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Help with gassy baby?

My 7 week old is the gassy(est) baby every... he seems to just east air straight out of the sky, I have the colic pacifiers, colic bottles, I burp him just shy of a million times a day, hes always crying because hes so gassy... my first baby was never this bad..can anyone help? 


  • Make sure your feeding position has his head higher than his body. Try holding and bounce/rock him on his right side head/body at a 45 degree angle and slightly tipped forward. Also tummy massage or lay him flat, hold ankles and bend knees up to tummy to help the gas expell quicker. Talk to your doctor about simethicone - see if they advise its ok, that's an OTC I've heard helps as well. Every baby is so different, hopefully his system will figure it out and improve soon.
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