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1st Trimester

Headaches, Nauseated, Spinning

I’m 4W4D, and I’ve been hit with a wave of symptoms.

When did your symptoms begin? What’re you doing to subside the roller coaster? 🤢

Re: Headaches, Nauseated, Spinning

  • My symptoms started about the same time as you. The worst of my nausea went away around 14-15 weeks. The dizziness/spinning has not gone away, but gets better with water, food and moving slowly. I haven't had headaches (yet). Just hang in there. First tri is rough, but you'll make it through. FYI - I'm at 18 weeks.
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    Thank you for the positive attitude!

    I’m thankful for these symptoms. I had a missed MC September 2017, at 15W5D. I hardly any symptoms through the pregnancy. Although, I also am having random cramps, not terrible, but noticeable. No implantation bleeding, or any of anykind. Praying it’s just the tugs/pulls of the growing uterus! 

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