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Still bleeding and cramping after Aspiration

I received the sad news of my MMC on Friday jan 11th. I was 8 w 4 d and baby was measuring 7 weeks and no heart beat. Had an aspiration of uterine contents the next day. Today marks day 10 and I'm still bleeding and cramping. I also passed 2 stitches (one last night and one on saturday). Was not informed that I needed stitches for anything. What the? Called OBs office and awaiting return call for advice and feedback. Anyone have similar? If you had aspiration procedure how long did you bleed for? I was told an aspirstion was gentler than d and c.

Re: Still bleeding and cramping after Aspiration

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    I did not have an aspiration, but with my first d&c, I bled a lot longer than was expected. At my 2 week post of, they thought I would have stopped, but I bled for another week. 

    How is heavy the bleeding is is a lot more important IMO.  with my second loss, I had severe/rare complications, unrelated to the actual procedure. for the first few days, I barely spotted, then less than a week after the procedure, I had severe bleeding and clots.   
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