Doona Carseat/Stroller Weight & C-Section

Hi Moms - I'm having my second c-section in March and I'm concerned about carseat weight.  Has anyone used the Doona as a carseat post c-section?   We used a Chicco Keyfit 30 with our last child (the Doona wasn't out then).  The Doona weighs 18 lbs (due to the built in stroller) whereas the Keyfit weighs 9 lbs.  I'm worried about lifting the Doona in and out of the car, etc. post c-section but really like the built in stroller feature.  Thoughts?  


Re: Doona Carseat/Stroller Weight & C-Section

  • I'm a c-section Mom. No experience with the Doona but I've seen videos of the product and would be worried to use it in those first couple of weeks post c-section. If I were you, I'd stick with the Keyfit for the first couple of weeks and then gauge a switch off your healing and how you feel.
  • Our britax b safe is 10 lbs and I was told not to lift it at all for the first 2 weeks. After that, I was told that I can, if necessary, but not too often. I would really hesitate to lift that one, due to the weight.
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