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Product Spotlight Strollers

Give us your input mamas! What did you love? What did you hate? What did you list after or would have bought if money was no object? 

Re: Product Spotlight Strollers

  • I agree with @indulgentgypsy on most umbrella strollers being too small and they also seem really rickety if you're on a bumpy sidewalk or road. I also agree that jogging strollers are awesome, we have only rented one and it seemed super comfy and was a smoothe ride. 

    I have too many strollers.  

    I have the First Years Ignite umbrella and it is heavy, low handles and a bump ride.. the only good thing is the cup holder and being affordable. It's in storage now.

    That being said, I also bought a used Graco umbrella on vacation once, similar to this one:

    It's an ok weight, sturdily constructed, smooth ride and DS still fits at 4.5yo. We've used it in airports too and it did well. 

    Finally, I have a JJ Cole 360 (discontinued) which was awesome, comfy, smooth ride, great height, etc, but kind of bulky. It's like a knock-off of the Uppababy Vista. The seat can be used as a regular seat or a bassinet and you can put infant car seats onto the frame too. If you can find one used, I'd recommend it. 
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  • @indulgentgypsy i'm 5'1 lol i'm afraid most strollers will be too big for me and uncomfortable. I've really been eyeing Uppababy as I'm a FTM and planning on having another baby closer to age than later. It's super expensive but I'm currently hunting for one second hand.
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  • My thoughts!
    -I'd only spend the big bucks if you live in a city and do a LOT of walking - that said I love the look of the Uppababy Vista and if money were no object at all....
    -We used the Britax B-Agile/B-Safe combo and it was a great mid price point, and did well for most things. I'm going to clean it up and use it again.  We really probably only used that stroller for about a year.
    -My favorite/most used stroller is the MacLaren umbrella by FAR. It's not the cheap end of umbrella strollers, but we just used it in Disneyland with the 4yr old - I think it's per ride value is the best by far. When the stroller days were mostly done it still lived on in the trunk for the zoo, or other longer trips. It think the umbrella is where it might be wise to invest a bit - or hunt down a good deal on a great brand. I think we got ours at a great discount at Albee baby if I recall correctly.
  • I loved the Bugaboo Bee. We live in a big city so needed a stroller that wasn’t too wide for sidewalks, light enough to carry up and down steps and in and out of buses. DD grew out of it around age 2 and was in the 50% percentile so potentially not as good of a buy for taller kids.

    I also have the Zoe stroller that was initially bought for travel. It’s much cheaper than the yo yo and the Pocket didn’t exist when I was shopping for a travel stroller. The price/size is good but I find it’s a bit hard to handle. It could be that I compare it with the Bugaboo which really isn’t fair. Would still recommend for a budget friendly non umbrella stroller travel option and we still use it occasionallh now (DD is 3). Will likely get a pocket this time because I’ve envied people on airplanes with them!! Although DH may freak out if I buy more strollers...

    We nanny shared so also have a Graco double stroller (only back kid can lie flat). It was chosen purely based on what would fit in the elevators in the different buildings. For buses etc. It had to be a front and back stroller vs side to side. Also, didn’t want one where one baby was close to the ground because City streets are gross and that’s car exhaust level. In any case, I think it handles horribly and never would have managed it long term! The nanny said she was ok with it though so never upgraded.
  • One more thing to add: for city mom’s my big advise is to save on furniture, high chairs etc (honestly I wish I had gone full IKEA) and spend on the stroller. Also if you can test drive them at a store you will see the difference in how the premium brands handle which makes a world of a difference up and down curbs!
  • We only use an umbrella stroller because they are small and relatively easy to maneuver. I hate strollers though and wouldn't use one if I wasn't so outnumbered, definitely prefer the carrier.

  • We got the baby trend jogger. Absolutely LOVE it! DH is 6’7”, so it’s definitely tall enough for him to use too. I’m 5’8” so it works perfectly for me. We have the infant car seat as well, and it fits right in there. So whenever we went out, it was a quick set up of the jogger, and click DD into the stroller and voila, in our way! When she got bigger and out of the infant car seat, it was super easy to adjust as well. The back can lay flat so if she needs a nap, she can take one. There’s a sun shade on there too. But I really do like the joggers.
  • key33key33
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    We got a Graco sit and stand double stroller when our second came. Our oldest was 22/months when he was born. It was the beat choice. The Newborn seat snapped to it and our oldest could get in and out as she pleased. When we put grew the newborn car seat our youngest sat in front and our holders just hopped in and out of the back section whenever she wanted. It was so nice not having to stop and let one in and out.

    Asides from that we just used our travel system stroller for the first year or two frequently. We also used umbrella strollers here and there to save room in the car when needed. We have a SUV but a double stroller takes up so much space. 
  • I know they are pricey, but we got a single BOB with my first son and absolutely love it. 4.5 years later and it is still in wonderful shape. Will definitely be using it for #3. 

    When nunber 2 came alone we got a baby trend sit and stand. The double BOB are super expensive, and didn’t think we would use it all that much. I really wish we would’ve gotten the double BOB though. I’m on the lookout for a secondhand one this time. 

    Ive also heard really great things about the city mini strollers so we will check those out as well. While my oldest mostly walks, there are still times he just wants to ride. When DH is with us I won’t mind letting the older two walk around, but when it’s just me im going to want the two littles restrained in a stroller. 
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  • I got the Britax Be Agile travel system for my first and LOVE IT! It's super lightweight, easy to collapse, and has ample storage space. Downside was that I had to buy a stroller organizer for the handle so that I could have a cup holder. Other than that, I love it. 
  • Anyone have the uppababy vista? We just got one and I'm a little disappointed. My 2.5 year old looks HUGE sitting in the seat and the shade barely goes down without hitting his head. He is not that tall. I haven't actually used it yet, but I'm not crazy about that.
  • Ahh, I just found put that the seats are two different sizes. He fits much better in the toddler seat than the rumble seat.
  • @shawnacrest I was going to say, I'm a FTM, but my friend who nannies swears by that stroller. She had three baby-to-small child boys for a long time and could pack them all on there and roll...
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  • I went to buy buy baby to play with strollers and hubby really liked the city select mini GT stroller. Anyone have experience with this one?
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  • @babyginjuly yes! I have it for my DD and love, love, love it! We are tall so the adjustable handle and room for tall kiddos was a must. At 2.5 and in the 95th% DD still fits great. 

    The two drawbacks: if you travel it's a POA to gate check. We check it through to destination and just baby wear her for trips. And no second seat. The 4 wheel city mini can get a second seat attachment but I wanted the three wheel GT.

    Other than that I agree that we hated umbrella strollers and never used them. Strollers fly free if you travel with baby so we bought the expensive travel bag and no problems with damage. I have a strong preference for a 3 wheeled stroller with bigger wheels, more forgiving for walking, bumps, going up curbs, etc.

    STM+ mommas: double stroller favs??

    @key33 does the Graco one have an adjustable handle? 

  • STM mom here- first time around we got a Graco click and connect jogger stoller/carseat travel system. It was okay but I wish I woulda done more research as I had major stroller envy over those with Uppababy's/Bobs/Baby Jogger City Select! Anyways we ended up getting a used Bob when DS was 6 mos old and I LOVE IT. It is amazing in our snowy winters and works great on all terrain.

    Now with this pregnancy I've sold the Graco Jogger, keeping the Bob as our "lake stroller/out door rough and tough" stroller and upgraded babes main stroller to the City Select Lux- with two seats and option of toddler bench/glider! I absolutely love it. We got an adaptor for the Graco car seat when baby comes. I got the Lux model mainly for the toddler bench option... my toddler doesn't sit still in the stroller for long anymore.

  • I LOVE, LOVE our City Mini GT and our City Mini GT Double! We originally went with a different double, because the GT wouldn't accommodate our car seat. I didn't love it and begged my husband for the stroller I actually wanted, and we found it for a GREAT price on FB marketplace. For this baby, I really plan to baby-wear if we're out. I think I can mostly do without the seat in the stroller, and I can always lay the seat back and use a snoozler! 
  • @nerdtoyourmother @canuckmomma @MagsK24 i'm so happy there's a lot of you that have liked it. I was literally convinced on the Uppa baby but it's so bulky and felt so heavy to me carrying it when folded plus the PRICE.. OMG!
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  • We had the single bob which I really liked because it lies almost all the way flat (and my non-napping baby would almost always pass out in there!) and we took it on trail walks around our house all the time. Also portable enough for flying and fit the chicco infant seat we had with an adapter. That said, it is pretty big, even folded and I think probably too long for urban areas.

    I also generally hate umbrella strollers but had a lady at buy buy baby recommend the summer infant one and we love it. It's tall enough for both my husband and I, the umbrella is big enough that it actually shades, and it also lies back for sleeping kiddos. I think target recently had it on sale, too. Switched over to this one almost exclusively by like 1 year.
  • @babyginjuly The uppababy is a sleek looking ride but I agree, the price (plus cost of all the attachments!) and I've heard kids outgrow it faster than other doubles with rumble seats.
  • Would love help on suggestions for a two-kid strollers, with ability to click in a Graco bucket seat. Preferably not two WIDE, but one in front of the other. My kid will almost be 3 by the time Dibbun comes along in July, and that apparently is too big for some of the models we were looking at (Joovy Caboose).

    Also not wanting to spend way too much money for one (we spent around $300 on our first combo set). We currently have a Graco Aire4, and we love it, but M isn't old enough to be walking full time while we have the baby in a stroller. 
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  • msimimsimi
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    Anyone have experience with the Uppababy Cruz? FTM here and we got a hand-me-down Mesa car seat so I'm interested in the Cruz for the compatibility (and the look). Reviews online are SUPER mixed.
  • @msimi I'm also interested.. this is another one I'm looking at besides the Vista (only looking at vista is because I'm hoping to try for a 2nd baby not too much longer after this one and it turns into a double)
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  • @msimi I love the uppababy cruz which is why I got a vista. It fits well in my trunk in a 2017 jetta as long as I don't have a lot of other stuff in there. The ride is very smooth. I also have a maclaren bmw stroller which folds up much smaller, but I prefer the uppababy.
  • With our first we got the Chicco travel system that came with the carseat/stroller. It was fine and I didn't have any complaints at the time, but in hindsight it was best for a place such as the mall or other smooth surfaces. When we had our second we got the City Select Lux and I love it!!! It is a bit of a beast but it's so sturdy and will last forever. I will say, once switching to two regular seats vs. the infant carseat with one regular seat it was a bit of a learning curve to figure out the best seat placement. I just bought the bassinet attachment for it on an open box amazon deal and plan to also get the glider board attachment so I can have all 3 kids on it if needed.
    One big suggestion... if you think you'll have kids close in age go ahead and skip the single stroller and get something such as the City Select or Uppababy Vista  that can be both a single and double!
  • @ccmama3 I tried to talk MH into getting a double b/c I’m hoping to have two close together. But after some research and reality check we decided to go for city mini so we can travel with it. We went through so much to get this little one and have zero idea what will happen in the future. Life changes so quickly. 
  • @blackhottamales that makes sense! We have a little umbrella stroller we can travel with if needed. The city select would be hard to travel with... even with only one seat! That bad boy is beastly!
  • We have the Baby trend Jogger as well. I HATED the infant seat but LOVE the stroller...although we didn't really start using it until DD was around a year old because she hated strollers at first so I just baby wore.

    I also have the Guzzy + Gus umbrella stroller and LOVE it. I'm 5'11" and don't have to bend at all to use it. The handles are high, the shade goes right down over the seat and is wonderful, it has tons of pockets and storage, adjustable leg support, and lies almost completely flat. It can also accommodate most infant seats. Plus it's super light and has a shoulder strap so I could fold it up and throw it over my shoulder if we were stopping for a bite to eat or wanted to walk through a store etc. We also got the stroller board attachment for it and DD loved it.

    I recently got the Thule running chariot (a splurge) but I adore it. I bought it for running so DD could come with me on my daily runs, but it also came with smaller stroller wheels so I just switch out the wheels and take it for walks with DD at night too since she loves riding in it so much. 
  • I tried a new brand of stroller at Newbabywish for my baby. Its price is relatively cheap. I liked it very much after receiving the stroller. The quality is very good. When the baby grows up, I will buy one lightweight stroller. 
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