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Group 3 Check In (EDD 17-24) Week of Jan 21st

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. 

Re: Group 3 Check In (EDD 17-24) Week of Jan 21st

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 
    July 20, 14W2D

    Baby is the size of a(n): 
    House mouse! 

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):
    Green again

    Upcoming Appointments: 
    Just had one last Fri. Regular OB checkup, heard heart which was at 158! Everything good. Next appointment Feb 13. 

    How are you feeling?: 
    Way better! Nausea gone. Fatigue still catching up with me by days end but I can feel my energy levels rising. My boobs have been tingly! I also think I felt baby move 3x last week. 

    Its unbelievably cold her right now. Today was -30C with the wind but this weekend got down to -40C with the wind. I don't wanna leave my house ever. But I have to go to work. My 2.5 yr old son is constantly saying "burrr its cold!". I am not cut out for this weather! 

    I keep watching the name thread but I am just STUCK on a boy name. Anyone else stuck on names, girl or boy?!

    GTKY:  My dream vacation right now is Hawaii. I've been to a few tropical places (Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba, DR) but lately have been so interested in Hawaii. Looks stunning, great beaches and lots to do. We also would love to do Germany/Holland as a family as both of our heritages are from those countries. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 17/18

    Baby is the size of a(n): a donut

    Team Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: physical wed, high risk consult friday

    How are you feeling?: better, still tired but not feeling like a zombie anymore

    Rants/Raves:  its cold as f***  i dont like winter. Went to gymboree and bought some baby cloths :smile: the store is going out of buisness and the clearance is 50% off, got some really cute outfits!

    Questions: none

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. Right now on my current bucket list is Ireland, grand cannons and a weekend trip to the corning glass museum with my fiancee.
  • @canuckmomma my fiancee is the 3rd and wants to name our little boy the 4th, so there wasn't much to decide about for boy names, but if we have a girl after this i get to choose i want Ariella Rose, but haven't quite figured out the exact spelling i would want.
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 14 W 4 D

    Baby is the size of a(n): Peach

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Finding our Feb 2 at an elective ultrasound. Never thought I’d be that person so anxious to find out, but here I am! Impatiently waiting!

    Upcoming Appointments: Well, Feb 2 if the elective ultrasound counts. If not, Feb 4. 

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good, but I’m still so tired!! But I’ve also started to not sleep great, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. Less anxious also. 

    Rants/Raves:  I am loving myself some baked potatoes right now! Just with a little butter and salt and pepper! 😂

    Questions: My daughter is 3 but we have moved 6 times since she’s been born. I had initially kept all of the baby items I used for her, but doing some winter cleaning, I got rid of it all!! It was either stained or missing parts so I plan on putting new stuff on a registry. What are some can’t live without items that helped you with a newborn? Im a minimalist and don’t do well with things that don’t have any type of rationale for using, so help me out a little!

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing: Right now, I’d love to be on a hot beach somewhere. I’m originally from Florida and it’s been COLD in TN. Ready for some summer heat so I don’t have to stay inside and be bundled up constantly!
  • @OoandreaoO My must haves are a baby carrier (I think I’ll use it even more now with a toddler to run after!) some sort of swing chair (I have Mamaroo) and a stroller. Also a few good swaddle blankets. And sleepers with zippers!!! No snaps or buttons allowed lol. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 21 / 14W3D

    Baby is the size of a(n): baby chick

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Finding Out, TBD

    Upcoming Appointments: Feb 19; just had one last week, all is good -  heartbeat was between 150-160! :smile:

    How are you feeling?: overall good. definitely tired by the end of the day, but don't NEED a nap in the evenings like before. finding it hard to get comfy some nights, and i have that big u-shaped pillow, which helps some. 

    Rants/Raves: can't wait to get out of this deep freeze! i feel ya @canuckmomma. we were stuck in the house most of the weekend too. counting down the days to our vacation! also, trying to resist the urge to buy any clothes. so far only bought a few gender neutral items, but i've already put my hubby on notice that i will be shopping :P

    Questions: we are stuck on a girl name, we have our boy name 100% finalized.

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing // Dream vacay is Bora Bora or Maldives. Been wanting to go there for as long as i can remember. One of our favourite places to go is Barbados, every single beach is beautiful, and there are TONS. Excellent food scene, and lots of local things to do. 

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 24, 13w6d

    Baby is the size of a(n): peach

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Finding out, although I had a dream it's a boy and now everyone is telling me it will be a boy... its a 50/50 chance people!! LOL 

    Upcoming Appointments: none this week, had the NT ultrasound last week, all clear, heartbeat was 153

    How are you feeling?: better, a little overwhelmed now that the news is out, everyone I talk to asks me how I am feeling, gets old repeating myself. I am getting more energy which is nice. I was eating some eggs this weekend and felt like I wanted to throw up so I had to stop, not sure but seems to be a trigger to make me gag sometimes.. oh well.. 

    Rants/Raves: Rant.. the stupid pregnancy jeans I bought, after wearing them all day they are so baggy! I think I'm going to exchange them for a smaller size, nothing like walking around and feeling the crotch of the pants slipping down.. 
    Rave.. finally got new tires on my car!  

    Questions: How soon should you start a registry? I have no idea how long to wait to start adding things, do we wait until we find out the sex? or just start now? Seems like there is so much to plan for. 

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. Dream vacation would be Bora Bora for sure, although not sure I want to fly that far LOL!! Anywhere warm really sounds nice about now, while we live in CA and are spoiled with warmer temps, I'm so tired of the rain we've been having. I miss the sun. 
    @canuckmomma we went to Maui for our honeymoon last June, it was amazing! If you have the chance to go, definitely do it!! I'd love to go back! 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 24/ 13 weeks 6 days 

    Baby is the size of a(n): still a lemon

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): undecided. Was green last time but thinking of finding out this time. 

    Upcoming Appointments: Not until Feb 6

    How are you feeling?: Great! Other than cranky due to the freezing weather and snow outside which is really not my thing. 

    Rants/Raves:  Hubby spent hours on the phone/internet on Saturday (while I slept in) booking our babymoon! Its a surprise location. He has never booked a vacation for us before. I usually handle that stuff. Hint: its somewhere warm. My guess is Florida. I'm pumped! 

    Questions: None

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. All I do is think about vacations these day. I love anything hot and beachy. Dream vacation is probably Seychelles, Fiji, or Bora Bora.... The REAL dream would be to move somewhere that beautiful forever! For now I just satisfy myself with pictures of these beautiful places. 
  • @blackrosevamp I go to Ireland a lot because my family is there. You should go! The Irish pubs are even kid friendly (until 9 p.m.). If you don't like the cold, aim to go between May and September! Its not snowy there, but its gets damp/cold/windy and dark in the winter. However, everyone lights their fireplaces and the streets fill up with the gorgeous smell of burning peat and coal. Probably not good for the lungs but its still really nice. 
  • @jennm0724 You could start an Amazon or any online registry now and keep it private. Just keep adding/changing items as you think of them. I have a secret amazon registry for the completion discount!
  • foodislovefoodislove
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    @canuckmomma I like Hawaii for the same reasons, or at least I think I would. Seems to be the right blend of adventure and relaxing time. 
    @OoandreaoO Absolutely have a swing, doesn't need to be an expensive one. I also used diaper clothes as spit up clothes - easier to bleach and wash, thick enough they really did the job as opposed to flimsy, pretty muslin ones. They also function well as emergency diaper mats to change a diaper.
    @jennm0724 I'd start the registry now, but like someone said, keep it private while you wittle down to what you really want. Lots of stuff is gender neutral enough to be putting on there (diaper pail, pack'n'play, play mats for the floor, etc.). 

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 23, 14w
    Baby is the size of a(n): Mille Fuille

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Just found out today, second boy! #boymom Actually a little disappointed as I was pretty sure it was a girl since the pregnancy is so different from my first. DH is crushed, and will take a little while to recover. We have no clue what to do about the boy name. It was hard enough the first time, we only agreed on one name. 

    Upcoming Appointments: Feb 12th, just a quick check-in.
    How are you feeling?: Energy still not back, but most of my other first-tri symptoms are gone. Hunger is really peaking and my hips are starting to hurt again. I need to remember to mention a physical therapy prescription at my next app.t

    Rants/Raves: My mom is way too excited about this baby. I love her but wish she'd back off a bit and maybe invest some of her energy into people like, my sister, who could do with some loving right now.

    Questions: NA

    GTKY: Hawaii, but closely matched by a trip to Japan or Scandinavia. DH and I do like to take the chance to relax and eat good food, but we love to see new places, great views, etc. I really really want to see the fjords especially, maybe on a cruise with land excursions.
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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18/14W5D

    Baby is the size of a(n): maple leaf

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): finding out!

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/5

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good. My sciatic nerve pain is getting better. I'm pretty sure my brand new bump has something to do with it :) baby finally ran out of space and had to move up!

    Rant: It would be too complicated to fully explain...but let's just say I can't stand coworkers from other departments who rant to me about their issues like I have any idea what they're talking about, and expect me to fix it. Then they get mad at me when I stare at them blankly. :unamused:
    Rave: DH and I are officially babymooning in Vegas! :smiley: He's still a little uneasy about spending money on a vacation before baby arrives, but he talked with his friend last night who's going to Las Vegas soon and I think it helped. Gonna book the plane tickets tonight!

    Questions: responding to @jennm0724 - I've already started a registry just to see what's out there. I've been putting gender-neutral items like diaper bags, cribs, furniture, etc.on there just so I'm not overwhelmed later. You can always set your online registry to private if you don't want your family looking for it now. 

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. 
    I traveled to England and Ireland in college and it was fantastic. It helped that my professors traveled there all the time and were able to get us into lesser-known landmarks. One day we went to a castle that was on private property!
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  • @foodislove @OoandreaoO I second using diaper cloths for burp/spit up cloths. I bought a Gerber brand pack of 5 off Amazon and they really get the job done and hold up well. We used them way more than the pretty Aiden and Anias muslin burp cloths.
  • @canuckmomma we have hardly even talked about names because we rarely agree on any. We thought we had a girl name nailed down, but now I'm second guessing it. I'm just hoping we have a short list by July lol.
    @blackrosevamp I just went to gymboree over the weekend too to snag some stuff for my other two for next year. 
    @OoandreaoO my must haves are: a swing, stretchy swaddle blankets (such as copper pear), some type of baby wearing device, zipper sleepers (I love the target cloud island ones that zip from top to bottom), and the haakaa (silicone breast pump) if you plan to breastfeed. 
    @jennm0724 honestly, all my maternity pants do that regardless of size! And yes, start a registry now! Amazon has a helpful checklist on theirs or buy buy baby will have someone walk around with you to make recommendations if you'd rather have that.
    @foodislove congrats on another boy! Once you and your hubby see your boys together you won't be disappointed. It's so cool to watch brothers playing and interacting together! Hugs!

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 23, 14w today

    Baby is the size of a(n): troll doll

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Green! We found out with both of our others and I'm really excited to be team green this time! 

    Upcoming Appointments: Regular appt next Wed.

    How are you feeling?: I can't complain. Still randomly get nauseous, such as when brushing my teeth. I also had heartburn last night for the first time this pregnancy. Hoping that won't be a regular thing just yet.

    Rants/Raves: I think I may have felt baby move a couple times this week. Not 100% sure. I can't wait to start feeling those wiggles regularly! 

    Questions: Any other 3rd time mamas in this group? I have a very small registry on Amazon, mostly just for myself. My oldest is only 2 so I don't need to necessarily update anything. With our second I had a bunch of things I wish I had gotten the first time around but now I have all of that. What all are you guys purchasing as a 3rd time mom?

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. My dream has also always been Hawaii!! My DH doesn't want to go because of the cost. I'm hoping someday I'll be able to convince him!

  • @ccmama3 Thanks! I'm sure we will. I think part of DH's disappointment is his own relationship with his older brother. The age difference is about similar, and DH's older brother is kinda an ass at times, and they aren't close at all anymore. I think he's worried the dynamics may end up being the same. (Also, he wanted a froo froo, frilly girl with glitter and ponies, but I tried to explain early on that wasn't a guarantee with a girl, haha.)
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  • @ccmama3 ; damn.. there has to be pants that don't sag LOL! I already am feeling not so great about how my clothes fit and to have them sag is killing me.. my husband has to work Saturday so maybe I'll hunt around town for some pants.. 
  • @canuckmomma I hope you are staying warm! also so fun you are able to feel baby move already.  

    @blackrosevamp that's awesome you got some great cute outfits. I have to stay away or i will buy too much!

    @OoandreaoO That's so exciting you'll find out soon! Also i'm exhausted reading about you moves.  i can't imagine moving that much--especially with a family.

    @mixitupmel i told myself not to buy any clothes before the baby comes.  we'll get enough with a baby shower and then i'll start figuring out what else i need--plus MH is the shopper in our home so i'm sure it'll be him more than me. 

    @jennm0724 where did you get your jeans from? Mine are a little baggy too as the day goes on, but i'm worried to return them because i feel like i'll start gaining some weight soon.  We already started an amazon registry and kept it hidden until this past weekend.  Once you get your first item they send you a fun welcome kit with samples and when you get to the end of pregnancy many things still on there can be purchased for a 10% discount. Plus they actually help you start with ideas and then i watched some YouTube registry minimalist essentials for additional ideas.

    @realhousewife519 that is so funny your hubby booked a surprised location babymoon! i'm so jealous.

    @mamanbebe How do you like your new pillow? i hope your DS is feeling better.

    @foodislove I'm sorry your mom is being a little over the top.  It's so hard to make people understand they can't push their feelings on you.  I hope she is able to "read the room" soon to give you some space. 

    @hestia14 i'm so happy to hear you booked the vegas babymoon! woohoo!

    @ccmama3 when did you start feeling things during your first two? Also do you right things like that down? I haven't written anything down.  i guess if needed i could go back to these forums and look at my symptoms.

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18th // 14w6d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Donut! (of i want a donut)

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Green

    Upcoming Appointments: not for a few more weeks

    How are you feeling?: so far this week has been much better, no puking and nausea is significantly less.  Heartburn has been showing up so i'll need to see if i can adjust my diet some.  

    Rants/Raves:  Still just feeling super happy? Maybe happy is the wrong word, but content.  just seems like things are going well and we have lots to do but slow and steady to get things done.  (i say "happy?" because after years of infertility and multiples serious family illnesses i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop)

    Questions: I kind of asked it above, Do you all write down things in a journal? I'm just not really that person but i feel like i should be that person.

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. I really want to visit New Zealand. But my amazing vacation was Hawaii--just the most amazing vistas, the hiking and snorkeling and all of it.  
  • @blackhottamales It's nice! I got the Leachco Back & Belly Bliss and it's realllly nice for sitting on, on the couch and sleeping with it was pretty easy but I think I need to break it in a little. It's very full and a little firm at the moment. On your journal question, I do have a journal that I was using last year but I haven't picked it up in a while. I do think it would be nice to document this pregnancy a bit though, I just haven't been motivated. 
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  • @foodislove that makes sense with your hubby. But doesn't guarantee your boys will be that way! 

    @blackhottamales I didn't really keep a pregnancy journal at all. Kinda wish I did! I do remember a lot though. But my pregnancies weren't all that long ago. I felt my first at 21/22 weeks with an anterior placenta and my second I felt at 14 weeks. I'm unsure this time if it's baby or not! Time will tell!
  • @blackhottamales I feel irrationally annoyed because I want my mom to pay more attention to her actual children and how they are doing, not get hyperfocused on someone who isn't here yet. But ah well. Not a journal person here. I will do something for the kids about their birth, with pictures, but I hate journaling. 

    @ccmama3 I don't think so. I've heard stories of what BIL was like at this age, and my cuddly, polite 2yo prankster is completely different.
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  • @ccmama3 I'm a fourth time mom. With #3 I didn't register publicly but I did create an Amazon registry for the discount. I needed very few things (finally caved for a rock n play and video monitor and so glad I did). I did tell family that we needed clothes bc all our baby clothes were beat up by the third time around. We'll probably need some clothes again, especially if we are surprised by a boy (we have 3 girls)

    @OoandreaoO Baked potatoes have been my late night craving!!! Yum!!

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18

    Baby is the size of a(n): Orange?

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): green

    Upcoming Appointments: Feb 1

    How are you feeling?: Recovering from a stomach virus while caring for two kids with a stomach virus. It's been... messy. I'm exhausted.

    Rants/Raves:  So thankful my trisomy screening came back low risk. 


    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing.
    Vietnam or Thailand mainly bc that's where my husband wants to go and I'd love to see him that happy. I personally want to see the Grand canyon and spend time in the Southwest.
  • @blackhottamales ; I got them from Motherhood Maternity, there is an outlet shop by my house. I think I'm going to go try on the size smaller and see what happens. I also think I might check out Old Navy and Target this weekend too.. there has to be something that doesn't sag!! 
  • @Cbeanz I'm feeling like we really don't need anything, but afraid I'm overlooking something important lol! 
    @jennm0724 just to let you know, I don't think Old Navy carries maternity in store anymore... at least all the local stores around me stopped. Maybe you'll get lucky with yours!
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 17 / 15 weeks! 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Orange

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Finding Out

    Upcoming Appointments: Feb 7

    How are you feeling?: I think the nausea is mostly morning sickness now instead of all-day sickness. Working out and pumping protein seems to help the most. 

    Hmmm. I guess I don't have much going on this week. 
    Maybe a Rave, I got the magnesium powder and it is helping with relaxation, sleep, and constipation. 

    If most of my family lives far away, is an Amazon registry the best? Because they can just have stuff sent to me? I really loved Target for my wedding registry, but just not sure what to do now. 

    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. 
    Oh my gosh. I've been all over. Some of my most favorite places are Fiji, Italy, England, Scotland, and anything Disney! I'm a Disneyland junkie! But, the most amazing place that I have been where I would move there in a heartbeat is Amboise, France in the Loire Valley. It is just magical there. The air has this amazing smell of vineyards and woods and moss and the terroir there is incredible. I had this wine that tasted the way the air smelled. It was incredible. I really want to go back and see the Dordogne on my next trip through France and float down the river to see the castles and the cliffs. 
    My dream vacation is Bali. I want to go to Indonesia SO bad. I grew up with my best friend from Indonesia and she moved back when I was 13. I love Indonesia and would like to see what it is like, but also want to go to the temples and beaches in Bali and I know my friend could come to meet me there very easily. 
    I also want to visit all of the Disney Parks in Asia, I've been to all the others, but I want to go to Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 
    14+6 July 18th

    Baby is the size of a(n): 

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):

    Upcoming Appointments: 
    February 4th

    How are you feeling?: 
    Starting to feel better but anxious for next round of blood work. My thyroid was off and was on the hyper side so doing a repeat at the next appt. also tested positive already for gbs bacteria so checking how much I have and doing antibiotics 



    GTKY:  Dream vacation?! Or somewhere you've been that was amazing. 
    We have more snow headed our way so I would love to be somewhere warm. We did a cruise around Hawaii last year that was a lot of fun. 

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  • @hakele I’m jealous of how many places you have been!! I would love to be able to travel, maybe one day. I also did an amazon registry. Most of my family lives out of town and you can’t beat the convenience!
  • @OoandreaoO I've been incredibly blessed with everywhere I've been able to go. My mother took me to all of these incredible places. I had a teacher in HS who led tours with EF as a chaperone. We did our first trip between Junior and Senior year. I asked my mom if I could go on the trip and she said, "As long as I can go, too." That trip was 3 weeks long and we saw like 6 countries that trip. She always made travel a priority over things. I also have a degree in Italian, so I studied abroad there, and then hubby and I met in Italian class here in CO. And we've made it a value in our marriage to travel together. He still has a long way to go to get caught up with me! But we've had SO much fun. We've also committed to continuing to travel once baby arrives. I'm already working on baby's first Disneyland trip and first cruise! If you are worried about traveling with kids, check out the Bucket List Family on YouTube. They set my heart at ease and are one of the reasons we were okay with having a baby! 

    I think the only thing I'm concerned about with Amazon is the returns. 
  • @hakele Amazon returns aren't bad from a registry, they give you more time to return. Or if they don't purchase off the registry just be sure they mark it as a gift and the returns are simple. We did Amazon for our wedding registry. 
  • @hakele I love the Bucket List Family!! Totally binge watch them all the time... 

    I have family (Aunt and Uncle) that live in Bali for the past 10 years now. My Aunt is Canadian and my uncle is from Singapore. They lived in Singapore prior and i have gone to visit them there which was amazing, but i was 13 so I need to go back now that Im older and can appreciate more. But I've been dying to go to Bali! My parents are going in Feb and I'm so jelly. 
  • @hakele Our family also loves to travel and have taken DD all 3 she’s already at 9 countries and counting! Trips haven’t all been successful (worst was Italy when she was 2 months was too early I think). 

    For me, the trick to making it successful has been paying a bit more to get flights at the right times of day for naps etc/no 4am wake up calls for early bird deals. Also AirBnB instead of hotels so that you have a full kitchen to do milk storage and baby food! We also try to stay even more centrally (again, usually adds some to the cost) to make sure we can quickly get back to home base if there is a diaper/food/melt down emergency.
  • @frenchbaby18 We already travel like that! And we've also already agreed that baby will get their own seat on flights. We can afford to do that, so that will be nice so that we have enough space. We are probably going to do Disneyland for our birthdays in September. I'll be on Maternity leave still, and I just think it would be fun. I get killer deals there, so we will stay on property and just take lots of time. We've been so much, we won't need to go too crazy. 
    Then in November, we will likely go to GA for Thanksgiving. I'm anxious about that one because my dad's house is 40 minutes from anywhere. So that will be lots of time in the car and loads of time and stressful if we need something last minute. I already am planning to just order whatever we will need on Amazon before the trip and ship it to my parent's house rather than trying to pack it all there. 
    Then, in Spring 2020, we will likely do a Disney cruise as a first big vacation! But we have to wait until the baby is 6 months old. 
    That is our plans so far! I have pretty low expectations of what it will be like to travel with the baby, so I'm not too worried about it. It is hard to get me to worry about stuff like that. 
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