Pregnant after a Loss

Not sure how to handle gifts reminding me of loss

My sister just gave me a necklace as a shower gift that is all about my previous miscarriage. I am not an emotional person, but she is, and I honestly don't know how to respond. That is not a time that I remember fondly. Just saying thanks and putting it away seems to disregard how hard she took the experience, but I dont currently want that reminder in the open.

Re: Not sure how to handle gifts reminding me of loss

  • I know how you feel. After my first miscarriage, a friend gave me gift centered on the date of the loss. It was painful to receive, and I was even angry that she would think I wanted to commemorate that horrible day. I grimace-smiled, said thanks and tucked it aside. It's now three years later, and I'm so glad I kept it. It's the only memento I have from that pregnancy, and I know that it was a gift given out of love and shared grief.
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