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Gestational Diabetes - January

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd start us a new thread since we're already in a new month! This is the first time I've started a thread so I apologize if I did something wrong :)

Anyways, hows everyone doing? Whatcha eating? How are appointments going?

Re: Gestational Diabetes - January

  • Had an amazing appt today! The Dr said I was doing great so I now can test only 4x a day instead of 7x!!! Also, he is confident I can be diet controlled (for now) so no insulin :) 
  • @glitterbug6 YAY!!! That is such great news!! How many weeks are you?
  • @kenishi week 34/35! What about you?
  • @glitterbug6 35 today! Yay! We are in the home stretch!! Only a few more weeks of monitoring!
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