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Appointments Week of 01/07

What is on the schedule for everyone this week? Any questions? Let us know how your appointments go! 
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Re: Appointments Week of 01/07

  • I have my 12 week OB appointment on Thursday. I have Kaiser and they have a program that they want you to join for your appointments where it puts you in a group of other expecting moms due around the same time and it’s a 1.5hr appointment (always with the same group). This will be my first one and I’m not sure how I feel about it. You get to discuss concerns and learn things but I have aniexty about being in groups and having to talk (online is much easier for me) and since this is my first child I don’t know how comfortable being open in front of strangers I will be with my questions. I can always opt out and see my OB on my own. I will give it a try and see how it goes. 
  • @jennm0724 Good luck! I've heard great things about the birthing "circles", I hope it goes well for you. I think they are particularly helpful for FTMs because you get to hear the experiences of other women but also hear questions/answers that you may not have thought of. But also you get to connect with other moms in your area that are due around the same time.
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  • I have an appt on Wednesday. Will be 14wks. My OB this go around seems to be ultrasound happy (not upset at all about this lol) so I might get another peek at Turd #5. 

  • We have a check up on Thursday morning. Not sure if we'll get another u/s or not. Hoping she might at least try to find the heartbeat. This is a follow up to the ER trip/multiple ultrasounds we had 3 weeks ago following a bleeding incident. Knock on wood, been spot free for a week now. Longest I've gone without any spotting since week 5!
  • @jennm0724, as much as I don't like having to talk to people I don't know and am not sure about being put in a group with random people, I would kind of like to have something like that in my area. We're still fairly new to our state and, aside from neighbors we're friendly with, I know absolutely no one else here. So, it'd be great to have a group to meet other pregnant mommas, because I'm not sure how to go about doing that right now.

    I have my 14-week appointment tomorrow. Think it's just to discuss bloodwork that I had done a few weeks ago. No US that I'm aware of, though I'd be happily surprised if there was one.
  • acw452acw452 member
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    I had my dating US today. It was delayed a bit by the holidays. Confirmed that I’m right around 11 w and it was fun seeing baby! 
  • @runner_doll I can see how being new to an area something like this would be helpful. I’m trying to have an open mind so we’ll see how it goes. 
  • I had my 2nd prenatal appt today which wouldn't have been all that big a deal but baby was hiding from the doppler so I had to go get another ultrasound done. The midwife heard it for a couple seconds so I wasn't anxious, but it was still nice to get to see baby again :) just hoping my insurance covers it because the practice I go to uses the hospital for ultrasounds and they are quite expensive 😬
  • I have my NT scan in a few hours. I am sick with nerves. I am 37, so no spring chicken. I just keep running over all the statistics in my head, praying things end up ok. 

    @jennm0724, I originally was going to go to a practice that required participation in this type of group. I ended up switching because I wasn't into it. They assigned "homework" for each meeting, and these were in addition to your regular OB appts, so like an extra appt every month or something. I can see where it might be helpful for a first time mom. But I am on my third kid, with two little ones to take care of, I found the time commitment sort of a deal breaker.  Not to mention the whole group sharing aspect. Good luck! I'm interested in how you like it. 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Hoping to complete our family 7/19  <3
  • hakelehakele member
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    @jennm0724 are you in Cali? I have Kaiser, too, but I’m in CO. I haven’t heard of this. Sounds interesting... 
    i have my NT scan on Thursday with an OB. They said it is one of the few times I’ll meet with an actual OB during this whole process. Which is fine because I LOVE by OB nurses! I’m excited to see baby again! 
    I also have to do GD testing this week. I’m not looking forward to it as I can’t stand nasty things right now, and I’ve heard the horror stories, so prayers I can keep the goo down. And prayers that I pass... I don’t think I’m going to pass..... 
    Any questions I should ask this week? 
  • nopegoatnopegoat member
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    @hakele I had to the GD test early too. Failed the 1hr, had to take the 3hr, and thankfully passed the 3hr.

    Its really not as bad as you've probably heard. I would highly suggest chugging it instead of taking the full 5mins. The faster you drink it the less you taste. Depending on the flavor it's like a really sweet watered down Gatorade with the texture of a completely melted popsicle (the ones in the clear plastic that you push up).

    The 1hr is more a screening so if you fail it, it doesn't necessarily mean you have GD. They send you do to the 3hr one which is much more accurate. 

    You've got this!! 

  • @jennm0724 oh I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm signed up for Centering also, but also skeptical. Somehow I'm in a group that doesn't begin until mid February 🤷‍♀️
    I did a similar program with my first and as a FTM I LOVED it. Like suddenly I was in a group who wanted to talk about being pregnant as much as I did! They also always gave us like the mini one on one midwife check in for any questions that felt too personal or whatever.
    I've not done it with Kaiser though, and I'm honestly not certain about the time commitment and picking up DD on time etc. I've had a couple individual appointments already, and my midwife was pretty up front that a lot of the experience is luck of the group. Like some of them really connect and become post birth support and have playdates years later. I'm planning to give it a shot, but won't feel bad about going back to one on one care if I'm not feeling the other women in the group.
    @hakele good luck with the test! They made me test early also.  It's not super fun but not the worst either - especially in the scope of birthing babies. ;)

  • GL @ameliabedelia-2! Let us know how it goes! I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. 
  • GL @ameliabedelia-2!

    @hakele My GD is tomorrow...i'm with you so nervous that i won't pass. i know it's for the best to know sooner than later if i do, but i'm already analyzing my food and don't want to have to add another layer of scrutiny.   Good Luck Thursday!
  • @hakele I am in Northern CA. They said they've been doing Centering groups for about 3 years now. Maybe it will come to Colorado? Good luck on your test! 

    @erynpdx I'm trying to have an open mind and I think you're right its all about luck. Could end up being a group of duds LOL! I do have a lot of friends who have kids already and feel like I can ask them things where I might be more comfortable rather than a group of strangers and their SO's. 
  • Just got back from my NT scan and all looked great. They are going to do the blood work this week, so hopefully I will have all the results back by Monday. It's a step in the right direction! 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Hoping to complete our family 7/19  <3
  • Had my 12 week appointment today. Everything went well and we got to sneak a quick peek at baby ❤️ I went into preterm labor with my DD so they are suggesting I start weekly progesterone shots at 16 weeks.
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  • Switched doctors so I now have an appt on Friday. Have to have another ultrasound, bloodwork, and all that jazz but I’m excited to see my little bean again! 
  • Had my second appointment today. We listened to the heartbeat with a doppler. 156 and very strong! :heart: 

    I had a thorough ultrasound at 9W after a bleeding scare and my doctor went over the full results. Over the phone they told me nothing was a concern, but the report my doctor showed me said I had a very small fibroid and one ovarian cyst. :/ She said she's not concerned about the fibroid at all because it's only 1.5cm and at the front of my uterus, but I still wish they would have told me earlier. 

    Blood test wasn't bad. I think these are getting easier for me. Now to catch up on all the work I've been missing... 
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  • Had my first OB appointment this morning. Same OB as last time; I am excited to have her again because she is awesome.  Apparently the office has had some technological developments in 3 years because instead of just listening to the heartbeat I actually got to see the baby on a monitor! Baby was waving its arms and touching its face. It totally made my day. 

    In other news, my due date got bumped from July 21 to July 24 which I suspected might happen based on my own hunch about when I conceived. 
  • @hestia14 I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. I know it’s just another thing to add to the list of things to worry about. I don’t have experience with fibroids, but I had an ovarian cyst discovered when j was pregnant with my first. Thankfully it never caused any issues, but it was large enough that i had it removed 9 months after my son was born. I hope yours don’t cause you any issues the rest of the way! 
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  • key33key33 member
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    I have a routine midwife appointment on Friday. I'll be 15 weeks and should be having follow up blood work done. 
  • I'm sh*tting bricks over my appointment tomorrow. I got a smart watch for Christmas and have been tracking my sleep with it. Can't wait to see how much sleep I DON'T get tonight, ha! 
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    Appt went well today. I had to take my two littles and that was Um. fun lol! She tried to pick up the heartbeat with the doppler but of course Turd#5 wouldn't cooperate so she brought the ultrasound in. Heartbeat was 152.My 4yr old was obsessed.  She also took a quick peek between the legs while announcing its still too early to tell the sex (which I knew it would be) I swear I saw a penis.. Such a tease. They will call in the next few weeks to schedule my anatomy scan. Next appt is Feb 6!

  • I had my 14 week appointment this morning and got to hear the heartbeat. I’ve lost some weight since my last appointment from being so sick. I don’t get back for 5 weeks which is stressful!
  • I had my NT Scan this week (13w4d) but the baby measured between 14w5d and 15w! The tech said she was sure I was in my 15th week. When we consulted with the Doc he didn’t seem concerned- more likely my dates were off. Based on my cycle it seems unlikely though- I thought the original edd was spot on. Any thoughts? Anyone else measuring ahead of schedule? 
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    @ironcat2300 was this your first ultrasound? 

    Normally earlier ultrasounds are more accurate as far as dating goes. As they get bigger they go through growth spurts which can cause dates to seem a little bit off.

    If this was your first ultrasound it's likely you could have ovulated earlier than you thought causing you to be further along or once again just caught in a growth spurt. 

  • @ironcat2300 hmm...i agree with @nopegoat and I was told the best time for dating was 7-8 weeks. I wouldn't let them change your EDD yet so you can keep that baby in their an extra week if needed. 
  • Gotcha. I’ve had two US before this one and both of them matched up with the original, earlier date. They were at 8 and 10 weeks. Thanks for the info 😁 @blackhottamales @nopegoat
  • I had my 15-week appointment yesterday. She’s measuring right on schedule and I got to hear the fetal heartbeat (at first all I heard was mine and I was like, whoa that’s I was kind of hoping to get to see an ultrasound (what does a fetus the size of an avocado look like, anyway?), but hearing the heartbeat was pretty great!
  • I had my 2nd ultrasound at 12w2d and baby had a good heartbeat (155). (First US was a dating one at 7w4d) This week we got to see tiny legs and arms and baby looking like a little body. So neat!!
    Did blood work right after so I'll get my results from the pre-natal screening tests next week at my next dr. appointment.🤞
  • key33key33 member
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    I had a good appointment today. We didn't  hear a heartbeat at first after 5 minutes of poking around they grabbed a second and picked it up within seconds. Talk about a tiny heart attack.

    Everything is looking good with #3. In excited for the anatamoy scan in a month!
  • Got new pictures yesterday! They weren't great because my baby is facing up right now, so no really cute baby profiles or anything like that... boo!! 
    Also had a first Gestational Diabetes 1-hour test. And... I failed. I absolutely expected to fail. I know that I'm sensitive to big dumps of sugar... which is why I don't do that. 
    Also, for anyone else, if you have to do the glucose screening, the liquid was hyped up as being really nasty. But it really wasn't bad. It was just like flat orange soda. So if you like orange soda, you will be fine. 
  • I had my regular monthly appointment today. No ultrasound but got to hear baby heartbeat! 😍 strong at 156. But I was officially diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum since I haven’t been able to stop throwing up. I have the Diclegis meds that I’ll start taking tonight. Hopefully that helps! I’m also really struggling to eat any type of meat right now 🤢 so I’m definitely not getting enough protein. My dr told me to drink a protein shake everyday. Anybody else having this problem? Any suggestions on how to up my protein? I can’t stand peanut buttter so that’s out. But overall, the appointment was good! We scheduled our anatomy scan for February 4th! Can’t wait to find out what our little peanut is 💓💙
  • @sarahtram2018 I'm on high-protein push too. I've attached the protein guide worksheet that they gave me, it shows the protein amount in all sorts of foods, so you can choose your own adventure. 

    For smoothies, you can always do flavors you like and then add an unflavored protein powder like hemp. I do Califa almond milk, almond probiotic, almond butter, banana, hemp powder, psyllium husk and some ice. 

    I hope the meds help you feel better soon! 

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  • @mamanbebe thank you! I appreciate the guide and the suggestion for the smoothie! I’ll try anything at this point. I’m hoping my aversion goes away soon. Eating meat would make things so much easier! Lol 
  • @sarahtram2018 You're welcome! And +1 to wanting those aversions to go away! 
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  • @sarahtram2018 I love Sunwarrior protein powder. I just mix it with almond milk. It is a yummy vegan protein. It is the best protein powder I’ve ever tried. I m starting my day with that and noticing a big difference in the nausea! 
    Good luck, my doc hasn’t gone so far as hyperemisis because I’m keeping things down, but I just can’t bring myself to eat because of the nausea and aversions. 
  • @hakele thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look into it! I hope you start feeling better too!!!
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