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I’ve had complete food adversion. Haven’t been able to eat much of anything since getting my positive. yesterday I turned 8 weeks and I woke up hungry. Today I’ve been eating all day. I’m worried something happened to the baby.

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  • Don't panic. In the beginning I didn't want a lot of food. But as I've progressed in this pregnancy (I'm 25wks+7days now) I've gone through phases where I'm a bottomless pit and then phases where nothing sounds good and I don't want anything. Your baby is Just growing a lot and you gotta give you two some fuel to keep going. Keep in mind that at week 8, and through your first trimester, you are not only growing a baby but youre also developing your placenta so it can work hard for you and baby. There is a lot going on inside you to make your body a comfortable little home for your baby over the next 6 months or so. 

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