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Anyone else concerned about how they're "showing"?


Re: Anyone else concerned about how they're "showing"?

  • Thank you to every single person who posted since I last checked in! I had to see a cardiologist last week due to my extremely low blood pressure and the nurse doing my EKG said "19 weeks? You don't even look pregnant at all!!!" LOL when she walked out of the room I let myself cry! So it was nice to come back to this thread. We have our 20 week anatomy scan 2/19 and I can't wait to see our baby girl! I was 165lbs (looked in my health app from my doctor) and am 161lbs now. Not like I was malnourished and underweight but it makes me feel like I'm doing something "wrong". My doctor hasn't said anything to me about it and is very positive and supportive so I'm sure it's fine. I never thought I'd be so concerned about not "looking pregnant enough"! So interesting.
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