FFFC 1/18 — The Bump
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FFFC 1/18

We haven't had one of these in awhile so I'm hoping we've got some juicy stuff.
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Re: FFFC 1/18

  • @sejica I have a 3 year old that I can’t even get to stay in her big girl bed during sleeping hours! Tell me your secrets! 
  • @maggiemadeit Right?! @sejica was there a deal with the devil involved here? I'd settle for 7:30 on weekends.
    ME: 31  DH: 31 DD: June '16 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • Since we're doing "bad mom" confessions, the other day DD1 didn't want to walk down the stairs from daycare so I carried her, toes dragging down the stairs. Mostly I'm mad because I scuffed up her brand new boots and am reminded of the incident when I lost my patience whenever I put on or take off her boots. Or when she tells me they need bandaids.
    ME: 31  DH: 31 DD: June '16 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • @sejica for real! Share your ways! We have a time convincing DS to stay in bed at bat time...
    @meggyme I definitely have lose it moments with DS, more so lately because pregnancy seems to be killing my patience and he’s hit an extra defiant/tantrumy phase. Hopefully all our good mommy moments outweigh the bad ones 🤷‍♀️
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  • My FFFC... I was having some issues with a coworker on a project and she was being completely unresponsive to an outside speaker we were working with. So I went to our boss and asked her to address it. Felt a little like a jerk for throwing her under the bus, but I was sick of getting ignored!
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  • Mom confession:  DD1 turned three today.  Last night MH was all mopey and sad because it's "so hard to see her grow up" and he wants her to stay little forever, and I found myself thinking that I'm not sure I'm going to miss the current phase she's in.  Is that terrible?  I think I'm just sick over the thought of having to wipe the poop off of 3 kids butts instead of two.

    Also, we had to pull our old house off the market and hire contractors to drywall over some wood paneling because no buyers were willing to look past it.  And I'm irritated with MH because I wanted to tear down that f'ing paneling the entire time we lived in the house and he refused, and now somebody else is going to get to enjoy it looking all updated!  
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    Mine is that I’ve been taking total advantage that my almost 5 year old is so independent. Some days I cannot get off the couch after work! I’ve probably let her watch way too much TV and eat too many chicken nuggets recently.  Now if I could consistently get her to stay in her bed all night that would be great! 

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    @dtspmama your confession hit me in the "I totally get that" spot. I see your DH's point of view but I also can really relate with where you are at. All I can think every day is to soak up all the snuggles and positives every day! (which is why we aren't doing anything about the fact that DD2 at 3 years old still joins us in our bed about every other night). I guess that's my confession. Not sorry. They grow up fast! 

    That really sucks about your old house. Ugh. I've had to see two of our old houses go in better condition than we got it and right before a sale. Grrrrr......
  • @Lbloom I need to remember that!  The time just flies by and I hate to think that I'm not enjoying every phase as it comes!
  • @govanalyst86 Not going to lie, I definitely used to be the type of person who thought buying off someone's registry or Christmas list or getting gift cards meant I lacked creativity and/or didn't know the person well enough to think of something on my own. One bridal shower and several adult Christmases later (baby showers to come but I'm sure they'll solidify my feelings), I now believe registry gifts, money and gift cards are actually the most thoughtful of gifts.
  • @mayoduck haha how could you?! Jk I know these people love us I'm just not going to hoard stuff we don't need.
  • @govanalyst86 I’m right there with you! I don’t keep stuff I don’t want or need. I take mine to a local conignment store so I at least make some money off of it. Sometimes I feel totally ungrateful doing it, but I can’t stand clutter!!
  • @govanalyst86 I have definitely learned the error of my ways, lol and now I can't stand 'stuff' either. I have a personal pet peeve of mugs as gifts. I purged our collection of like 30+ mugs to 10, which is still too many (imo) but we only kept ones we actually like. Just at the end of last year, we were gifted 5 more mugs, of which two of them were a "Dad" and "Mom" mug set. If someone else gets us a set of mugs at the baby shower, part of me is may snap.
  • @flyingmombula I think I might upgrade DD1’s sound machine to the hatch for when they eventually start sharing a room. And my nesting has also manifested itself as de-cluttering and DH just doesn’t understand.
    ME: 31  DH: 31 DD: June '16 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • @meggyme pretty sure MH lives in fear of me and my purges. He’s been bringing me lots of yummy food offerings lately :D I just bought a second Hatch for DS’s room in hopes that he will one day sleep in there (thinking he might want to when the new baby wakes him up, Dad will prob go with him). I really like it!!

  • I did not intend on dropping my fffc and then being gone all day, but the trade-off for the lazy mornings is that I don't get much of a break for the next 12 hrs.

    I swear I don't have any magic or secrets, I'm pretty sure that's just dd's personality. I know it's going to come back to bite me when I have to fight to get her up for school/anything. Maybe we'll just homeschool lol. I'll let you all know if the next kid works out the same, then we can talk about nature vs nurture.

    For any gluttons for punishment, I do think it made a difference that we never did a crib for her, but rather a big girl bed from the start that I often bed shared with her in the beginning. She has always had unfettered access in her totally baby-safe room, but for some reason, chooses to stay in her bed until I come in. I have no idea if it's because she knows she can play anytime, or if there's something else I did, or if that's just how she is. Before you set on this path though, it also means nearly no naps and she is always eating, thanks to the long sleep and short eating windows.
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  • @sejica for us the issue is not about getting out of the bed, but starting to cry/yell for us as soon as he wakes up. In fact, DS never tried to climb out of the bed, and also stayed in his toddler bed (and now twin-size bed) until we came into the room. We actually have to convince him it's ok to get up and go potty at night by himself without calling us and waking us up... I also keep reading about kids who come into their parents' room in the middle of the night to bed-share - it never happened to us! When he was a baby I tried a couple of times to bring him into my bed in the morning to get more sleep, but he wasn't having it. 
  • Here’s mine ... our old baby monitor (before we got the one with 2 cameras to prepare for LO) had the option of turning off the screen and the sound. The new one the screen turns on if DS moves or makes noise ... if he starts crying or excessively talking it automatically turns the volume up. So my solution is to turn it off completely. I usually feel guilty in the morning after I do it but he’s always been fine. 

    PS it’s 3:40 am I’ve been up for an hour and I just sneezed and peed in bed simultaneously ... so there’s that. 
  • @sejica I am so jealous. My 20 month old also goes to bed at 715/7:30 and sleeps until 5:30 if I’m lucky. 
  • @chocolatelemons hang in there, there is hope at the end of the tunnel :smile: Once DS was 2.5 we introduced the Ok To Wake clock and it works to keep him in bed until shortly before 7am. It made a big difference, he was also in the camp of those who wake up at 5:30 happy and full of energy.
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