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AMA (advanced maternal age)...not really

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I am 4 weeks today and the baby will be due September 21st. This would be my second child and I am 40!

Re: AMA (advanced maternal age)...not really

  • Hi @janesansible welcome! If you haven't already introduced yourself please do. Also, we don't do one-off posts on this board, so perhaps you can change this to a topic that will include more people - such as "AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) Thread"?

    married 11.1.14

    ttc #1 since 5.18

    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone

    d&e due to trisomy 13/hydrops at 15wks

    bfp 7.21.19 letrozole + IUI 

    little girl A born 3.26.20

  • Hi @janesansible & welcome! I am also, AMA, this will be my second child, and I will be 37 when I'm due! Looking forward to getting to know you & commiserating over our "ancient" status in the maternity world!
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
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  • hey @janesansible - nice to meet you! I am due the 23rd with my 2nd and will be 38 next month - but I was AMA with my daughter so not worried and glad to have extra coverage for tests, etc. I'm more worried about doing this with a toddler at home haha!
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • Hellooooo!

    I am 37. Will be 38 when baby is due. I was 27 with DS so wondering how different this will be!

    also interested to see how much testing is pushed.  i see midwives so maybe it won’t be as much? I’d like to do the serum testing and a nuchal scan and go from there. 
  • I'm AMA as well! I'll be 37 when the baby is due. Also worried about doing all the pregnancy stuff with a toddler at home!  :# 
  • Hi! I'm AMA this time around - will be 36 when this baby is due. I can echo being nervous about going through pregnancy with a toddler - he doesn't slow down for the fatigue and nausea, I can only imagine the difficulty hoisting him in and out of his carseat when I'm in the 3rd trimester! Curious what differences there will be in prenatal care.
  • @leksiL thanks for the reassurance. I just have to learn how to deal with the comments. My DH is much better at it than me. 
  • Well heck, I just realized I’ll be “advanced maternal age” too. I’ll be 35. I know SO many people that have had children in their late 30’s, so I guess it’s just normal to me! I’m aware of 1 of the tests done for a “geriatric pregnancy” but are there several!? 
  • @blitzybee At my intake appointment yesterday (phone call with a nurse) she said that the NIPT would be available, and that if nothing cropped up the only other difference coming to mind was I’d be scheduled to come in for non stress tests a couple times a week from week 37 on. I wonder how much it varies by provider.

  • @ternsetc good to know! Thank you😊
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    I'm an elderly 37 yo and FTM. I'm anxious for NIPT testing to know if my old eggs are broken or not. 
  • Hi! I’m 35yo and 8 weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter is currently 15 months old and it’s laughable how much more monitoring there is this time. Tbh, I actually love the weekly ultrasounds at this point haha but I’m barely 35yo! 
  • @cambam7 My 3.5 year old son is adamant it needs to be a boy... And I totally have a feeling it is a girl. I'm not sure which I would prefer to be honest.
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    I have a few questions about genetic screening. I want to NIPT ASAP. My OB office doesn't directly do any of the genetic testing. I get referred to a prenatal genetic counselor and have to meet with someone for a consult/intake appt to discuss genetic risk. They typically NIPT + NT ultrasound at 12 wks (during the second appt) but I was told I could ask specifically to move up the NIPT. 
    This kind of feels like a money making gig to have to do genetic counseling or am I being an angry pregnant lady? I'm a nurse and understand my risks. I'm thinking I will defer carrier screening as there's nothing in my family history after many babies. Do most people do this? 
  • @dahliasanddogs Sorry, we arent doing any of the tests so no answer for you. Hopefully you get what you need.
  • @janat1717 thanks for the response! maybe i need to wait until this becomes a relevant topic to more people. i decided to be a good patient and schedule my genetic counseling appointment, listen to what the experts have to say, and ask for NIPT testing ASAP. I'm a little over 9 wks at this point. 
  • @dahliasanddogs I had my first OB appt yesterday and was told they do the NIPT after 10 weeks and someone will call me to set it up and to set up the NT u/s. I'm under the impression that with my provider the genetic counseling is set up only if there's a high risk result to one of the screenings, to discuss the risks of the diagnostic tests. I was sent a (quite long) video to watch about what the screening tests are and reasons women do/don't take them. But I have no idea what is usual! And since I haven't had the call to set it up yet, I don't actually even know what I've just typed is accurate as far as what will happen! Good luck!
  • @ternsetc Thanks! Looks like I'm going next week for a visit and NIPT then a couple weeks later for the NT US. They offered to let me do it in two visits (to allow for earlier NIPT) or one visit. I wish my office took your approach. 
  • @dahliasanddogs My health system doesn't do the NT ultrasound, but I will have the NIPT blood test at my first regular prenatal appointment (10.5 weeks). I already had an education appointment with a nurse and dating ultrasound, but I haven't seen a provider yet. No genetic counseling needed, at least not before the results are received.
  • Hello All.  I'll be 35 and a STM with this baby.  My 1st born will be 4 when this one is born.  TRIGGER WARNING I had a lot of issues with a pregnancy last Fall, before miscarrying at 17 weeks even after my NIPT  had good results.  It was only due to the ultrasounds that we found out something was wrong and they did more testing.  I definitely plan to do the NIPT ASAP this time around, and will be seeing a Perinatal Genetics Ultrasound Specialist throughout this pregnancy.  My OB wants me to be at ease this time around.
  • Hi ladies, I may have you all beat. I'm 42. Yikes, that sounds old.
    **TW we've tried before but have lost 3 previous pregnancies and time keeps ticking.*** End TW
    I'm healthier now than I was when I was in my twenties and early thirties, so here's hoping I've got loads of energy left in me 
  • @dahliasanddogs has your Dr. Recommended any of the other chromosomal tests like harmony or panorama? I was told with the NIPT and these other tests if there are positive results for any abnormalities then they do refer you to a genetic counsellor at that point. However, im in Canada so things may be different?

    I'm getting the panorama done tomorrow at 9w 3days and it's bloody expensive but I'm such a worrier that I feel it's worth it to do what we can. 
  • @naveed7 My office seems to do things differently. I was referred to a Perinatal Genetic Counselor BEFORE any testing. I'm 37 so don't feel like I'm anything super special and don't have any significant history. My OB's office says they don't do NIPT or the NT U/S, it's all done through this Perinatal office. My midwife told me they'll also discuss carrier screening, for me and/or my partner, but it's all optional.  I'm a little pissed because it's another appointment and another bill. I think the office's NIPT of choice is MaterniT21. On a side note, I learned my insurance only covers specific tests/labs. Out of pocket, I was quoted $595 for the NIPT. 

    @40momma Wishing you a very healthy, energetic pregnancy that extends through your motherhood! and 42 is not old. 
  • I’m 9 weeks now, my third pregnancy. My big kids are 12 and 14 yrs old. I was so much healthier/younger in my 20’s! I’m 39 this time around- I know I can do this, cause I’ve done it before! Feeling confident, but also curious as to how different things will be this time. I suspect that I’ll be offered a lot more tests and screenings. 
    Looking forward to my first appointment with midwife- it’s in TWO DAYS!
    I’ll let you know how it goes. 
  • Hi everyone.  I'm 39 and this is my first pregnancy.  EDD is 9/22.  I have an upcoming appt on 2/27 and plan to ask for NIPT.  
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    At how many weeks are you all being recommended to do the NIPT? 
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