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3 Week Old and Leaky Diaper Drama

Hi there,
I’m a FTM and am desperately trying to trouble shoot my cloth diapering situation. I have applecheeks size 1 cloth diapers and AMP one size for my very healthy 3.5 week old boy. He was 9 lbs and 22.5 inches long at birth, and is now over 11 lbs. He’s long so he doesn’t have the chubbiest legs but he’s definitely not tiny.

I cannot make it past an hour without these diapers leaking and I have tried just about everything I can think of. My diapers are gently used 2nd hand and have been stripped, elastic is in good shape, PUL is intact also. I’ve checked for repelling and they seem fine now that they have been stripped. I feel good about the fit, especially since the size 1’s are built for young babies. Ive sent my friends that cloth diaper videos of the fit and they say it looks good.... So far for inserts I’ve tried peachybaby bamboo inserts which leak the worst, tried adding an extra double layer bamboo washcloth insert with these and it still leaks, did 2 layers of the peachy baby inserts, but it was so thick I could barely put his 3 month onesies on. I had better luck with the Thirsties 6 layer hemp insert but that leaks often also, tried the hemp insert with a 2 layer bamboo washcloth booster, and tried a bamboo trifold. All leak, urine mostly, not really ever stool. I’ve tried inserts in the pocket and out of the pocket, no difference. I just bought the Thirsties cotton boosters to try with my peachybaby bamboo and am doing the wash prep now. I also just ordered a new Charlie banana diaper with inserts to try and a bum genius... this seems nuts to me though! I feel like I’m spending a fortune in trial and error, and on doing so much laundry since he’s wetting through so many outfits each day and in prepping all these different inserts. He seems like a super heavy wetter, which seems crazy for a newborn. I just took off a diaper that leaked in less than 90 minutes of wear with a 6 layer hemp and 2 layer bamboo insert. The inserts were both totally soaked. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong or should I just give up until he’s older? I’m hoping I have better luck with Charlie banana or Bum Genius. I just didn’t think it would be so difficult/complicated. I feel like I’m spending hours everyday online reading and trying to troubleshoot/try different things. Any thoughts or advice? I’d really like to make this work for my family but its getting ridiculous.. 

Re: 3 Week Old and Leaky Diaper Drama

  • Well, it's a fact that cloth diapers just don't absorb as much as disposables. Once they've peed a couple times, you probably are going to start having leaks. In theory, my daughter could wear just a disposable for eight hours or more with no leaks. But cloth just don't work that way. They're never going to have the absorbency of disposables. 

    This sounds pretty normal to me, especially if he's a heavy wetter. Maybe try waiting after changing for a few minutes so he can pee? It's pretty common for them to pee when the cold air hits their bottoms. So just take off the diaper and wait a few minutes, and that might get you a little longer. 
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