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What have you done about snowpants while pregnant? We play in the snow a lot, and I obviously can’t zip or button my ski pants haha. I can’t find maternity snow/ski pants. 

Re: Snowpants

  • I've thought about this too, until I got sick we were planning a Japan trip this month. I also couldn't find maternity ski pants but considered waterproof pants with thermals underneath or buying normal ski pants (mens cause they typically have more leg room) and wearing them under bump with a long jumper/jacket/thermals..

    Unfortunately though in my extensive google searching I've only found these and they're not currently in stock :(
  • I haven’t needed to wear mine recently, but if I did I would just use a maternity waistband extender (like the kind that clips/buttons to each side, not a belly band) and/or suspenders.  Your coat covers it up so it doesn’t have to look great, just had to be functional 
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  • I bought a pair of cheap Costco snow pants at the beginning of winter two sizes up. They are still big at the moment, but slowly becoming snugger. I use them every weekend when I’m instructing skiing or taking DS out sledding. I do have to roll up the legs a bit (I’m short and going from a small to a large is a big difference in length) but they work for the time being and should carry me through the rest of the winter.

    Check out a second-hand sporting good store if you have one, or a Goodwill. That way you won’t spend more than $20-30 on something you’ll only wear for this season. I’ll be selling mine at the beginning of next year given that I, hopefully, will have lost the baby weight by then. FX
  • I wear my honey's snow pants....his are big enough...for now 
  • I don't need snowpants, but I'd probably get the bib kind in a bigger size. That way you could probably re-sell them easily. And the bib acts like suspenders to hold them up.
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  • Just don't zip them up and have a longer coat over the open part. Works like a charm!
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    *lurker from March*

    Ugh. As an Alaskan outdoorsy person, I hate that there are literally no options for us! I did so much googling while pregnant last time and this time, and I can't find a single thing!

    Honestly, you're probably going to have to size up and deal with your entire lower half looking like the Michelin tire man. A formerly overweight relative gave me her old pair of snow pants that are now too big for her. They look crazy, but at least they work! These are pants, not bibs, but they did have some buttons on the waist band, so I bought a pair of button suspenders to wear with them to help keep them up.  

    Just unzipping does not work for me. I suppose it depends on how active you're being or if you're mostly just standing around. You have to unzip it so low, and coats typically aren't more than six inches longer than the base of the zipper. Too easy to get snow inside. 
  • @lovesclimbing Ugh, I know, right?  The worst! I'm in Montana and while we don't have Alaskan winters, ours are nothing to joke about either.  I wish companies would put a little effort here.  I mean, doesn't Patagonia or North Face see even a slight place to develop solid brand loyalty by making a maternity pant? 
  • I’m pretty sure pregnant women don’t live in places where it snows @MaggieG183 (or so the snow clothing brands would have us believe!) 

    I’m pretty tempted to write to a few brands to ask why they don’t cater to pregnant women. Companies are all about diversity these days so maybe one of them will jump at the opportunity to break into the market? 
  • I guess they probably see it the same way my friend who does cold water surfing sees maternity wet suits. They just don't exist. The market share is so small, and the item would be so expensive and only temporarily used that it's not worth it to develop. If maternity snow pants were available, I'd be looking second hand. Maternity coats are already so expensive (I don't even own any! It's hard to justify the expense. All my coats are already fairly roomy to accommodate layering, so I should be able to make my biggest one work throughout this pregnancy.) Maternity snow pants would probably be $175+, especially if it's a name brand. 
  • Could you take a pair to an alterations place and have them do inset stretchy pieces? Like these:

  • @lovesclimbing how dare you give me a completely understandable answer 😂 I like being unreasonable and feel free that all companies should cater 100% to my needs only... joking. 🤣 

    I totally get it, but it’s still frustrating. I, honestly, would invest in good maternity snowpants, but I ski 50-70 days a year and would definitely get good use out of them. Plus, I know I would be able to resell them in my community as there are many active pregnant ladies where I live. ...I’d also likely be able to get a decent deal on them as I work as a high level ski instructor which would make buying a pair even more of an option.

    Regardless, at the moment sizing up two sizes works for both my free skiing/sledding with the kiddo time and for real on-snow work like I had today. I also use a stretchy belt to keep them up so they don’t puddle around my knees. 
  • I think the market is much more than we'd think @lovesclimbing. Similar to @MaggieG183, before I moved to Perth I used to spend 50+ days on mountain every year and I purchased at least one new pair of pants every 2 years at a minimum (sometimes I would buy 2-3 pairs every year, depending on the kind of riding I was doing and where I was). A jacket is a much easier thing to buy over-sized than pants are. 

    I work in the mining industry and one of the largest clothing brands has recently released a maternity line after a few people from my work petitioned them to do so. The portion of women in mining in Australia that become pregnant and order maternity clothing would be much less than those that ski. 

    It's more than likely you're right, but it can't hurt asking the question anyway! 
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    +1 to the moms in this thread! This was my issue last year.
    Lmao @"Michelin man"

    We're making maternity snow pants @

    Sorry to self-promote but this was one of the forums I went to when I was looking.

    Was freezing my butt off in leggings last year (and tried my husband's snow pants for snow shoeing but that was not... the best.. Actually, it sort of sucked. lol).

    Took us nearly 1 year to do (and went deep into my savings xD) but just posting in case someone is interested!
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