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Friday evening BF

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Re: Friday evening BF

  • My husband forgot his dinner today when he left for work. He’s a deputy on night shift. I texted him asking if he’d like me to bring it to him. He said that would be great so I loaded our son up and told him we have a secret mission to go on. My husband leaves before we get home from school/daycare so I figured it would be a treat to see daddy. I also stopped and picked him up a coffee on the way.

    Well, we’re where we’re supposed to meet and he’s not here 😐 I’m guessing something popped up and he’s busy...but dude. You said meeting would be no problem and I wasted a gift card on the coffee. 

    Hopefully he’s clear soon and I can give him his stuff. Of course the 4 year old dictator isn’t impressed and asking me “why is he taking forever” on repeat. 

    So much for trying to do something nice. 
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  • vv826vv826 member
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    I feel cruddy tonight like I'm catching a cold and we had some call ins at work so it was super busy. Meanwhile DH has been home me all week and when I got home the house was a disaster and he hadn't gone to the grocery store to get dinner. I left the mess and we ordered take out because I'm exhausted and ready to be in bed!

    eta: @Erin1510 it's sucks when we try and I doesn't turn out the way you hoped
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  • battleangelbattleangel member
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    My cousin got married yesterday while I was at work (she told me on NYE she was going to, so I couldn’t get the time off) and she was fine with me not being there as long as we got to talk that day. We did. She told me about their dinner that night at a local restaurant that I wouldn’t make it to as they were seating at 5 and I’m not off work til 6:30 and I’m an hour away from there by train, but I told her this and she was okay with that as well. 

    My mom asked if my husband and I could go to a hockey game and pick up the giveaway for her and my dad. Okay cool, hubs and I were going to go home and sleep but okay. Hockey we can do. Ten minutes later, after I ok’d the game with DH, she calls back and demands I go to my cousins dinner. I’m mad af because I have to call and change the plans AGAIN (and we HATE last minute changes), and I KNOW we won’t make it to the dinner when everyone is there. 

    we made it to the restaurant as everyone is leaving. DH and I were starving so we went to another place for dinner, and I am still mad she stressed me out TWICE for nothing. 
  • @Erin1510 you are amazing! Your DH is a lucky man. (My DH would probably do the same if I asked, but I'm sure he wouldn't spontaneously offer!)
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