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PP Hair loss

i never made it over to the FB group and it’s pretty dead her but if there’s anyone around here, anyone experiencing hair loss? I called my dermatologist and she said it’s normal but wow! I feel like mine is so extreme. It’s really stressing me out. 
DS born 04/22/15, Pregnant again 03/01/17 however loss due to PPROM at 20+6 weeks now TTC rainbow

Re: PP Hair loss

  • Totally normal. Obviously happens to different degrees to different people, but it is normal and there's really nothing you can do to stop it. The hormonal stimulation of pregnancy basically halts hair turnover during pregnancy (which is why most people end up with thicker hair during) but that means it all is ready to fall out at a similar time once those hormones are gone. It's called post partum telogen effluvium if you want more info. It will stop eventually and start to grow back! Then you have to deal with all the short fly-aways like I have right now.
  • @doctormom33 thanks for answering! I can’t wait for fly seats, it’ll mean it’s growing back!!!
    DS born 04/22/15, Pregnant again 03/01/17 however loss due to PPROM at 20+6 weeks now TTC rainbow
  • I'm having major hair loss right now and it's freaking me out. I just got a massive haircut so it seems like less hair when I pull it out of my brush/see it on my clothes/etc. Glad (but sorry) I'm not alone! 
  • I hate the regrowth more than the loss because my hair is really thick already, so the regrowth makes it look weird. The shedding is a pain, though, because it clogs our vacuum cleaner.
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  • I found after my first 2 kids that the shedding seemed to stop around the time my periods resumed.  Not sure if that was coincidence or hormonally linked, but it's always been the case for me.  Despite EBF my periods have always come back between 5 and 6 months, so I'm expecting it again any day now.  Boooooo.
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