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What My Pregnant Self is Eating 1/21

What’s everyone eating this week? Cravings or aversions?

Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating 1/21

  • Cravings: Chinese food, fresh pineapple
    Aversions: coffee, raw meat (as in, the thought of cooking it)

    I'm pretty much grazing all day to help my nausea. Lots of granola bars, whole grains, apple slices, etc.
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  • Monday - Chicken Ritz casserole, green beans 
    Tuesday - Spaghetti, salad, garlic toast
    Wednesday - Teriyaki chicken, rice, broccoli (never got to make this last week)
    Thursday - Roast
    Friday - leftovers
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  • I'm craving anything, and then immediately feeling nauseous after I eat it. WHAT DO YOU WANT BODY?!
  • No cravings or aversions yet, but I’ve been eating a lot of eggs, avocados, and Greek yogurt. 
  • I'm vegan so just tracking my macros making sure I get iron and protein. I also lift so i've been doing it a while to make sure I keep muscle. The main problem is vegan protein shakes are sounding realllllly digusting to me right now. But I am craving cucumbers and hummus a lot. 
  • Been eating quaker high fiber oatmeal (very good, much recommend, low sugar and 10g of fiber.) Noshing on carrots, cucumbers, and cheese. Can't stand the thought of chicken breasts but had no problem eating chicken burgers the other night? Still can't stomach the idea of bacon which is the saddest development so far. Been eating lots of soup lately. 
  • Been craving a lot of sweets which is a bit different for me since I tend to gravitate more toward salty usually. I’ve eaten two giant bowls of granola and I want mooooooaaarrrr. 

    I don’t have any aversions yet, but I got really bad ones when I was pregnant with DS (not with my last one though) so I’m not sure what to expect this time!  
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  • Today the thought of the leftover sautéed zucchini and mushrooms in the fridge made me want to gag. Nothing really sounds good right now except this spinach artichoke ravioli lean cuisine I happened to try a few weeks ago
  • @zuuls_mom I read all these "pregnancy myths: busted!" earlier today (you know, like one does, instead of working my dissertation...) and it said something like the myth is gravitation towards sweets is a sign you are having a girl. Then, they busted the myth with science/lack thereof. But the myths sort of stick with me, despite the science...

    @cmdesigner Me too on the soup!

    I had my first craving the other night! For mint chocolate chip ice cream! DH was a dear & went out and got me some. Luckily, it was the green kind, because it has to be green...

    Soup is my favorite food (I know that's more like a category of food, I know), and sometimes the thought of trying to eat anything except soup is like "no." For example, on my meal-planning breakdown for the week, I had leftover lasagna figured in as lunch today but my pregnant self was like "no, soup." So I had grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

    I can't seem to get enough avocados and pumpkin seeds when it comes time to snacking. I've made myself many a recent snack that's like half an avocado and a small pile of kim chi or pickles or sliced tomatoes...
  • @kagesstarshroom the myths always crack me up because with DS I had ALL the “girl” ones (high heart rate, bad MS, bad hair/skin, etc.). It’ll be interesting to see how different (or similar) this time is! 
    Me: 31 │ DH: 34 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 EDD 9/5/19 Please stick little one!!

  • @kagesstarshroom I'm interested to see if anything holds true about similar symptoms and having a boy/girl since I have had one of each. Right now this pregnancy is much more similar to my pregnancy with DS.
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  • Cravings : sweets at night only (like ice cream. Snickerdoodle blizzards, to be specific). Occasionally chicken nuggets. Mostly, yogurt. I could eat yogurt anytime of day. 

    Aversions: Freaking chicken. Any kind but nuggets. Makes me gag immediately! I can do some meat but not cooking them, the smells are too much. Hubby has been great about cooking his own food. 

    What Am I eating? Yogurt. Yogurt bowls with protein powder & oatmeal. Honey nut  Cheerios. Juice. Cheese & crackers. Premade soups. Applesauce. 

    Repeat until I no longer feel sick ✌🏻
  • Cravings : sushi (wtf), steak, eggs and hot sauce. Basically all food is now a vehicle for hot sauce (eggs, potatoes, soup etc). My husband told me to cut the middleman already. 

    I am very particular - if I have a craving, reality has to match up. 

    Aversions: anything but the above. It’s crazy. I’ve lost my sweet tooth, which is nuts. 

    @mommyshark13 I have two boys and I feel like I had terrible ms and acne and weight gain with both. And this pregnancy is starting out the same way! 

    @kagesstarshroom Haha you are girl after my own heart. I love that you are scientific minded but also are open to the myths. Don’t laugh - but the last two times the Chinese gender predictor was on point for me (I get that it’s a 50/50 shot) but I am super curious about this time. It says girl, so we will see! 
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  • Apparently cereal, yogurt, and chocolate chips today🤷🏻‍♀️
  • With my last pregnancy I craved sour to the point I was eating lemons and drinking lemon juice. I’m only 6 weeks along and it is starting to come back. I can’t get enough of sour white grapefruit juice. I wouldn’t call it a craving really, but the only food that sounds appealing is pepperoni pizza 
  • Craving oranges like crazy. I also may or may not have just eaten a half a box of peanut butter girl scout cookies. BUT my nausea is now gone so WIN!
  • Right now I just want all the food! I am so hungry all the time.  Complete opposite of my past 2 pregnancies where I could barely eat because I was so nauseous. 
  • Someone mentioned Ritz crackers last week, so its all I could think about. Particularly with cream cheese. I'm currently 1/2 a sleeve through them at work today. Whoops. 
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  • Whelp, I just had soup and a grilled cheese! Lol Thanks @kagesstarshroom for  planting that seed. 
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  • All I could think about this weekend was how I wished I had a nice bowl of Cheerios. I made MH pick me up some while he was shopping and dove into them this morning. And then I had my first bout of MS. Rude.

  • I’ve been craving, and eating grilled cheese tonight and last night, and Mac and cheese later tonight. If I don’t get the food I want, I can’t eat anything else. :( For most snacks, I eat a lot of yogurt, cereal, hummus and crackers! For drinks, I love anything fizzy (la croix, Powell and Mahoney, club soda)! Also strawberry milk has become my new favorite thing ever! 
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