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  • Does anyone use Ava or Tempdrop? I'm interested if anyone has experience using a wearable thermometer, and what the experience has been like as far as pros, cons, etc.
  • @galentine I use Ava and chart my Ava temps in FF. *TW* I've gotten pregnant in 3 of my last 5 cycles, so it works well for me. Although I suspect my body accepts eggs it shouldn't, so maybe it doesn't have that much to do with Ava...*End TW* Anyway, I do find that the silicone band gives me a rash if I wear it too tight. That's really my only complaint. I will say that its interesting that my Ava predictions are not consistent with FF. I think my temp rise is delayed and doesn't show for 2-3 days after I ovulate.

    Hope that helps.
  • @ruby696, thanks for the info! That's interesting that Ava/FF don't seem to sync up on O date. Do you feel one is more accurate than the other?
  • So yesterday morning I got a -opk but in the evening got a +opk where test line was as dark as control line, this morning another +OPK same as control line but tonight is +opk test line darker then control. Does the darker one have more significance?  
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    @galentine I suspect they are both a little off. Basically, we cover our bases from the beginning of my FW per Ava, through my temp rise.  I did read that most womens' temp rise does not actually occur on the date of ovulation, so it kind of makes sense.

    @kimmer1412 Yes, if the test line is darker, go with that one. Some women never get true positives on OPK's, but if you can get a line darker than the control, that's the one you go with. FWIW, I tend to get dark positives just before I go to bed.

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  • @ruby696 so I'll likely ovulate tomorrow since my darker line is tonight. 

    I have another question about CM, while I had my mirena I would have noticable EWCM for 1-2 days since having it removed I haven't had any EWCM just watery, is this an issue I should bring up next week with OBGYN or is this not an issue? 
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    @kimmer1412 You will probably ovulate "within 12-36 hours" after getting the positives, maybe sooner with the darker line. FWIW, my OPKs are darkest in the first two hours and last two hours of my waking day.  As far as CM, egg white and watery are both considered nice & fertile so not sure how worried you should be in the change.  Definitely worth asking your doctor.

    Any chart stalkers that can help with my chart below?  I’m confused. Thanks in advance for any help. :)

    I usually have a big pre-ovulation temp dip of about .5 to .8 degrees around CD 11-13, in the couple days before ovulation. (The first big spike & dip was due to cocktails on date night.) Not sure if I've had just a slight temp drop this time. on CD 11 or 14? This morning my temp spiked as expected, cervix is very high but getting firmer & more closed by the minute, CM is scant & what is there is suddenly sticky, but OPKs are the strongest they’ve been (Peak). Granted, I did use FMU against instructions but these strips are so janky that it’s been the only reliable time to test. Another Rant: Pregmate OPKs I ordered last week are circling the country & won’t be delivered until tomorrow so I had to use these BS strips from CVS. Also used some First Response OPK sticks that have been showing the same high levels for 3 days. Any thoughts?

  • @galentine I use ava. This will be my third cycle. The first cycle off BCP was a bit wonky. Predictions for O were pretty accurate for cycle two but they look a bit off for this cycle. I suspect I'll ovulate 2-3 days earlier based on temping over the last few years. I do like having the temps and not having to wake to take them and it makes my chart a bit easier to read. I have no complaints thus far and I love all the additional data.

  • @keikilove I'd say you got your pre o temp dip on CD 11 and O'd on 14 or 15. Sometimes my fertile symptoms don't always align at the same time either. I can't speak for the first response sticks..  are they the digital kind that give you a fertile reading? I like to stick to the kind that I can physically see a line on. Either way, 14 or 15 look promising. 

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  • @keikilove I agree with nomangos and say that you O'd on CD 14 since your CM and temp support that. You said that you were using the OPKs with FMU which may have messed up your results.
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    @nomangos23 @marebear15 Thank you both for the input, that's helpful. FF cross hairs showed up today and it also pinpoints CD 14 as O day. If my temp goes up tomorrow then it will change to CD15. Oh, the anticipation haha.
  • @galentine I use Tempdrop and love it. I have used for it almost a year now and my temps are pretty accurate the day I get them. I only have a few temps that change now. I love not needing to wake at a certain time to . It literally takes the work out of it. 

    Cons: they have had issues with their frame. Although, they think they have a new one that won't have the same issues. They replace any frames that break with no charge. Hopefully the new ones won't be breaking at all. I have one of the original frames and I have never had any issues with it. I think some women pull too hard when taking it on and off and it just can't handle that. I slide mine on and off. 
  • @keikilove I’d agree with FF and the others that you O’d on CD 14. 

    @ruby696 does Ava make other wristbands besides the silicone one? I’m thinking about getting one but have pretty sensitive skin. 

    @kimmer1412 I also haven’t had any EWCM. I did notice some watery CM this cycle, but it wasn’t ever abundant. I know both watery and egg white are considered fertile, but I’m going to ask my OBGYN about it anyway. I have my annual coming up next week. 
  • @themadcamel Not that I've found so far. I've even looked for off-brand bands, but I haven't found anything. I would switch it out in a second if I could find an alternative.
  • @emeraldcity603 I just pre ordered my tempdrop today and I can’t wait to get it! It’s nice to hear it’s been working so well for you! 
  • @kbrown2385 I honestly don't know how I managed before Tempdrop. I have too many things that can disturb my sleep at night and it stresses me out not knowing if I can take my temp or not. I also use this method to avoid pregnancy so there are times when I need to know for sure if I ovulated. 

    They have a FB group. The CEO personally updates the page on everything that is happening, like changes to the algorithm or updates on the frame. They do take care of their customers and they listen to the feedback we give. 

    I can honestly say you won't regret buying one. 
  • @emeraldcity603 I’ve been having lots of
    problems getting consistent sleep lately so my charts do not look good. I’m also planning on using it to prevent afterwards (hopefully). From what reviews I’ve found online, people have been happy with it. I love that the ceo is involved with the fb page and they actually listen to feedback. From what I’ve found, the new one releasing at the end of the month should have improvements on the frame? Regardless, it’s nice to know they replace for free.
  • I have to look into this tempdrop.  My sleep is so poor at night, I am taking all my temps with a grain of salt.  Anything that will make it easier.
  • So the last two days I had two OPKs that were as dark as the control.  Today, it was way darker than the control.  Can I assume today is the true positive?

    Last month I had over a week of days that the test line and control line were exactly the same color.  I am hoping this cycle is a little more normal for me. 
  • @kerco925 as dark as is acceptable. Some cycles I get a darker then line but some I only get as dark as. I consider the first as dark as + and go from there. My RE is having me switch to clear blue opk though for less stress and questions (but it's likely because I'm being put on progesterone following a positive and they want to be "sure" it's a true +).
  • Thanks @prpl11butterfly I am going to mark them all positive.  
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    @kerco925 My pattern is usually the same as what you just described that you got this cycle. I mark “high” for all the positives that are as dark as the control line and then I mark “peak” for those that are darker than the control line. Hope this helps and makes sense.
  • @keikilove Thank you!  I didnt even realized the advanced opk options were there.  
  • @MNturnsVA it’s in this thread! 
  • How do I get my DPO listed on my FF chart? 
  • @kimmer1412 That feature is only available for VIP members
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  • @lulu1180 I had a feeling that was the case, thanks!
  • @Kimmer123 when I don't have VIP, create a custom data field and use that to list DPO.
  • @prpl11butterfly you are a genius, thank you!
  • @kimmer1412 I'm old school. I just manually count forward from the calendar. :D Which sucks since O was back in December at this point.

    Seems silly to me to require the VIP just have DPO listed.
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  • @inthewoods23 I know right? Like ok FF quit withholding standard data LOL
  • @kimmer1412 I originally started using the Flo app and there's things in that app that require the VIP membership to see in FF. Lame lol
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  • @kimmer1412 this is how they get you to buy the VIP feature  :D
    I bought 3 months to start with and then when this was over and it looked like I would need FF for much longer than anticipated, I bought VIP for a year for $25.I have 309 days left of VIP as of today. Woop Woop!
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  • @rikiteacup ; I should have bought the yearly VIP. Every three months I think there is no way I'm going to need to buy it again and then I always do. I think I'd feel better with out that reminder that I'm still no pregnant lol. 

    I have VIP so I'm not sure if this is a feature available to everyone, but I just discovered that if you go to Community>Chart Gallery instead of Charts>Charts Like Mine, you can manually select the intercourse pattern days. So you can select the actual days you did the deed instead of just "intercourse pattern."  Just thought I'd share for any on else who is crazy and likes to look at every possible chart combination when symptom spotting. 

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  • I broke down a bought some opks today to try and figure out what's going on and low a behold I think it was positive. It had a really thin dark line on the left side of the test but faded on the right of the same test line but part of it was darker than control so I'm guessing it was positive but please correct me if I'm wrong! I'm not real experienced in opks so, My question is: does that men I O soon or that I already have? 
  • @daisy0322 darker then control is for sure positive. It means O is within the next 24 to 36 hrs (provided you are not prone to An-O cycles).
  • @prpl11butterfly would I know if I had an-o cycles? Typically my period has always been regular. 
  • If your not temping, no you won't actually know. A common saying in these parts is "your regular until your not". Your on CD60 (or around there) right?
  • Agree with @prpl11butterfly. The instructions for my OPKs say that you O 24-36 hours after the start of your surge. It's possible your surge started yesterday (if you didn't have a negative yesterday) so I would just add that it's possible your O will come even sooner than that @daisy0322 ;
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