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TMI Question - regarding..

Hello ladies!

Okay so I'm here to talk to you about bowel movements. I know, TMI, but I feel that here on the forums it's "safe" since we're not face to face  ;) 

I'm 26 weeks so I'm leaving the 2nd trimester shortly BUT.. For the past few weeks I have been struggling with constipation. I had taken colace which finally "broke the dam" sort to speak and eventually I started having BMs at least every other day. I've stopped the colace so my body doesn't get used to on my doing BMs when taking the medicine.. And for the last few days I've just had this pressure above my coccyx. Like I seriously have to do #2.

So I'm thinking "Oh man I'm back in it again." And one morning I drank a warm glass of prune juice and I instantly went within the hour.. And I felt better but the feeling was still there. Today I had a glass again and went TWICE, and I definitely had to have emptied myself out by just.. There was a lot. (Sorry).

But I STILL have that pressure! And its so frustrating because it feels like I have to go. I know I'm not in labor and like I said, I definitely had to of emptied myself out by now. I feel it walking or standing around.

Mom thinks it may be hemorrhoids - but I don't have any burning or bleeding.. Unlss its internal? The only time the feeling goes away is when I'm sitting down in a chair OR in the morning after being asleep all night. 

Does anyone else have this problem?? I'm going into the doctors in a few days anyway.. but I'm trying to get an idea from any other mothers if they've experienced this before i talk to my dr.

Thanks so much all!

Re: TMI Question - regarding..

  • I have a similar feeling and I have several hemorrhoids. Fiber gummies seem to do the trick for me. 
  • I've had hemorrhoids with all 3 pregnacies and rarely have burning/bleeding. Just pressure . So annoying.  And I'm sorry to say they don't ever really go away🙄 They aren't quite as annoying after birth, but wiping is always a challenge and if I squat too long they bother me. As far as constipation, prune juice works. So does milk of magnesia (if you can get past the minty chalky taste).
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