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Is this bleeding normal after miscarriage?

I had a missed miscarriage that started last week. I was at 9w2d when it started. I went in at 8w1d, but the embryo was measuring at 6w1d, no heartbeat. My midwife said if it was going to happen, the miscarriage would be a heavy period. It was absolutely nothing like that!

It started with brown spotting, which progressed to dark brown with tiny clots the next day. On Thursday, there were cramps and no bleeding until the “main event” (as I call it), which included passing huge clots, cold sweats, and tingling/numbness in extremities. There were just a lot of cramps the rest of that day.  

The ultrasound the next day showed an empty uterus with some clots in the pipeline that were waiting to come out. I passed large clots, but had no bleeding between them, for about 5 days after the initial miscarriage event. On day 3, I called my midwife’s office and they said if I’m not cramping, it should be ok, and to watch out for more clots. They were surprised because they could see all the blood waiting to come out on the ultrasound and even pulled some out (ouch!). I keep wondering if the ultrasound was wrong. 

Now, a week after the main event, literally anytime I do anything other than go to the fridge or the bathroom (like any cleaning, laundry, etc), I get a stinging sensation in my lower left abdomen, followed by fresh bright red blood and some dark red blood, no clots. Most of my trips to the bathroom are clear, except when I have those tingling feelings. Almost like a cut being opened again.

Has as anyone else experienced this? I feel fine emotionally (right now, that could change any second). And house cleaning is generally how I work out my stress, so it’s frustrating to not be able to do anything! Overall it was not at all like what the midwife said to expect.

Re: Is this bleeding normal after miscarriage?

  • I am so sorry you find yourself here. Although I did not experience the same hell that you did, I do know that losses are very different for everyone. For some, it truly is just like a period. For others, they wind up in emergency, losing more blood than one could ever think possible, and then there's everything in between. All of that being said, it sounds as if your body definitely hasn't gotten rid of everything and so you should continue to follow up . Hopefully somebody else can add to this post. Take care of yourself 
  • I will see my Ob tonight , but I was wondering if my situation was normal ( similar to yours). I had an empty egg sac at 6 weeks , no heartbeat,  and a cyst on my right ovary .  Dr had me take misoprotrol . Had horrible pain and bleeding the day I took it ,that was 2 weeks ago.   I ve had some light bleeding since but last night it picked up and I assumed a normal period was starting up. when I got up this morning I passed a large cyst,it scared the s**t out of me.  Of course I will alert my OB to this but I'm assuming there's still blood, tissue, and cysts  that wasn't removed by the misoprotrol. 
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