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Hypothyroidism/Irregular Periods TTC

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 1 year ago and just started being able taking medicine regularly in April of 2018. I have been having irregular period for a almost 7 years, due to the thyroid problem. My ex husband and I never conceived even though we didn't use protection(not trying or preventing), but he did end up just having a baby with his new girlfriend after only a year and a half of being together.  I'm worried that, after not trying/not preventing all this time, I wont be able to get pregnant with my new husband. He too was married for a long time, but his ex had major hormonal problems. However, shes now pregnant too, after one miscarriage a few months ago. I just want to hear if anyone has been through a similar situation and was able to conceive. And what, if anything, they used to help them conceive. Any help would be so appreciated. I'm getting really discouraged.
Thanks so much! 

Re: Hypothyroidism/Irregular Periods TTC

  • I am not in your situation. However, I think most people would say that if you are TTC for a year without success, you should see a RE. This is especially important if your older. My wife and I married very late and didn't start TTC until a year after marriage. Anyway, seeing an RE can't hurt.

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