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Chiropractic Care while pregnant

Hey mommas!

I was wondering if any of you saw a chiropractor during a previous pregnancy or are seeing a chiropractor during this pregnancy...and wanted to get your thoughts on the benefits you saw/see. 

My OB is fine with me seeing a chiropractor but before I go and spend the money I wanted to see if other mommas had good outcomes from seeing a chiropractor while pregnant. There’s a ton of evidence to support that it reduces labor pains, duration of labor, and makes giving birth a little easier (if that’s a thing)

I’d love to hear your opinions, the good and the bad.


Re: Chiropractic Care while pregnant

  • I see one! This is my first pregnancy, but I see a chiropractor when I’m not pregnant too and have for years to maintain my health. If you do start going to one, start sooner rather than later as they can do more to help prevent things the sooner you start to go. I honestly love my chiropractor and he’s been great about me being pregnant too. Right now my treatment will stay the same unless there are changes in my body that necessitate a change. 
  • I see a chiropractor and have for years. I have awful sciatica with this pregnancy and the chiro really helps. We move a lot so I always make sure it’s one that’s familiar with pregnancy and what’s safe. 
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  • I've seen a chiropractor since I was 14 due to some spinal issues. I've personally not found chiropractic care to be overly beneficial to my pregnancy so far, but I have had some really good results with a physio doing dry needling and massage.
  • Asked my OB about chiropractors and She said to ONLY go to the chiro she refers because so many chiros don't understand how different pregnant bodies can be and she's seen some serious harm (temporary paralysis) done. She said you don't want a full adjustment and just localized pressure in the areas of discomfort is safest.
  • Lurking from May. I'm a stm and have seen a Chiro for years, including during this and my first pregnancy. It has helped with pregnancy pains and I really do think that it contributed to the relatively simple birth with my first (6hrs of active labor, 3hrs from the time my water broke until baby was born and only pushed through one or two contractions). When not preggo, chiro helps keep my migraines in check, I get sick way less, and when I do get sick I get better faster. It's also helped DD1 withe sleep, ear infections, etc. If you are new to Chiro, I would see if you can find one that is Webster certified, which is a special technique for pregnancy. If none in your area, find one with kids of their own - good chance they practiced on themselves/their spouse when pregnant and have also practiced on their own kids. 
  • Lurking from July ... I agree with those above who have seen and had positive experiences with Chiro during pregnancy. I went throughout my first pregnancy and now again with my second. The Chrio I see specializes in pregnancy and babies. She has helped my son from 2 months on in so many ways (feeding, flat spots on head, colds, constipation). I am for regular Chiro care!
  • *lurking from April*

    I saw a chiro the last couple of months during my first pregnancy. I didn't notice less pain but my DD did turn (she was transverse). Would she have done that had I not had any chiro care? I don't know. I also did spinning babies exercises.

    But what I really came here to say is if you do see a chiropractor, really do your homework. I found out about 2 years later that the chiropractor who opened the clinic (not the doctor I saw), was actually facing charges because three women lost their babies as a result of the chiropractor practicing outside of her scope of practice. This was supposed to be a practice exclusively specializing in mom/babies/kids. I know this could happen with ANY medical provider (in the sense of practicing outside of their scope) but I say this just as a precaution.
    *end tw*
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