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Weekend Workout Warriors 1.12

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What are you doing this weekend to stay fit (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)? Any fitness goals for this pregnancy? 

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  • I weight lift. I used to do bikini/body building shows a few years ago, and still like to lift fairly heavy. But I can’t get to the gym after work at all right now - the exhaustion is way too real. My lifting has been limited to Fri-Sun as I work remote on Friday and have the energy to go. However I woke up this morning sore and achy - and I’m not sure if it is muscle fatigue from the past two days or if I’m getting sick 😰 if I’m feeling better once I fully wake up I might go and do something very light. My new goal is just to maintain with lower weight/higher reps - not trying to “build”. 

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  • Trying to just do a little cardio. I made it to the gym Friday but not Saturday. I promise to do my best to get there today 😥 This weekend I have just been so run down. 
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  • Love this thread idea. I just started going to a personal trainer on New Years Day (I'm #basic) because my RE was still not pleased with my activity levels. I did tell my trainer yesterday, and she was totally fine with me still going to her. Just to let her know if my RE gives me any restrictions. So yesterday we did a full workout, and today I'm going for a hike.

    @chichiphin that is awesome you lift. I'm worried about the exhaustion keeping me from going too. Hopefully working out will give me some energy to push through. 
  • I do crossfit and plan to continue for as long as possible. Looking for a resource of moves to avoid while pregnant but there isn't a lot of solid info out there. For now I think I'm just going to modify burpees by not throwing myself on the ground, just landing on my toes. Are you all telling your coaches/trainers right away? @kgg2241Sounds like you told your trainer right away which does seem like a good idea!
  • @kgg2241 haha I am kind of going on a hike, too! except through a city... =P

    I did some home yoga Friday and some "shop yoga" Saturday. I have always tried to practice at least 4 times a week, and yesterday I hadn't done any, but DH & I stopped at his shop on our way downtown so he could fix a headlight and--so i was just... walking back and forth as to not sit in the car for however long it was gonna take, but when I realized it was going to take forever and he didn't need my help, I went into one of the empty rooms & did some yoga there. I was glad I'd watched 2 prenatal vids so I knew which poses were safe/good. p.s. The lights never got fixed -_- haha. We're gonna have to take it to the dealership. But I digress.

    I'm driving to NOLA & back today to my friend's house (she's also from the Philly-area originally) to watch the Eagles (hopefully--we were good playoff underdawgs last season, so hoping for that crazy luck to factor in today) beat the Saints, but going early so I can flâneuse around the city. I so miss living in a city.

    These are the types of mild exercises I've done since I started paying attention to the fact my metabolism wasn't always going to be great. I'm not quite "warrior" status, but I'm keeping busy. Much respect to yall who do, like, cross-fit and weightlifting, wow! Anyway, my goals are to keep doing what I've always done to stay fit, but to do more if I am told I need to. 
  • My goal is to workout 4-5x/week right now. I will probably add yoga back into my routine now since I am pregnant as the flexibility and core strength really helps towards the end of pregnancy! I will do 3 cardio workouts a week and 2 bootcamp type classes. Cardio is either running 3-5 miles or on the workout bike at home. Since I'm home with my sick monkey through Wednesday this week and it's 20 degrees out it will be the stupid workout bike for the near future :) 
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  • @chichiphin I used to lift heavy too before I had Bells but have had a hard time getting back into it. I did the 5x5 Stronglifts program. Maybe after these babies are born I will get back to it. My workout partner now is up to deadlifting like 600 lbs and so I need to find a new one haha.
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • So glad to see so many fit mamas here, you’re going to keep me motivated! I did some walking on Friday, did a mix of mild cardio & weights at the gym yesterday, & will be swimming/walking the beach today. 

    This may may sound nutty but I’m determined to “get fit” during this pregnancy. Nothing crazy, just promising myself I will move my body/get my heart rate up at least 5 days a week. I had scary low blood pressure last pregnancy, which made me beyond exhausted, so I didn’t move at all—it was all bad. After being an athlete my whole life I really fell off the wagon the last few years & carried extra baby weight for too long, can’t live like that anymore. 
  • Get a  proper rest between workouts. 2 workouts in 2 days and now I'm sleeping on my feet  :'(
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