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The GD Thread

I know we have a thread for the glucose test, but I thought a thread for those of us diagnosed with GD might be helpful.

What are you struggling with? What’s going well? Any tips or tricks that have worked well for you? 


Re: The GD Thread

  • I think that gif a lot, haha!

    Still on vacay, so no meter yet. I’m pretty sure the same hormones that are messing with my natural insulin have been messing with my emotions.

    Had a really bad day on Wednesday after not eating much for breakfast, going to a family friend’s house where I couldn’t eat any of the sugary snacks they had, had my planned massage cut short because apparently there’s a CA law where you can’t do 1.5hr prenatal massages (first world problems) and then DH took me to a place for a late lunch with a bunch of fried stuff. The emotional breakdown that ensued was not pretty.

    I’ve been doing better since, but I’m looking forward to getting home, getting some better guidance from my doc’s office and hopefully getting my meter so I can see how my body actually reacts to stuff instead of just assuming I can’t eat sugar or carbs without growing a gigantor baby. Today after a week of not seeing her my mom told me I already looked bigger than last week and all I could think was “great, I must be fucking this up.” I tried to let it slide but it bothered me more than just the normal talking about my body shape does.
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  • I took my GD class on Wednesday where I learned how to use my monitor and learned more about how to eat. I was very cocky after that first day because my after meal numbers where all good. Then, on Thursday I only had one number (out of 4) in range. That was hard and definitely made my anxiety go up. Yesterday, all of numbers were good except for my fasting number. That one has consistently been above the normal range. It’s discouraging, for sure. I’m super afraid of having to go on insulin, so I’ve definitrly been worrying about that a lot. I see the GD dietician again on Tuesday, so hopefully she has suggestions for me. 
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  • @meggyme *lurking* hang in there!!! You got this!! You are a smart cookie certainly you will get it figured out, and I’m sure you aren’t messing up.

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    PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

    Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!


  • *lurking*
    @meggyme I’m sure you’re not messing anything up - we’re just at that point in pregnancy where we get bigger fast! DH looked at me the other day and announced lo must have had a growth spurt because I looked bigger... and honestly I probably would have melted down in that situation too, lack of food makes me cranky under non-pregnant circumstances!
    @purpleteacher82 really hope the dietitian helps you !
  • @3rdtime_charmed @lelkcot thanks. I feel like I’m always complaining lately, but it’s been putting a damper on my trip home with no way to tell how I’m really doing.
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  • I'll jump in here. I was diagnosed on Thursday, which happened to be the same day I was admitted to the hospital for low amniotic fluid. For now, they're only checking my fasting sugar because theyve been administering steroids for baby's lung development in case he has to come soon. The steroids alone make your  BG rise for up to a week so my fasting levels have been high, which stresses me out. I've been tracking carbs, they sent a dietitian to consult with me but she was pretty unhelpful. 

    Baby is actually measuring small and they are worried about potential growth restriction so it's a tough balancing act. Hes at about 24th percentile now but the low fluid could indicate placental dysfunction. 
  • @lemieuxk Ugh. I’m sorry you are having to go through all of that. That’s so scary. I’m definitely sending lots of good vibes your way. My little guy has a single umbilical artery which can sometimes lead to growth restriction. Between that and the GD there will be lots of monitoring happening to make sure he is growing at the correct rate. 
  • cflo83cflo83
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    Hey ladies!

    I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. I failed my 1 hr straight up and wasn't even offered the 3 hr, which, tbh, I wasn't sad about... Bc it was right before the holidays, I couldn't meet with the GD specialist until almost 2 weeks after my diagnosis, but got my meter right away and started testing and researching till I was blue in the face.

    The first week was depressing and overwhelming, mostly bc my assumption about GD was that you really couldn't eat many carbs at all. Once I realized that's not how it works, I was able to start expanding my thinking. I had to go dairy and soy free for my daughter (now 2) for the first year of her life bc I was bfing, and she had an intolerance to both, so while I knew I could do the diet, just based on my ability to be strict with previous ones, the prospect seemed depressing since I'm already anticipating this baby to potentially have the same issues with dairy/soy.

    All that said, after the first week, and figuring out what my body can handle, as far as carbs and when, I felt a lot better about things. The only area I struggle with now is my fasting number which is largely hormonal based and sometimes no matter what you do, meds are needed to help. So, after trying everything I could think of for fasting, I saw the specialist and she assured me I was doing everything right, but night time insulin was going to help. I've been on insulin for a few nights and have only seen a minor improvement, so I suspect my dosage will be upped.

    My first pregnancy was super uncomplicated and fairly easy, so this one has kinda thrown me for a loop bc I was already under extra monitoring for low papp-a levels early on, and now this, plus a few other issues along the way. Oh and I'm 35, so I get the old fart extra care too, lol.

    My MFM Dr also told me they want the baby out sometime in the 39th week due to the increased risk of still birth with GD, so that's all scary too. I planned on going natural, with limited or no intervention, which I know could still happen, but I just have to adjust my mindset a bit so I'm prepared in case that can't happen.

    On the upside, I've lost 5 pounds since starting the diet, and I definitely had a bit of weight to lose pre pregnancy, so I'm not sad about that, ha!

    I did find a great support group on Facebook that has helped me learn and be reassured, so I encourage others to do the same if that interests you!
  • @cflo83 Thanks for sharing! I’m also in the “old fart” club at 36. Plus GD and SUA to boot. I’m only on day 5 of testing my blood sugar and following the diet. I seem to be able to keep all of numbers under control with dirty except that fasting number. We will see what my dr. says and if insulin is the next step. I will also second a FB support group. I have been just lurking the one I joined, but it had been helpful. 
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    @purpleteacher82 reading your post above, I was nervous about going on insulin too bc it just sorta feels like I'm failing my baby, but Dr and specialist have both assured me fasting levels can be near impossible to control bc of hormones (and pregnancy hormones are highest in the morning). It's also worth noting that insulin does not cross the placenta, and your body already makes it naturally, so it is the safest medication option in our situation. Just know if you have to go on it, it's not your fault and the stabbing yourself every night isn't that bad. Still a little creepy though, not gonna lie.
  • @cflo83 It’s mostly the stabbing myself every night that freaks me out. I’m not afraid of needles when it’s done by a medical professional, but I don’t really want to do it to myself. 😬
  • I went out to eat tonight at a local brewery. They have a small menu so I did the best I could and ordered a burger and side salad. I guess the pretzel roll that the burger came on was more carbs than I thought bc my blood sugar was 157 at the one hour mark. I’m a bit discouraged. ☹️ I know I will need to be more careful next time and only eat half the burger or order without the bun, but I think the reality of having GD just kind of hit me tonight. 
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    @purpleteacher82 Did you have ketchup on the burger? Ketchup can have a *surprisingly high* amount of sugar in it, so that could be part of the the problem. And sometimes even salad dressings can have added sugar. Really, really annoying, I know.

    (I've been meaning to speak up and say hey in this thread. I'm a Type 2 diabetic. The only good news about that is that I didn't have to take the GD test, lol! I was diet-controlled until pregnancy, but then recently had to go on insulin during pregnancy. I read earlier about how you're nervous about insulin, if you end up on it, I'm happy to answer any questions. Just tag me, because I don't make it to the boards as often as I'd like.) 

    ETA: That offer of sharing my experience/answering questions goes out to everyone. Type 2 is different from GD, for sure, but I've gotten pretty good at figuring out what makes my blood sugar spike.
  • @heytherefriend Thank you! I avoided the ketchup on my burger and had ranch on my salad which seems to be pretty low in sugar/carbs from the what I’ve looked at, but of course I didn’t know the nutrition content of theirs specifically. I will definitely be reaching out if I need to start insulin. I also appreciate your insight on controlling with diet. It’s a learning curve for sure! 
  • First trip to the grocery store since diagnosis. Any suggestions for snacks?
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  • Cottage cheese, string cheese, cheese cubes, nuts, protein bars that have around 15g carbs and high protein (I’ve been buying the Atkins Bars), yogurt with low carbs (I’ve been doing Dannon Light and Fit Greek), clementine oranges. Those have been my go-to snacks so far. 
  • I had a follow-up with the dietician today and she is recommending that I start insulin at night to help control my fasting glucose levels. 😭 I know it’s not my fault, but it’s kind of hard not to feel like a failure. Man, pregnancy hormones are messing with my emotions AND my insulin production now. Lol. 
  • @purpleteacher82 That sucks that they’re jumping right into insulin. How long have you been testing your sugar?

    Saw my midwife who had some reassuring things to say regarding how I can expect my delivery to change (or not change, depending on how controlled my sugars are). But since I’m still waiting on my dietician/MFM referral and meter I’m still just kind of plodding along in the dark with no real idea if I’m on the right path. As much as I don’t want to start poking my fingers, I really want to have some actual numbers to work with.
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  • @meggyme About a week. The problem with fasting levels is that there’s not really much I can do to change it. It’s doesn’t have to do with my diet, it’s just because my placenta is producing too many insulin blocking hormones while I sleep. I have an OB appt. on Monday so we will see what they say. 
  • @purpleteacher82 I'm sorry! I worry I'm headed in the same direction and it's really hard not to feel like it's something I'm doing wrong. I know you know this, but sometimes it helps to hear that this is just the way your body reacts to pregnancy hormones, not anything you are or aren't doing. If you do go on meds hopefully it will bring down some anxiety  

    AFM, today was really tough. The doctor on rounds today had me start testing post meal sugars even though I just finished steroids on 1/4. Not sure if they could still be having an effect. My fasting level was 97, so just out of range and my post meal numbers were in range but higher than I'd like. Being on bedrest makes it hard because I can't use exercise at all to help bring down my numbers. Plus, i have all day to just sit in bed and obsess 
  • @lemieuxk hopefully it’s just the steroids messing with you. How long have you been on bed rest for? Do you need any tv show rec’s?
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  • @meggyme Today is day 7. I have low fluid and a history of premature rupture or membranes so they are keeping me in the hospital for close monitoring. I'm hoping I might go home on bedrest at some point, but could potentially be here until delivery. Hospital food is a blessing and a curse with GD. On the one hand there aren't a ton of options but on the other nothing is really that good so I'm not tempted to cheat!
  • @lemieuxk that sucks. Just not being able to snack on what limited things we do get would be hard, but I guess lack of temptation makes it easier. I hope they let you go home soon, but at least you’re in the safest place right now.
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  • @meggyme my husband brought snacks for me since that's the hardest thing to get from the kitchen. Cheese, whole grain crackers, skinny pop, protein shakes, plain yogurt and berries, and some dark chocolate I hope to pair with pb some day when I'm feeling brave. I'm still trying to figure out what will cause me to spike. 

    Its kind of crazy theyve had you wait this long to get a meter and start tracking. It would be driving me nuts!
  • @lemieuxk trust me, it is. Going on 3 weeks since diagnosis.
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  • :lurking from April:
     I have GD for the second time and I’m on insulin 4x a day for the second time. Ive also dealt with 3 different insurance systems/and multiple doctors in regards to GD. 

    Please feel free to tag me if i can help in any way. I know it can be seriously frustrating and overwhelming. 

    Also hey March! 👋

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  • @thatbaintforbetty Hi! Thanks for chiming in. Were you put on insulin pretty quickly and have you found it helpful?
  • @lemieuxk With my first pregnancy I was diagnosed off of bloodwork in the first tri and started insulin by like 14 or 15 weeks. This time I was diagnosed at about 19 weeks and was on insulin by like 22 I think. 

    It does help with my numbers. They only way they are in range on the diet is if I eat almost zero carbs, which they don’t want.

    With my first I did a shot before every meal and before bed, this time I do 2 in the morning with breakfast and then before dinner and bedtime. For me, my breakfast and lunch numbers are the toughest to get under control cause I don’t get in as much movement at those times. 
    this is my backup acct.
    prevously helloblueeyes

    Me:32 DH:33 Married:04/2012 DD:07/2014 
     BFP 8/14/2018 #2 due 4/18/2019
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  • And the MFM lost my referral... this is getting ridiculous.
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  • @meggyme I would be fuming at this point. That's ridiculous. Can your OB just call in a script for a meter or something so you aren't feeling totally in the dark?

    My numbers are higher today all around even though I'm eating the same stuff. Fasting and breakfast were out of range. Still waiting for the diabetes educator to come meet with me. I've lost about 4 lbs in the week I've been in the hospital, which is concerning me, especially because baby is measuring on the small side. I just feel like I can't win. I almost wish the doc would just put me on meds so I can actually eat and stop worrying so much. I'm trying to focus on effort, not outcome because that's all I can control but its hard. 
  • @lemieuxk well initially my annoyance was directed at my OB office for taking 2 weeks to submit the referral, but that is quickly being redirected to the MFM who told me don’t worry they’ll call tomorrow and then today told me they never got my referral. I was hoping to come home from vacation and just schedule my appointment, not have to chase down my referral and hound everyone whose job it is to manage my care.
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  • @meggyme Ugh. That’s so frustrating! I’m sorry that they are being difficult. At least the process of getting started has been smooth for me even if the GD itself is a pain in the butt. I start insulin tonight so I hope that helps my darn fasting numbers. 
  • @purpleteacher82 I hope the insulin helps!
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  • @purpleteacher82 I hope the insulin helps!
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  • So I finally got an appointment to meet with the MFM... 3 weeks from now. I'm waiting for a call back from a nurse to see if I can at least get an Rx for a glucose meter.
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  • @meggyme Are they sure they dont want to just wait for you to deliver? Geez. I'd be so pissed if I were you. My practice doesn't even routinely send people to MFM for GD, just a consult with an endocrinologist and ongoing meetings with a dietitian. Obviously my situation has changed now but that would have been the plan if I were an outpatient. 

    I got word this morning that they are starting me on insulin at night for my fasting numbers. I knew it was coming so I'm kind of resigned. I dont mind needles and already get heparin twice a day so what's one more. I'm hoping this will give me a little bit more wiggle room with what I can tolerate food-wise. 
  • @lemieuxk I felt pretty abandoned by my care providers, but GOOD NEWS they were able to squeeze me into a Monday diabetes class! I’m so relieved... I hope that the insulin gives you a bit more tolerance in what you can eat. You’ve already given up so much of yourself.
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  • @lemieuxk Good luck with the insulin! I hope it helps stabilize your numbers.

    @meggyme I‘m so glad they got you into the diabetes class. I can’t believe they were going to just let you go weeks with unmonitored GD. 

    AFM, the pharmacy screwed up my RX for the insulin. They sent me home with the tips for the insulin pen with no pen and a vial of insulin with no syringes. By the time I got it straightened out today my OB was closed for the day and it looks like I may have to wait until Monday to start insulin since the pharmacy needs my OB’s approval for a few things. 🙄
  • @purpleteacher82 it’s incredible that we pay so much in health insurance costs and it’s still such a shit show. It’s not like this is some rare disease, something like 10% of pregnant women have it. It shouldn’t be this complicated...
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  • @purpleteacher82 were you able to get your insulin?
    @lemieuxk how are you doing girl?

    Had my first MFM appt and diabetes class today. Holy info overload... and of course the class to talk about food was held through lunch. Dropped my Rx off at the pharmacy today and I’ll pick up my meter tomorrow.
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