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Pregnancy Brain 😂😫


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  • @firecracker_mama it was the worst ever. I swallowed it before my body realized what had happened. I want to puke just thinking about it. 
  • So I've had a lot of misspeaks recently, i.e. I tried to call Arnold Schwarzenegger Alfred, I asked my dogs if they wanted to go to breakfast (I meant daycare, I'd JUST fed them). Little stuff we all do, but in higher concentration than I had before pregnancy.

    I also just had to fill out the renewal form for my vanity plate and I read it like 6x to make sure I didn't transpose any info to the wrong spot (I can't renew vanity plates online. I live in the dumbest state for vanities, if you have a vanity plate you have to keep your regular one up to date on registration AND in your trunk and present it if asked). I also filled out the check very slowly, since I signed the box where you put the amount the other day.

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  • My sister texted me that she loved me. I almost said "love you too" to my realtor because that was the message that was open. Thankfully I snapped to it before I actually sent the message!
  • @cindler I've done that while not pregnant. My aunt randomly got a text from me one time that said, "John just swallowed the microphone!" I meant to text it to my friend whose name also started with K.
    And yes, that friend would have known what I was talking about :p 
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  • Anyone else still struggling to concentrate at work? My brain just won't turn on for the things I need to focus on for long stretches. My motivation is also zero. I get distracted every 5 seconds and can't complete a task. 
  • +10000 @julybaybay!  It's been bad for several weeks now!
  • Couldn't remember my debit card pin/ATM password today...still can't. I use it almost daily. 
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