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my regimen to improve sperm analysis and testosterone results

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At the beginning of our IF journey I was diagnosed with low sperm morphology and low total concentration. In fact, for 3 failed IUI attempts our RE did sperm analyses without telling us the results, which were more of the same. (For more on our story click here.)

Well, with a lot of hard work, my morphology and total concentration are normal and my testosterone levels are excellent. My current testosterone test was last week: 1,207, which is actually down a bit from 1,500. Keep in mind, normal is considered around 300-800. Moreover, I started the IF journey with a T of around 500.

Anyway, I am going to outline the medications, supplements, exercise and diet that I have been using. My RE cannot tell me which elements are the cause of the improvements and which are unnecessary. He says to just keep doing what I am doing: change nothing.

Hopefully, this information might be useful to someone out there.


  • Clomid 25mg 1xdaily
  • Arimidex 1mg m/w/f (originally it was 1mg per week)


  • One a day men's health multivitamin 1xdaily
  • Zinc 50mg 1xdaily
  • B12 50mg 1xdaily
  • Vitamin C 500mg 1xdaily
  • Calcium 600mg 2xdaily
  • Turmeric 500mg 1xdaily
  • Ginseng 250mg 1xdaily
  • Fish oil 1,000mg 2xdaily


I have been doing a full body weight lifting routine twice a week for about 1-2 hours per session. I do not do cardio. I hate cardio. Doesn't everyone hate cardio?


Since September 2018 I have been on the Carnivore diet. At the start, I weighed 205lbs(93kg) and today I am down to 165lbs(75kg). That is a loss of approximately 40lbs(18kg). Anyway, the Carnivore diet is very simple. Only eat animals and animal products. Do not eat plants: no grains, no beans, no fruit, no vegetables, etc. The following is my regular meal plan.

  • Breakfast: bacon and eggs or whey protein shake if too busy too cook
  • lunch: 3 bratwurst sausages or, 10 ounces of ground beef
  • dinner: 1 rib eye steak (once a week I eat beef liver for dinner)
  • Snacks: cheese, homemade bone broth
  • Drinks: water, green tea (plain), coffee (black or with butter!), soda water, mineral water.
  • Only cook with butter. Do not use plant oils.

I should add, I feel amazing and have never been healthier. Not only have my SA and T results improved, but so has my cholesterol. Also, my chronic joint inflammation is gone.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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