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Advice on giving birth

Hello there, I'm 30.5 weeks pregnant with my first baby. After 6.5 years of trying and a long road through infertility treatments and IVF and all that entails we consider this a miracle baby.
I was hoping to get feedback on a natural birth vs. medicated since this very well might be my only chance at giving birth in my life (we're hopeful but we are also realistic). On one hand I think it would be nice to have an epidural and in some ways 'enjoy' the experience. But on the other hand I like the idea of trying to do it naturally, you know strong pioneer lady style.
What do you think? 
I know that after the fact I don't have much say in some of the details because complications can happen and baby will come when and how he wants but I was hoping for some practical advice from some of you that have been where I am or just have some insight to share.
Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Re: Advice on giving birth

  • I went into my first delivery with the understanding that I would try to go unmedicated for as long as I could, but was not opposed to getting an epidural if I decided I needed one. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself physically and mentally for an unmedicated birth and if it doesn't work out then it's not for you. I feel like more people have bad experiences because they get hung up on it being a certain way and when it doesn't happen like that, they are disappointed. Doing your best to prepare and then going with the flow will hopefully give you the best birth experience, regardless of whether you did it pioneer style or not. However they were created or came out, you made a human and will be a mother at the end of that day.
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  • Similar to PP.  I went in with an open mind - I aimed for unmedicated and went almost 30 hours without the epidural and no progression (I was a 4 at my Friday appointment).  I was exhausted and the pain was building and relentless so I asked to be checked and I was STILL a 4 (Monday mid afternoon) so I opted for the epidural.  I went from a 4 - 10 in 2 hours and pushed for almost 2.5.  

    I tore front to back and was millimeters to having to go to the OR to be stitched.  

    I talked to my nurse about why I progressed so quickly after the episode and she said it probably was because my body could not relax enough between contractions and the epi allowed that.  She said that because I waited so long and got a good established contractions was probably the reason the contractions did not stall delivery ..... it was good timing.  She said some women want it right away and get upset if labor takes too long or because they need meds to regulate the contractions.

    I was not disappointed about anything.  I went in with an open mind and no expectations set in stone and I think that is why people get so upset over their delivery, because they are not realistic of possible outcomes and they have this vision of the perfect labor and delivery.  
  • I chose to go med-free with each of my 3 children’s births. Each birth was different. My first was 31 hours with 3 hours of pushing and though I did not end up getting an epidural, I almost chose to. That experience gave me a great understanding for why women chose epidurals and I would never look down on someone who planned a med-free child birth and then ended up choosing differently in the moment. Had I not been dilated to a “9 1/2” the last time they checked me, I very likely would have gotten some meds or an epidural.

    That said, there are many reasons I chose to go med-free and many health and safety benefits to yourself and the baby for going as long as you can without pain meds. One of the reasons I went med-free is one that many women don’t understand; I want to fully experience the labor and childbirth experience with each of my children. As difficult as it is, I feel like for me, numbing the pain away would make me feel less actively involved in birthing my children; it would lessen or numb the experience for me. But that is just my personal feelings on my own childbirth experiences.
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