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Anyone get regular ultrasounds?

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I moved to Portland from NY. My first visit with My OB in Portland was at 23 weeks. My next appointment is tomorrow for my glucose test I'm 27 weeks now. I was told at my anatomy scan at 19 weeks (in NY) I had complete placenta previa. I havent had an ultrasound since 19 weeks and I was a little concerned when this office said they dont do ultrasounds past the anatomy scan. The OB that I talked to said they will most likely wait until I'm 34 weeks and then give me a scan to see if the placenta has moved. Maybe it's an Oregon thing but I feel like my other OB would have done another scan by now just to ease my mind at least... I feel like a ticking timebomb with this. Everytime I go to the bathroom I'm expecting to see blood. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what's normal. Anyone in the PNW area get scanned regularly at their appointments? 

Re: Anyone get regular ultrasounds?

  • Didn't get any scans beyond the anatomy scan, but also didn't have any placenta concerns. If you're concerned, I'd certainly call another office for a second opinion and their perspective on how they would move forward.
  • edit to add: looks like you already got some good advice on the April board!

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