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Week 1 Check-in 1/2

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Any appointments? Questions?:


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GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions?

Re: Week 1 Check-in 1/2

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  • Due date:  March 3

    Any appointments? Questions?: Just went in today for a bp check and labs. My next OB appointment is next Friday

    Rants/Raves?: Rant: My MIL does not know the meaning of no, it's a long story. Rave: DH and DD have been super helpful recently with getting things together around the house since I haven't been feeling up to doing much.

    How are you feeling?: Awful. I've had a headache since yesterday that will not go away. I haven't done anything since day before yesterday but lie on the couch and sleep. I called today to get in for a bp check and my bp was up, so I had to go have labs done and will be doing a 24 hour urine test. Other than that, just the usual symptoms.

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? Nothing new really. I am planning to run some races in the Fall, so I hope to get back to training in early summer. Hopefully lose some of the baby weight, but I'm going to ease back into things. We will see how it goes.

    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • Being lazy and copying my PGAL info...

    1. How many weeks are you? 
    31 today

    2. How are you feeling?
    I am just exhausted and somehow managed to injure my ankle while sleeping. I don't even know how that happens?!

    3. Any appt updates?
    Nope. Next appointment is Tuesday.  Was measuring right on track on the 24th with no concerns. 

    4. Rants/raves/questions?
    Rave - only 9 more weeks of being pregnant!
    Rant - back to reality going to work after a really nice 2.5 weeks off

    5. GTKY- any New Years Resolutions?
    No - I don't really believe in setting those. If I have a goal I don't need a January 1 date to get after it. Plus I get extra annoyed at all of the extra people (resolutioners) who are at the gym who will likely not be there past March (major kudos to those who stay, though).

    @novelblessings I hope you start to feel better and your MIL starts to respect boundaries - that would push me over the limit.
    @maggiemadeit yeah for no GD!
    @chocolatelemons isn't it weird how it works with standing up and having to pee?  It's like when I'm sitting, the path to my bladder is cut off and I'm a-ok.  Then I stand and the bathroom is my first stop to wherever I am headed!
  • @chocolatelemons I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things at work today too! A little time off was well needed and appreciated but it's never enough!

    @maggiemadeit Congrats on passing GD! Fingers crossed for you that your baby measuring ahead won't complicate your desire for VBAC.

    Due date: 3/2

    Any appointments? Questions?: None this week.

    Rants/Raves?: My brother was born at 30 weeks so getting to 31 weeks feels pretty darn good! DH was born at 32 weeks so I'm looking at that as another milestone to hopefully reach. I don't expect LO to come so early but the possibility feels very real to me.

    How are you feeling?: Feeling large and not sleeping well due to achey hips, increased bathroom trips and just general insomnia. All things considered, not too bad. This board gives me a lot of perspective for all the various symptoms I could have and don't so I'm pretty grateful for the many third tri symptoms I haven't yet experienced. I'm so sorry to those of you who are really going through a rough time.

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? I tend to make many small goals throughout the year vs a couple big annual ones. Getting ready for baby is my main priority and making a resolution around that is something I don't feel comfortable with. I have been making a yearly reading goal that matches the year (18 books in 2018) so I think it'd be nice if I can read 19 books this year. May be difficult with a baby but I think it could still be doable even if I just listen to audiobooks during my work commute.

  • @novelblessings I’m sorry you’re feeling so rotten and your blood pressure isn’t cooperating. It’s sweet that your family has been helping out! 
  • @mayoduck My annual goal list always has a book goal. I actually read a lot when my daughter was born. My kindle paper white was the perfect nightlight for overnight feedings! 
  • edited January 2019
    Due date: 3/6

    Any appointments? Questions?: regular check up on Thursday. I'm going to talk to my doc about the birth class at the hospital where she delivers - - they have not gotten back to me about a tour/birthing class and I have called 2x and emailed. It makes me frustrated because there are only 9 weeks to go! 

    Rants/Raves?: so ready to not be pregnant anymore  I have some new stretch marks which I am trying to feel fine with (I had some from puberty on my hips so what's a few more on my tummy?). My friend helped me clean out my home office this weekend and it's amazing, now if only DH would do the things he committed to doing (it's the same list - - finish the fence, build the glider, clean out the nursery closet... He started the closet but left it a huge mess and hasn't continued since he started. I'm hoping this weekend). It's my baby shower this weekend so hopefully it will be fun and not weird! 

    How are you feeling?: my ab muscles are super sore at the end of the day, and sometimes my back and my hips are too. My feet hurt. Trying to remember it could be worse and it's almost over. 

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? Be as active as I can for as long as I can. Keep the baby, myself and my pets alive. Be nice to myself. I am not much of a new years person as far as resetting, so these are the same goals that I have had all along. 
  • @BuckeyeNut05 I'm trying to ignore it at this point. I cannot take on extra stress, plus she will be going to Arkansas in a few weeks when my SIL delivers her baby. Don't know how long she is staying but I hope it's a while.
    Not really sure what this all means. I was 36 weeks last time my bp went up, so I only had a couple weeks of enduring symptoms before they induced. I was never put on any restrictions or bed rest last time either. I am kind of hoping I am put on bed rest this time because I only feel ok with my feet up and when I don't do a lot. I am still on break from work until Monday, so I cannot imagine how next week will go. I will be impatiently waiting for all the labs to come back once I return my sample Friday morning.
    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • Due date: 3/9

    Any appointments? Questions?: Growth Scan/Appointment was today 

    Rants/Raves?: Rave: Growth scan went well today LO is measuring at 3.5 lb in the 51% and I just have some extra fluid which is what is causing me to measure ahead. We are finally starting to get this LOs room together so I’m excited about that! Rant: My BP was up today in the office so on BP medicine I go starting tonight :( I had this issue last time and ended up on bedrest for the last 4 weeks. I’m very hopeful it doesn’t happen again! 

    How are you feeling?: Ehhh I have a lot of cramping in my pelvis and lower back. My midwife says it’s normal that my cervix measured at a 5 today and the average is 3 so she isn’t concerned unless I start leaking blood or anything brown, pink, or foul smelling. She says the cramping is probably because of the extra fluid. Other than that a lot of Braxton Hicks, sugar cravings, and low energy. 

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? Ehh not really other than just preparing for baby number 2. 

  • @novelblessings I know we have discussed this before but I suffered from HBP last time too and again this time. I started HBP medicine today and need to get a cuff to check it at home. I ended up on bedrest last time at 36 weeks and went in weekly for NST and ultrasounds. I’m hopeful for work purposes (I need to work as long as possible this time) that it doesn’t happen this time but it’s all out of our control! I hope you can keep yours under control. I’m hopeful this medicine works for me. 
  • Due date: 3/1

    Any appointments? Questions?: Also had a growth scan today and everything was great. Kid is about 4lbs and already has hair on his head! I can't believe he's going to double in size before coming out of me... He already looked crammed in there. 

    Rants/Raves?: It feels like crunch-time now that I'm hitting the 32 weeks mark and we're trying to get a lot of crap in order very quickly. Both of our cars are 15 years old and unreliable so we're car hunting which sucks when you have specific needs/wants and don't have much money... And I feel like I'm also trying to do a bunch of other annoying tasks like finding a pediatrician, getting my husband on my health insurance, applying for car loans, etc. that all involve dealing with paperwork which I HATE and it's sucking up so much time. I'm really not putting much time into work and I know it's going to bite me in the ass. 

    How are you feeling?: I was skimming through the January symptoms thread and I'm feeling the same as just about everyone else. Not sleeping great, BH contractions when walking, calf cramps at night, shortness of breath, feeling hungry then immediately full when I start eating... Just very uncomfortable but nothing serious. I'm getting pretty ready to have my body back, although I guess it still won't really be mine if I'm breastfeeding..

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? Ehhh not really. An unofficial resolution is to get better at time management and being productive with only short periods of free time. I've been sucking hard at it lately and I know this will be an important skill to have when the kid is here.... 

  • @swanbrooner I love how you put the due date as eviction date! 
  • @ashley14598 Thanks for sharing. Like I said not sure what to expect with it being a month earlier than last time. I’m glad they are taking it seriously but it freaks me out still the same. Hoping we all keep things under control and LOs cook for as long as possible! 
    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • @abbykwail I have a scheduled C-Section for that date...and I’m ready to kick him out! 
  • Due date: 3/3 (will not go beyond 39 weeks due to GD)

    Any appointments? Questions?: Had an appointment on Monday with a growth scan. Little dude had been measuring in the 99th percentile but was measured in the 74th percentile at 4lbs 4oz this scan. I am thankful, I was terrified he would be huge.

    Rants/Raves?: My fluids were on the low end of normal, but had dropped 50% since my last scan so doc wants to keep an eye on everything. She went ahead and has moved me to weekly appointments with NSTs and other fetal monitoring. Raves: I've been doing pretty well with keeping my blood sugars in check to the point where they decided to lower my insulin dosage, yay! Also during the ultrasound the tech pointed out some hair. I have a terrible time telling what I am seeing on these things but it's fun to know he probably isn't coming out bald. We couldn't see his face because he was covering it with his hands of course, but since I will be having regular scans I'm pretty excited to get to see him more.

    How are you feeling?: Miserable. Hemorrhoids, vulvar varicosities, hip and back pain, BH, insomnia. I am pretty much done being pregnant. I'm going to need little guy to cook a little faster and get out!   

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? I don't do New Year's resolutions but my main focus and goal for this year is to keep the little guy alive and healthy. And hopefully lose some weight in the process, but that won't be my main focus.

  • Due date: 3/7

    Any appointments? Questions?: Had an regular OB appointment this morning. Everything is good. Appointments are still every other week.

    Rants/Raves?: My family just experienced a loss the day after Christmas and my best friend is going through a hard time as well. It sucks being so far away from family and my closest friends when I feel like they need my love and support. Also, similar to @bug_hunter I am really feeling the pressure suddenly to get things done, both for baby and for us prior to baby's arrival. I am just a little overwhelmed, but this weekend we have nothing planned so I am going to take care of business. Haha.

    How are you feeling?: I feel pregnant. Lol. 

    GTKY: Any New Year's Resolutions? Not specifically, but my main goal going forward is to be more intentional with my time.

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