getting some yes's and a few no's as to who could or couldn't go, but as the day gets closer, there's more people saying they can't go, and I'm sure I'm taking it to heart more than I should, but my first time momma heart is feeling torn apart with ever-stacking numbers of our "can't make it guests". Especially since I've put so much effort into making this a fun and exciting day for everyone involved. The purpose of my rant is simply to see if there is any other mommas out there that can relate and let me know I'm not crazy or cold-hearted for feeling this way even though I do still have about half of my guest list saying that they're coming as of right now unless more of them back out.

Re: Baby shower & the can't make it guests

  • You're pregnant and emotional and it's normal to feel a bit down when people aren't able to make it to a party, especially if a party is in honor of you.

    Try to remember that people are still excited for you even if they can't make your shower. It's only one day, and showers are never as exciting for anyone else as it is the mother to be and grandmother to best. 

    For other moms to be reading this, the above is an excellent reason to be as uninvolved with the planning of your shower as possible. A party  meant to "shower" you with love and support shouldn't cause you stress.
  • So when everything was said and done we had almost 100 family and friends invited to my shower. That's freaking overwhelming!! About half showed up which is thankfully what we planned for. Was I bummed half couldn't show? Yeah  BUT for the half that did show I didn't even get to visit because It took me 3 hours to open all the gifts and my husband helped half way through..

    SO I think if I had to redo it, as grateful as I was for everything, I would have invited less people OR opened gifts later so I could actually visit people.

    Smaller showers just means more food per guest and a more intimate day for you! It's going to be so fun still! There's no need to stress over it, you're getting a shower, the people who are able to will come, and you're going to have a good day.
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