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Formula help!

Hello all. I'm due to have my second child in the beginning of March. With my first baby I used enfamil gentlease. He had reflux and colic for almost a year. He even was on nutremigen for a while. I'm looking into all different kinds of formula for this one since we had such troubles with the other enfamils.  What other brands and types have you used and loved? Thank youuu!  

Re: Formula help!

  • I’ve done enfamil and similac. I prefer enfamil; it doesn’t stain as bad and they tend to send better coupons. Whether or not a particular formula works is baby dependent, and just because you had one colicky and reflux baby doesn’t mean your second will be. 

    My first was on gentlease, no problems. My second had MPI and reflux, ultimately ending up on alimentum and Zantac after trying multiple different formulas by different brands. 

    I would consider giving enfamil a shot again. Like I said, it really is baby dependent
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