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  • Has anyone else been feeling movement from time to time that is really rapid, like LO is in there bunny kicking or punching your uterus like a speed bag? I keep getting these random movements that are too quick to be hiccups and it's like I have a little Rocky Balboa in there!

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  • @sheknows6 yeah, I swear my little guy does like kickboxing because it feels like he’s kicking and throwing punches. During my last ultrasound he was in full boxing form throwing punches at the tech. My dad is thrilled at the idea that his grandson has boxing instincts lol. 
  • @sheknows6 I could have sworn the other day baby was having a seizure.  The movements were way too fast for a bit too long.  But is that a thing, or a concern?  Can you go to the L&D department and say your baby was convulsing?  It freaked me out but I haven't felt anything like it since.
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  • mermaidca said:
    @sheknows6 I could have sworn the other day baby was having a seizure.  The movements were way too fast for a bit too long.  But is that a thing, or a concern?  Can you go to the L&D department and say your baby was convulsing?  It freaked me out but I haven't felt anything like it since.
    When I took a Sudafed it made baby move like crazy!!! But he hasn’t done it again either. 
  • When I had the level 2 ultrasound done, tiny human was literally bunching up his feet and pushing off. So they are still able to move a lot in there. I get punched frequently as well!
  • @mermaidca I had that with DD. Like @MRDCle said, it’s the uterus spasming. You can always talk to your ob for reassurance but in my experience it’s normal!
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  • I've had that spasming, too!
  • I am glad to hear you guys say this. The movements felt so weird that I was getting worried. They didn't feel like punches or kicks more like spasms. Glad to hear others are having it too! 
  • That's really interesting, I've never heard that about the uterus spasming.  I definitely think I felt baby having hiccups this morning, but I haven't had any super rapid kicks for any length of time.  He'll occasionally go nuts and kick me for a solid ten minutes, but not quite as spastic as his older brother yet :tongue:.
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  • @sheknows6 yes to the rapid movement!! just like @mermaidca, I was sorta nervous my baby was having seizures inside of me. I actually googled, "is too much fetal movement bad?"

    another thing I googled last night: images of "27 weeks pregnant" and I saw a million photos of women pregnant w/ twins who are as big as me. 

    I plan on eating a whole cake this weekend while I cry about it. :'(

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    @sheknows6 @mermaidca that happens to me about once a week! And I have no other way to describe it than it feeling like a seizure or spasms. It’s always followed by a period of little to no movement, which doesn’t help! Glad to see from the rest of the posts here that there’s a good likely explanation for it. 
    @batmama31- I googled the same thing the other day and found a HORRIBLE “article” about too much fetal movement and I banned Dr. Google from my life again after that. 

    Trying to to jump back into TB after a really fun trip. Aside from one argument, DH and I totally had a blast. Yesterday we were out and about for over 12 hours, and I managed to stay awake and happy the entire time. I guess that second trimester energy decided to kick in last minute! 
  • I saw pictures of me in my first pregnancy compared to this and I looked like I did at like 30 weeks! Sighhhhh
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  • Ugh I had a friend of my mom show up at my work to say hi (her bank is in the same building) and she had some friend with her that totally called me huge. Gee thanks. 

    @kosmo86 To me I look at least a month farther ahead then what I looked like last time. (When I was 20 weeks this pregnancy  I looked like I did at 24 weeks with DD, etc.)
    this is my backup acct.
    prevously helloblueeyes

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  • @thatbaintforbetty, people seriously need to think before they speak....

    I organized a cabinet to make space for baby bottles, and made a big batch of my "veggie nuggets," that are a quick and easy protein meal for me (plus less expensive than veggie alternative meats).  I also have a lasagna in the freezer for DH/DS, and a veggie meatloaf for me.  I think I'm officially nesting at 27 weeks, haha.
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  • @kangstadt omg I’m nesting so bad. It’s ridiculous. I’ve reorganized my bookshelves, done my kids closet, got out and gone through all the old baby clothes... now you’ve given me a new thing to consider... where the hell are we going to store the bottles and feeding supplies. Weekend project (when I’m not working)! 

    Like the rest of y’all, I’ve definitely felt some of that rapid movement recently. Like crazy kicking and punching at the same time. 

    I just had a mini meltdown because my kid wants my attention 24/7 and I’m exhausted because I woke up at 5:30am again to work before everyone else was up. Plus we had a faculty meeting today and it just reminded me how far behind I am and how not ready I am. Wahhhhh. Now I’m in bed watching parks and rec and having a half glass of wine. Although, my kid is freaking out in the living room about how he wants me. But my husband is awesome and dealing with it. Tomorrow I’m sleeping to a normal hour then just planting my ass at a coffee shop and working all day.  
  • I need to stop watching and reading the news. I’m angry today. TW 
    A very high profile “kidnapping” case in my city turned out to be a set up to cover a child abuse case in which an 8 month old “”””accidentally””””” fell off of a bed and was buried in a field. Family of the dad who killed the child staged the kidnapping. So not only did the parents fail this baby, but so did the grandparents and cousins. Why is it that this complete gutter trash was fortunate enough to have 10+ kids and deserving, loving people sometimes can’t have any? Why are people this horrible? 

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    @professormama, enjoy your wine and let DH handle the kiddo!  That's what I just had to do... my son is a terror sometimes to get him to eat dinner.  I had to walk away before I snapped.

    @lilpotatomama, my best advice is to try not to listen to news/papers/Facebook clickbait.  Besides the fact that we're extra hormonal already, we're going through mental changes as we adjust to the idea of motherhood - I remember reading an article during my first pregnancy about *TW* a child's death in a car accident *end TW* and I sobbed about it for hours.  Everything about kids or babies hit a little closer to home when I became a mom.  I'm still paranoid whenever I'm driving my little guy somewhere.  Even when not pregnant, I can't handle the news - it's just not beneficial to my mental health.  Turn on some light hearted sitcom and try not to dwell on it too long.

    Also, some people are just horrible and shouldn't be parents.  :cry:
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    @lilpotatomama I second the advice to try to avoid news like that. I often ask myself the question - what good is reading this? As in - am I becoming a more informed citizen? Will this inspire me to donate to a cause or take a positive action? Or does this make me feel helpless, angry, and heartbroken? If the answer is the first two, then read on. If the answer is the third, then avoid it. A lot of local news (though not all), and especially crime news, falls in to the third category and should probably be avoided when possible. 
    Crime news like that also makes us over estimate the likelihood of bad things happening in our own lives / communities and makes us less trusting of others. Truly, no good comes of making yourself heartsick with stories like that. 
  • I basically avoid the news lately since there isn’t much positivity.  DH usually gives me the highlights and leaves out the bad stuff.

    Also the only people who have felt the need to touch my belly is an aunt and a close family friend.  It seems weird to me since they can’t feel anything on the outside yet.  On the other hand I’m getting kicked left and right, lol.  For my other 2 kids I was always told hiccups when it felt like spasms.
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  • @kangstadt @professormama thanks, y’all. I’m probably going to have to really cut down on who/what I follow on Facebook. This particular piece of news was honestly unavoidable, just because of the mob mentality people get against those kinds of criminals. Other than that, no more local news for me. 
  • Speaking of not happy news. Food safety inspections are halted during the shut down, so be cautious about foods that carry higher risk of contamination. Fresh Lettuce, spinach, certain cheeses, etc. 
  • But CDC finally declared romaine lettuce safe 
  • @kbirchtree, that's adorable! I need to find a new sewing machine, the one I have constantly loses the thread or gets tangled in the bobbin (it's a rather cheesy hand me down).  Any suggestions?  I love my mom's old Singer, but I don't think I'll convince her to let me have it, haha.
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  • Getting ready for the semester and KonMarieing our house (more) today. Plus my husband went to grab a pretty new (to us) crib from a friend today! So excited to be really getting our house ready ❤️
    I hope y’all are all having a happy Sunday and feel ready for the week ahead! 
  • 11 weeks to go and I’ve already gained 30 lbs... 😬...
    Im 38 and have basically weighed the same since high school prior to my 2nd trimester so this is a lot to take in! 
    The good news is that my appetite has been levelling off lately so hopefully the gain train slows down a bit in the 3rd tri!
    Anyone else have a similar story?
  • DH moved around our living room today, which has been on our to-do list for quite awhile. It took me a bit to come around to the set up because none of the ways that I envisioned ended up working, but he found a compromise that gives us more space and leaves us some room for new additions (like a glider). In addition to picking up some things for LO yesterday, we’ve also ordered a cube shelf/storage for our living room to put some of LO’s toys and mostly his books. It feels so nice to finally be getting some baby prep done! 
  • @suchagoodone, I think all of the body changes that happen during pregnancy are hard to take in regardless of what the number on the scale is.  It's definitely hard to adjust as my body changes!

    Also, you gave me anxiety when I read "11 weeks to go..." :lol: :worried:  I only have 12 weeks (give or take...) to go!  Yikes!
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  • @kangstadt Ok I still have 11 weeks and 3 days but yeah... it’s definitely creeping up!
    Thanks for the validation. I had a weeping meltdown on my husband yesterday because CHANGES!
  • @suchagoodone and @kangstadt I had the same reaction.  "Is she in the wrong BMB? 11 weeks?!"  Yup.  That's terrifying!!!
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  • I’ve got 13.5 weeks until my due date. But my son was 3 weeks early. I keep reminding my husband that it could be as few as 10.5 weeks until this one arrives, depending on how things go! We set up the crib and rearranged my son’s room last night. It’s feeling pretty real these days. 
  • I have the "OMG its coming soon feeling too" I still have 14.5 weeks left but I am doing a RCS and last time I was induced at 38 weeks due to IUGR and this baby is measuring small too sooo possibly only 12.5 weeks?
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  • @MRDCle I had that oh shit moment this weekend too. I washed a ton of baby stuff, went through DD and listed a ton of stuff on marketplace to sell (because I literally had a tub+ of clothes for each size, first child probs) and we bought flooring for the basement, which will hopefully be installed by the end of next week. I'm hoping to be able to full on nest by the first or second week of February. Yikes!
  • @mrstmoose floors! That's great! DH started framing out the rooms upstairs and did all the plumbing (minus actually installing the toilet/sink) so I feel like we're kinda moving along? Still tryna woo-sah over here ha.
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    Hi everyone!  Been offline for a bit as we recover from the holidays.  DD didn't sleep well all Xmas and is having an especially hard time going back to sleeping alone (we were on an air mattress in her room while DH's parents visited.)  She's also been really clingy and poorly-behaved.  Since she doesn't nap, it's basically been 7am-10:30pm every day with multiple wake-ups overnight.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for her morning program!

    On top of that, we're in the process of interviewing for a new, full-time teaching job that we would share.  That'd be basically living the dream, but unfortunately the dream would pay less, only be guaranteed for 2 years, and occur in a super remote location 4 hours from any decent medical care.  Add to that that I'd have to finish my dissertation (only 1/4 done now) by October with a newborn AND move by August... Wow, when I write it all out, I can't believe we're even thinking about it...?  But I guess that's how academia rolls. 

    On the up side, I can't believe how close we are getting!  I still have 15 weeks left, but I'm actually enjoying being at the back of the pack more than I thought I would in the beginning (was in Week 1 with DD), because it makes me feel artificially closer to the goal to see some of your low counts.  :D

    ETA:  Oop, didn't notice there was already a new Randoms for today.  But I feel that's how my brain is working these days... about a week behind.
  • @TheSouffleGirl I like remote locations. My favorite/my home for two years had really solid EMT services, an on call ER-boarded doctor (who did home visits) and 2 RNs (one ER/hospice, one L&D, though they weren’t recruited for their specialties), and an ambulance boat, plus regular drills for lifestar helicopter support. And the churches coordinated Angel Flights, which were free flights and rides by volunteers to in-network care (otherwise an overnight trip by car and ferry). I guess my point is, there might be better medical care than you realize, once you start digging beyond the directions to a major hospital. 
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    @lyse01:  Thanks, that gives me some concrete questions to ask.  I could see from Googling around that there are a few doctors in town, and I know from talking to someone on the hiring committee that everyone at the college has helicopter insurance, but I wasn't sure where to go from there!  Those Angel Flights sound really neat; hope they have something like that.

    DH grew up in a really remote area, too (about 200 people), so he's all about how okay it can be.  DD's godparents still live there, and her godmother had to get life-flighted to the nearest metropolis with her two pregnancies.  Everything turned out okay and we don't know anyone who's had any kind of major tragedy, but I'm still a little creeped out that her godfather with an epi pen and a couple of hardcore CPR+ classes is still what passes for an EMT out there. :D  
  • @TheSouffleGirl ask about telemedicine too - there are some offshore communities in Maine that have really mastered that. (They also have a boat set up as a medical office that makes rounds between them.)
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